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Who Shot the Sheriff Rules (For those driving the Sheriff Accounts) [UPDATED 12/30]

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ArmoredCorps #121 Posted Mar 31 2013 - 20:37


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LOL, it's not like sheriff's never misbehave, but I think it would be hilarious to kill a sheriff by drowning. Imagine the rage.

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Valan #122 Posted Mar 31 2013 - 23:27


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Major_Rampage can you remind Sheriff_31 to announce a Sheriff is in a game?

As Sheriff_31 did not do this, this morning at 3:31 AM PST on the 28_desert map, while in a KV-1 and in a platoon with Alphabloom [MTC]'s who was playing a German Pz4.

Ironically enough it was only **after** reading the battle results, did I learn that I almost killed Sheriff_31's with my 5th direct hit.  :eyesup:  (A teammate's Hetzer next to my LeFh 105 shot Sheriff_31 about 350 meters away to knock off the last 5 remaining hit points, before my 5th shot arrived a 1/10th of a second later.)  Upon watching this match's replay, I see why I was clueless a Sheriff was in this match:
  • no Sheriff announcement was given;
  • my PoG icon contours almost totally covered up the Sheriff's WGNA clan tag;
  • the Sheriff's red camo color was not very distinctive when viewed in Arty Mode;
  • I did not notice at the time that WGNA icon above the Sheriff's KV-1 turret possessed a different texture (however the color & size dimension of this icon were roughly the same as it's side hugging platoon mate's Pz 4.).
  • I was distracted by two other parallel nearby enemy forces coming fast to my location: 3 KV-1S, Alecto, Covenanter on one flank, and no teammates to delay them; and a distance enemy Grille shelling my position, after I was spotted by that Alecto. (The only teammate near me, a Hetzer was killed quickly. Wish he'd have hull-down. Sigh.)

Major_Rampage, if you'd like to view this match's replay where could I send it too?

Oddly enough, sixteen minutes later a solo Sheriff_14 in a Soviet T-150 did announce a Sheriff was in the game, on the very same map!  Strangely enough, I missed out on killing this particular Sheriff's T-150 after causing 5 critical damages in 5 direct hits. Sigh, I wish I had carried more silver-gold ammo in my Soviet SU-26.  Unfortunately a teammate's M37 was carrying more silver-gold ammo and got Sheriff_14.

(FYI American M37 holds more ammo rounds than they can shoot in a game. No ammo supply limitations for a M37. Easier to carry half silver-gold ammo rounds in an M37 and never be forced to shoot them, compared to a SU-26 far lower supply of ammo capacity.

SU-26 players who only shoot silver-gold typically do twice the damage dealt, compared to those who only shoot HE rounds, if all other factors are equal. Why? It's 122m HEAT, at tier 3.

The SU-26's 122mm HEAT is similar to the M5 Sherman's 105 HEAT effect at tier 5, but with 10mm less penetration. Whereas, the M37's 105 HEAT is basically a slower firing M5 Sherman 105 HEAT. However the M37 has basically an unlimited capacity of 105 HEAT, compared to the 46 round the faster firing M5 Sherman can load of 105 HEAT. In theory the M37 arty could be a 105 HEAT monster, if credit costs were no barrier.)

View PostArmouredCorps, on Mar 31 2013 - 20:37, said:

LOL, it's not like sheriff's never misbehave, but I think it would be hilarious to kill a sheriff by drowning. Imagine the rage.

Would an opponent who pushes down or forces a Sheriff to drown, earn gold or not?

In the past I did not getting any kill XP for doing this very thing to an opponents' USA T71 while playing my French LeFh 105 arty on the Siegfried Line map.  Quite a funny event, but really a tanker should get credit for doing this.

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Ubuntu #123 Posted Apr 01 2013 - 20:30

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If a sheriff is in my match, I would like to see the following :

1- The sheriff should call my house to remind me that he is playing
2- My ammo count should magically increase so I have the most ammo.
3- There should be a "bat signal" emenating from the tank so I can spot him easier.
4- If I bring a tank, I should be able to swap in any artillery mI have in my garage.


CaptIceCube #124 Posted Apr 06 2013 - 17:50


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I still think Sheriffs shouldn't be allowed to platoon.

It can be used to stat padding.


Sheriff goes to a chocke point, knowing that he is gonna draw all the enemies to that choke point.
His platoonmate could just set himself up in a position to shoot all the incoming tanks.
I'm telling that because I've seen it happen before. (but I can't tell the names because the name&shame rule).

Just MHO tho.

Ubuntu #125 Posted Apr 07 2013 - 17:24

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I have empirical evidence that my win rate as a sheriff is highly consistent with my 60 day. My survival rate drops by 10%.

Most folks who platoon with me do it for the entertainment of the outrageous comments. That is what they tell me, anyway. They do need constant reminders to keep quiet in chat and not to attempt retaliation for team-inflicted damage to the sheriff.

PWNanook #126 Posted Apr 26 2013 - 01:55


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Anyone notice that there's no X2 after 5pm Pacific Standard time?

NZKiwiTanka #127 Posted Jun 04 2013 - 00:39


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How does one become a sheriff? I would like to become a sheriff if possible ..... NZKiwiTanka

Kyleb99 #128 Posted Jun 13 2013 - 03:00


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This explains a bit more about what the sheriffs are really there for. I did not know much about what they were.

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