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A thoughtful Type 59 suggestion

elevation angle depression type 59 tier 8

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DrJoBob #21 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:24

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View PostDogsoldier6, on Jan 22 2013 - 18:44, said:

I see this and wonder if they can read....................

Armor is way better?
Turret Armor
Front: 200/200/120
Side: 130/160/100
Rear: 60/65/100
Hull Armor
Front: 100/120/90
Side: 80/80/75
Rear: 45/45/45

Doesn't look like "Way better armor" to me, or anyone else with two eyes and can read numbers.

Yes the T-54 has a better gun, it needs it because it is a tier 9. But why does the Type 59 have almost the same armor and it is a tier 8 with MM preference?

The Type 59s gun is also way better then the T-44s gun, and don't you Type players start talking about the 122mm it can carry. NOBODY with a T-44 uses it because it stinks for a brawler/flanker
Type 59 DP: 188-313 Pen: 136-226mm
T-44 DP:173-288 Pen: 131-219

In performance, and I am so tiered of this hogwash argument (Like people are actually dumb enough to believe this one) that the Type has sluggish acceleration and handles like a pig. Right  :Smile-bajan2:
I have run my T-44 with my Clan Mates Type 59s in platoons and ya know they keep right up with me over all terrain types, including uphill, and they brawl right with my T-44 when we engage. Don't even try to say my T-44 needs a better crew, they are at 300%+ in skills, not counting the base 100% crew skill. And I have asked what my Type 59 mates are running and it is pretty much the same skills/perks and extra equipment as my T-44.

Speed: 56km/h / 51km/h
Turret Rotation: 46/48
Hull Rotation: 46/44

What's next are you going to tell me the Type 59s radio range of 600 compared to the T-44s 730 is crippling in battle? Not for a flanker/brawler tank it isn't. In fact it is almost pointless.

Hands down, with its MM preference, the Type 59 is OP for tier 8 and can be best described as a tier 8.5. Yup and the Type drivers will say anything to prove otherwise but those numbers up there don't lie.
oh well the front turet off the t54 used to be 250??? but anyway

Midnitewolf #22 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 22:29


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View PostamaROenuZ, on Jan 18 2013 - 04:52, said:

The Type lost its 7 degrees in 8.2, when it was brought in line with the now released Chinese line.

At 5 degrees.

This is incorrect.  They decided not to change the depression on the Type 59 however keeping this came at the expense of all the mobilty buffs they were going to implement.  The Type 59 didn't really change at all withg 8.2.

Nateeight #23 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 17:10


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View PostAtrophy, on Jan 15 2013 - 23:38, said:

From the start the Type 59 has harshly divided the community.  People who have them complain when they are nerfed and people who don't have them complain about how overpowered, ubiquitous and unavailable they are.  I drive a T-54 and when pitted against Type 59s I notice one unacceptable trait.  The type 59 has 7 degrees of gun depression.  The t-54 has 5 degrees of depression.  The Type 59 is significantly more versatile than the T-54 because of this.  Hull down positions are hard to come by in the t-54 but not the type.  I suggest that with no other changes the type 59 could be re-implemented if it's gun depression was reduced to 4 degrees, a historically accurate value.  The Type 59 combines a simple play-style with impossibly good traits and best in class armor with no compromises.  Bring back the Type 59 and make it what it should be.

While you are at it give the Lorraine 8 degrees of depression.  The turret has that little divot in the turret for the gun but fully depressed the gun doesn't even reach it.

I have a great Type 59 suggestion - make it available again.

LeoXiao #24 Posted Mar 31 2013 - 19:49

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Honestly they should just buff the Type 59 a bit and move it to tier IX. That way it won't be better than all the other tier VIII mediums and people won't have to complain about it being nerfed for balance.

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SumiXam #25 Posted Mar 31 2013 - 21:09


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View PostLeoXiao, on Mar 31 2013 - 19:49, said:

Honestly they should just buff the Type 59 a bit and move it to tier IX. That way it won't be better than all the other tier VIII mediums and people won't have to complain about it being nerfed for balance.

Except that it isn't better than the other Tier 8 mediums. Where are the facts to support that claim?

zoombang #26 Posted Apr 04 2013 - 01:48


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WG needs to allow anyone to buy the Type-59.

1) If the Type 59 is OP, then WG makes a lot of money, but it will quickly destabilize the game and WG will take corrective action.
2) If it is not OP, then WG makes a lot of money and everyone will be treated equally and fairly.

WG doesn't make it available currently, because they know it is OP.

They need to do the right thing and either make it available to everyone for purchase or take it away from everyone and refund gold to the purchasers.

NinjaJohenes48 #27 Posted Apr 11 2013 - 08:17


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I dont think the type 59 is over powered at all. Its more of a well rounded jack of all trades, but i dont have problems with than being op, i pen the front armor frequently in my Super Pershing. And it bounces off my super so im good. But i want one SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! I've wanted one basically since the first month of playing, which was last August. But it hasn't been available since I've been playing. I would pay 12,000 gold to get one. I was extremely disappointed seeing the type 62 coming back to the gift shop and not the type 59 this weekend. But im still going to buy the 62 and as soon as the Type 59 is on sale for a day (if ever) i will grab one the minute i see it hit the store.

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