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ST-I/IS-4 Question

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Swizsedtoast #1 Posted Dec 28 2012 - 07:10


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Hello, the WOT wiki states that the ST-I and IS-4 actually have the same hull aside from a 20mm difference on the sides. There are some obvious cosmetic differences, but is it actually the same hull? I know the old IS-4's driver's port used to be a big weakspot, but is now 200mm thick and ontop of a 140mm hull. Does the ST-I have enjoy this upgrade as well? Thanks!

_Ruffles_ #2 Posted Dec 28 2012 - 07:15


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I'm fairly sure it doesn't since the ST-I was based on the IS-4 model and not the current IS-4M model.

AdmiralDrake #3 Posted Dec 28 2012 - 07:19


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the ST-I driver port is fairly strong, in a battle today I saw a white circle on the driver view port (indicating a bounce). Its hard to tell what shot there but a Lowe, T34 (t8), IS-3 and Super pershing were all shooting at me at the same time, I bounced all but 3 rounds from the T34, which he might have shot gold. All in all the ST-I is really armored I wouldn't call the driver hatch much of a weak spot, the lower glacis is probably the weak spot but its so easy to hide that tiny part

raywood #4 Posted Dec 28 2012 - 07:23


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The driver slit is still a weakpoint

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