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Johnny_NC #41 Posted Nov 25 2013 - 16:32


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You need to post this in a way that lets other noobs like myself know this is available for a learning tool. I just happened upon while browsing and didn't think I was advanced enough for a tool like this until I read the whole post. This is the quickest way I have found of pulling up any map and being able to study it and consider my own plan, especially as I am coming up on new maps regularly for me! If there is another way, I don't know it.It is also an excellent way the more experienced people can but up the basic tactical hot spots for newer folks to cut back on the learning cure as we move up. And as much as the important places to go the important places NOT to go. I know I am a noob but hate broadcasting it by taking off to an area that is no help to my team and I die before I learn anything of value about the map. I can mark my favorite snipe spots and places I have blasted from. I am making a north and south version of each and making notes for myself. Hopefully those will be valuable to another noob as I progress. A huge help to me THANKS for your hard work!

climbinguy #42 Posted Dec 09 2013 - 23:09


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I just stumbled upon this program today and i was wondering if the briefing was still buggy when it comes to hosting with your IP. i keep putting my external IP in but it switches to the "estimated" one mentioned earlier; last number varies) i have opened my ports as well as the clan members trying to connect to me and we're still having trouble. Any help would be appreciated.

Evil_Putin #43 Posted Dec 13 2013 - 23:17


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Now if someone could make a functional .apk for android tablets to be able to use on the go that would be sweet :) 

Esris #44 Posted Jan 03 2014 - 19:26


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New version 1.0.5 is available!:hiding:
  • Updated maps and tanks to 8.10


Here is the new version of Tactic Planner! For the new version, I have two things I want to announce. Let's start with the good one:

As you can see I haven't got as much time as this project would need, so I've published the full source code on Github (check it out here). Feel free to fork and make modifications/enchantments on the code. :blinky:


Furthermore, I have a bad announcement too:

I've stopped playing WoT (for several reasons, mostly about the game itself, but I don't want to say anything negative here), so I'll stop developing the planner sooner or later. This is the main reason I published the sources. I'll review the pull requests and if somebody makes many commits and wants to continue the development, then I'll add him as a contributor and he'll be able to continue my work.


Technical stuffs:

The code is a mess, I know and sorry about that. :smile: I've just started to refactor it (that is the MVVM branch) but I haven't finished it. If you have any question, send me an e-mail.




Try out this workaround. This should help. And sorry for the late reply, but you know, Christmas. :blinky:



The code is written in C#, I don't know whether it can be ported to Mono but with the code anybody can try it. ;)

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