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Changes to American Tanks

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Gaea #1 Posted Jan 18 2013 - 01:17

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Post your feedback about the American tank changes here!

You can see the 8.3 patch notes here.

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WiscOrangy #2 Posted Jan 18 2013 - 01:24


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You changed the M12's blastshield, its not as cool looking.
I didn't notice a nerf, to be honest, on the M12. My traverse is slower, but, the thing was already bad enough, the change did not seem very *nerfy*. Other arty players agree. The HP thing, I don't like though. My M12 is already bad enough in TD mode with its horrid traverse and long American aim time, now removing its Hitpoints? Its harsh. Me and another M12 got easily disposed of in 4 shots by a 13 90 in my first battle after  update. The dispersion is also going to hurt, because my aim time is even longer then...

I must say, it almost looks like the T92 was buffed


Traverse speed of T92 T80E1 chassis changed from 19 to 20
Ability of T92 T80E1 to traverse solid ground decreased by 9%
Ability of T92 T80E1 to traverse medium ground increased by 16%
Ability of T92 T80E1 to traverse soft ground increased by 26%

Gun dispersion on the move or turning of T92 T82E4 increased by 3%
Maximum reverse speed changed from 10 km/h to 12 km/h
View range changed from 390 m to 400 m

Hit points (HP) changed from 630 to 500.

Italics=Nerf Bold=Buff

The only really noticable nerf is the Hitpoints, although the T92 was never good in TD mode with its nearly zero degree gun depression.

Overall I do not mind them, although I do ask something to be done with the T57(arty)'s armor. With the way it is sloped there have been at least 4 times I have had to switch to premium ammo in my T-127, one of these occassions kept me from getting my first top gun. That was overlooked when I did get my first top gun, in a 10 kill battle, and I bounced 4 shots on the last tank in the battle, a T57. Kept me from 11 kills.

Again, overall they are not bad.

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scorp11 #3 Posted Jan 18 2013 - 02:47

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1 near misses rapes my conq for round 1/3 hp's and tears up a moduel or two and kills my driver and or gunnerand thats just a t6 /7 arty, god help me if it hits me. Then IF / when i finally crawl and claw my way to the obj and see an arty i shoot him and he laughs as he turns with what hp's he has left and melts my face.

Maybe its because of how crappy brit tanks are, but i still think the arties Still need more hp's taken from them OR drop their damage some.

Beerstein #4 Posted Jan 18 2013 - 03:43


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Nerf the derp gold shells.

This mechanic is so frustrating it makes me want to quit.

How can you justify nerfing indirect fire artillery but not direct fire artillery? It boggles the mind.

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rhinohide_xXx #5 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 09:15


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T34 is absolutely useless now.
Thanks Wargaming for sucking up my money and then making the tank worthless.
Pretty sweet money making tactic on your part, taking a players money for a gold tank then making it suck so that a person has to buy a different one.  Pretty crappy reward for being a monthly premium paying player.  Thanks a lot.

goff #6 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 09:27


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That's odd I though T92 was nerf pretty badly.

spagnitz123 #7 Posted Jan 26 2013 - 06:43

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fix the overpowered 105 mm on the m4 already, why hasn't this been rectified??

hyghlandr #8 Posted Feb 04 2013 - 03:24


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playing my m40/43 have been one shotted a few times now by light scouts that are lower tier.. SO the HP has hurt. Also have noticed across the board the way dmg is being calculated now on my artys sucks. Had 2 direct hits yesterday that did 0 damage. Otherwise they seem to play about the same. Also dont like that it seems alot of my USA tanks get a lot of Penetration shots now with 0 damage.  Have only been playing for 6 months. Have spent $$$ in the game with a 1 year Prem. account and some Prem. tanks. Now with the game play changed and the For shit MM system Trying to get in a battle that last more then 3 mins. since the New year is few and far between. Wishing i didnt spend the $$$ tbh. Wont be spending anymore on here anytime soon. Also my play time is getting less and less. Just aint any fun being part of wipefest after wipefest. Hoping things will get better next patch. Looking foward to see if changes are made. GL to all and Try and have Fun if you can.

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