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Italian Tanks and Military Vehicles

italian tank tree heavy medium light tank destroyer artillery semovente carro armato

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Vollketten #1 Posted Jan 21 2013 - 19:58


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Since this thread started WG has announced an integrated European tree with various branches of European vehicles.

Previously I had expected for Italian vehicles to be utterly annihilated in terms of content, playability, variety and enjoyment squeezed into a euro-tank mess. None-the-less a lot of hard work, time, money and research has gone into persuading WG that Italy has sufficient vehicles to make a playable tech tree whilst still being historically accurate within the parameters of the game. 

Latest Update:

20.1.2015 – Big Storm’s Q&A 


"- it’s “completely possible” that Italy and Sweden will get completely independent trees"

So in light of this latest announcement although we may be some time off seeing an independent Italian line maybe we shall be saved from the mess of a combined european tree afterall.


This thread originally started as a bit of fun seeing if I could actually make a tree for Italian vehicles. Now with some important help there is not only a fully functional and fleshed out Italian tree which subject to revision which is continuous may be incorporated into a pan-European tree in World of Tanks or as a stand-alone national tree.

Page 1 is the current summary of Italian tanks encompassing the WoT period.


 If you have any leads, information, pictures etc. no matter how minor you think they are on this subject, then THIS thread is the place to put them.


Also (and this is very important) that the purpose of a proposed tree is provoke discussion and to drive research. Keep it classy and respectful please.


This is my current tree and although not ideal. (I'd still like to move some vehicles around a little) is the sum of the work here so far. (Please bear in mind this is not a final proposal and that there are vehicle I know to exist as possibilities about which I cannot post and thus will not reflect the final form in which Italian vehicles are deployed in-game) *update and reformatting in progress

Most recent version:


Expected WG Branch should Italy be compressed into an EU mess-tree - based on previously announcements of public information

Medium Branch - September 2014:

Editted due to an error - Nov.2014


I need to add a big thank you to Rivit for his most excellent indexxing of the whole 200+ pages of the thread making it so much easier to navigate.




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Vollketten #2 Posted Jan 21 2013 - 19:59


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Heavy Tanks:

(Historical modules in normal, non-historically known in italics. Historically known to have existed but not known to have been fitted are shown in brackets - extra data in square brackets)



              Heavier Prototype with suspension armour                      With suspension armour removed therefore lighter (11t?)

- Ansaldo 9t  (aka Ansaldo 12t, Carro Di Rottura 12t Ansaldo M.12/32, Ansaldo M.12/34, CA32) ~1933-1936 (originally a Wm.Foster Co. Design circa 1937)

Crew: 3

Mobility: Fiat 634N diesel truck engine - 75hp, 4 cylinder petrol producing 75bhp 22.5kmh/22.53kmh

Armament:       65mm [fitted 1929] ----------------> 45mm [1933] ---------------------> (37mm)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 11,500kg, 12,192kg, 4.98m x 1.82m x 1.96m

Alternate Suspension Modules: M.1935 ------------> 12t M.1934 (Articulated Bogie system)

Alternate Hull Modules:    12t --------------------> Lightened Prototype (11t?)


Notes: Driver seated centrally 


               Fiat 2000 Prototype                             Fiat 2000 M.17                                   Fiat 2000 M.34

- Fiat 2000 M.17 / M.34 ~August 1916, project cancelled 4/11/18 but 2 examples remained in service

Crew: 8-10
Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

FIAT A-12 240 hp Aviation 6-cylinder petrol engine - 7.5kmh ----------------------> Fiat A12 Aero 240hp

Armament:  65mm Mountain +75/-10/+360 ---------> 2 x 37mm L.40 (hull mounted 1934) ----> 75mm (planned) ----> 76mm (planned) ---> 77mm (planned) 

Prot. turret had coaxial 14mm HMG
Dimensions (L,W,H): 40,000kg, 7.4m x 3.1m x 3.8m

Alternate Turret Modules:          M.1917 Cylindrical Prototype ----------------> M.1917 Production Dome Turret

Alternate suspension Modules:      sprung bogies ------>

Alternate Hull Modules:              M.1917------------------> M.1934

                                                 20/20/20 Roof 15          20/20/20 Roof 15

Notes: 1st Prototype (hull only) shown June 1917, 2nd Prototype shown February 1918         


