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Whats your best scout match?

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Wake_Island #1 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:08


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What do you like about scouts?
This is my all time favorite that just happened like my last battle.

Hartung #2 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:20

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My best scout match was in my Ferdinand  :Smile_trollface-3:

Guarding valley in Lakeville, the entire enemy team lemminged.  I spotted their entire team and blocked the chokepoint with tank corpses while our scouts snuck around and capped behind them.

Oh, you probably meant actual scout tanks  :Smile-hiding:

The_Undercover_Economist #3 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:21


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Great match earlier in my ELC, with 5 kills, many spots, and 7 hits taken

Sadly the team still managed to pull a loss out of the bag...

ozforce #4 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:23


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probably in the M3 light(i think it was that one), it was my first battle with it, the base was being capped so i rushed back to the base,i shot them a few times and i got tracked,and then suddenly one of the german tanks tried to ram me,luckily i had a special ramming skill so he killed himself,so i then took the shot from the cover of the now dead tank right into the other german tank and destroyed it aswell, it was awesome,but unfortunately we still lost because of me not having enough hp and too many other tanks.

Complete_Idiot #5 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:28


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Marking this. Saved a match in my 2801. Tier ten if I remember correctly. Arty Party. Somehow made it up the road to their arty and wasn't immediately destroyed. Looked at the minimap and realized all the tanks on my team HAD FOLLOWED. Reds expected a camp fest, they got a roflstomp. Match lasted about two minutes, or so it seemed. Friggin hilarious. At work so I can't post it atm. Marking this for when I get a chance tomorrow.

KilgorSoS #6 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:29


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Now all we need is for Mickey to come in and start making a dozen threads a day, and we can all start drinking....a lot!

Abject_McDeath #7 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:29


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my best was in my cromwell.
tier 8 match on redshire.
spawned south side.
ran up 3 line.
trolled behind the ridge
and got back to safety
i think i spotted the whole team

1Tankdestroyer #8 Posted Jan 08 2013 - 23:39


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My best was in my t50-2 and i got top gun, scout, invader, and sniper... and oh ya i got mastery badge ace tanker if you can belive it

as much as i'm sure you guys want me to prove it..... i cant dont have the replay anymore...sorry

it was malinovka and i was the only one to go to the top of the hill and i ended up spotting 4 heavys and then arty killed them while i was spoting them.(there was like 4 arty on a side) then a t50 and a leopard came up ofter me and i killed both of them then i went and spotted all the arty and killed 3 of them. then i killed a t30 then i died by a e100. my team barly ended up winning there was only 1 tank left..........

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