- CA.75 23 tonnellata

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 


Dimensions (L,W,H): 23,000kg



no image

- Ansaldo Pesante ~1938

Crew: 6-8
Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 32kph

Armament: 47/32 automatic

Dimensions (L,W,H): 20,000 to 25,000 kg

Notes: Little information, may be very early ideas of the P.75


no image but basically like this but with two rear facing turrets
- Ansaldo P.75/P.90 Prototype (A) July 1940

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 12 cylinder horizontally opposed ~32kmh

Armament:      47mm [original requirement 1938] ----------> 75/18 [Provisional fitting] --------> 75mm -----------------> 90mm

Dimensions (L,W,H): 

Alternate Turret Modules:

Alternate Hull Modules: 40/25/14 Hull roof 20mm

Notes: "two twin turrets rotating the rear of the hull"


- P.75 Prototype (B) July 1940

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 420hp engine ~32kmh


Turret:                            75mm short ----------------------->

                              +20 / -15* / 360 (*-10 at rear)

Hull:                       20mm Cannon +?/ -12/ 50L / 50R

Dimensions (L,W,H): 30,500kg, 7.32mL x 3.0mW x 3.4mH, ground clearance 0.5m

Alternate Turret Modules:

Alternate Hull Modules: 40/25/14 Hull roof 20mm


- P.75 Prototype (C.) ~July 1940
July 23rd 1940 Mussolini orders production of 90 or 75mm armed heavy tank

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): bigger than 420hp engine ~40 to 50kmh


Turret:                            75mm short ----------------------->

                              +20 / -15* / 360 (*-10 at rear) estimated

Hull:                  20mm Cannon +?/ -12/ 50L / 50R estimated

Dimensions (L,W,H): 30,950kg,             7.32mL x 3.0mW x 3.4mH, ground clearance 0.5m estimated dimensions

Alternate Turret Modules:

Alternate Hull Modules: 40/25/14 Hull roof 14mm

No specifics but 47mm preferred for P.40 (June 1941)


- P.75 Coloniale (aka P.26/40 Prototype, Ansaldo Coloniale)

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 420hp 24.05 litre V12, 40kmh -----    Model 343 - 460hp   --- Model 342 (V12) 330hp   , 35-40kph ------450hp engine preferred (2000kg), -------------- Fiat 262 Petrol V12, -------- Maybach HL-12 ------12 cylinder opposed (studies)

Armament:        75/18 /coaxial 20mm --------------------------->  47mm (Proposed)

                            50 x 75mm shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 26,000kg, 5.705m (5.8 to top of cupola) x 2.75m x 2.5m, clearance 0.43m, 0.94kg/cm2

Alternate Turret Modules:          Coloniale ----------------------> 

                                                      60/50/50 Roof 20mm

Alternate Hull Modules:          Coloniale -------------------------->

                                                     50/40/14 Roof 20mm

- P.75 Celere (Coloniale 2nd Variant) (aka P.26/40 Prototype, aka Ansaldo Veloce) ~by at least 29/10/41

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): V12 450hp diesel engine, Model 242 Petrol, Model 343 460hp, 12 cylinder opposed engine (studies) 35-40kmh

Armament:                75/18 / coaxial 20mm ---------------------->  47mm (Proposed)

                                      50 x 75mm shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 23,000kg to 25,000kg, 5.8mL x 2.6mW x ?mH

Alternate Turret Modules: Celere ------------>

Alternate Hull Modules:  Celere --------------->



- P.75 Veloce/Colonial 3rd Variant

                        V12 450hp diesel engine,  75/32 / coaxial 20mm


                                     Alternate turrets and hulls

- P.26/40 / P.40 bis

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

330hp      Maybach HL-120 (February 1943)         Panzer IV engine(February 1943)      480hp Maybach     (Model 342 - 339hp)     

(Model 242 - 430hp)     (Model 344 - 700hp)           V12 24.05 litre 420hp, 40kmh road

Armament:   75/18 (Dec.1941) -----> 75/32 (Dec. 1941) -----> 75/34 M.39 -----> 7.5cm KwK L.24 -----> 7.5cm KwK 40 -----> (75/48?) -----> (105/23)?

                                                                                                    63 to 75 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H) 25,430kg/26,000kg, 5.7mL x 2.7mW x 2.45mH clearance 0.43m (production)

Alternate Turret Modules:    P.26/40 Prototype (75 L.18/L.32) ------------------> P.26/40 Production -----------------------> (P.26/40 Welded Turret)

                                                                                                                                        60/50/50 Roof 20mm

Alternate Hull Modules:        P.26/40 Prototype -------------------> P.26/40 Production -------------------------------------------> (P.26/40 Welded Hull)

                                                                                             50/40/40 Floor 14mm, Roof 20mm

Note: There is sufficient variance to have the original prototype become a Premium vehicle later


- P.43 (aka P.30/43)

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

SPA 342 V12 330hp Diesel-----> SPA 242 420hp Petrol (improved 342) ----->SPA 343 460hp Diesel (1943)        (engine superior to maybach)

Armament:        90/42 -----------------> (90/53) ------------------> 105/23 ---------------------> 105/25 

Dimensions (L,W,H): ~29,500kg est./30,000kg approx. height is lower than P.26/40, less than 3.04mW

Alternate Turret Modules:   P.43 (April 1943) ------------------------> P.43 bis (Mid 1943)

Alternate Hull Modules:    P.43 (April 1943) ------------------------> P.43 bis (Mid 1943)

                                                 80/60/ ?

Notes: Lower turret than P.26/40 


- P.43 bis (aka P.35/43)

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 480hp petrol (initial plan)

SPA 343 460hp Diesel (1943) ---------------> 480hp diesel --------------> SPA 344 700hp Diesel            

Armament:          (75/46) ------------> 90/42 -----> (90/53) --------->(105/23)----------->(105/2)5------------> (90/71 (Prototype 1943)) ------------> (90/74 M.51)

Dimensions (L,W,H): est. 34,300kg, wide than P.43 6.17mL x 3.04mW x 2..24mH

Alternate Turret Modules:   P.43 bis (Mid 1943)

Alternate Hull Modules:    P.43 bis (Mid 1943), armour between 50 and 100mm

Notes: turret sides not as sloped

- P.23/41 (Panzer IV Ausf F2/G/H/N) ~December 1942 to 1943. Deliveries April-May 1943
- P.45 TV 'Pantera' (Panzer V Panther Ausf D) ~1943 P.53 (Panther II) ~1943 Estimated to have remained in service until 1947/48
- P.54TVI (Tiger E) ~Deliveries April-May 1943 (36 supplied 1943)
- M.26 Pershing

- M48?


- M60A1


no image
- P.32 (Heavy Fiat Ansaldo Export) (32 tonne version of the P.71) ~1932

Armament:    2 guns and 6 machine guns

Dimensions (L,W,H): 32,000kg


no image

- P.35 (Heavy Fiat Ansaldo Esport)

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): Fiat 200hp 8 cylinder water cooled, 14 kph

Dimensions (L,W,H): 35,000kg, 8.2m x 3m x 3.4m

Notes: max slope 40 degrees, max trench 3.5m, max wall: 1m


no image

- P.71 (Heavy Tank Fiat-Ansaldo Export) ~1932

Crew: 10 (commander, driver, mechanic, mechanic, 6 x Gunners)

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): Fiat A-25 V-12 850hp Aviation engine, auxillary Fiat A-60 4 cylinder 100hp, 25kph

Armament:     76mm Primary, 37mm Secondary

Dimensions (L,W,H): 65,000 to 70,000kg / 71,000kg, 10.542m x 3.68m x 4.0m (0.5m ground clearance), May be 65-70 tonnes

Alternate Turret Modules:         P.71 -------------------------------> P.32 (above or vice versa)

                                                 40mm cylindrical/ Roof 13mm

Alternate Hull Modules:         P.71 -----------------------------------> P.32 (above or vice versa)

                                           50/40/ ? Roof 13mm, Bottom 13mm

Notes: 500mm wide tracks, 0.95kg/cm2 at 10cm depth, max. slope 40 degrees, max trench 4.5m, wall 1.2m, Max ford depth 2.3m, turn radius 13.2m, fuel capacity 2000 litres (8 hours), Electro mechanical transmission layout from the French Char 2C


- GL-4 1929-1931?

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 200hp 8 cylinder Fiat (5.72hp/tonne)

Armament75mm gun and several machine guns

Dimensions (L,W,H): 34,926 kg 8.229m x 3.048m x 3.353m Can ford 1.08m, Climb 40 degree slope, can climb 0.9m high wall.

Notes: A Russian source gives 4 different GL tanks; Ansaldo GL1 as a light tank, Ansaldo GL2 as a medium tank, Ansaldo GL3 as heavy tank, Ansaldo GL4 as super heavy tank / landcruiser.-research is not complete into this


 Soviet T-39

no image of GL E1

- GL E1 1929-1931?

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 20kph

Armament: 19 guns, 2 large guns

Dimensions (L,W,H): 400 to 600 tonnes 7000 tonnes, L=35 to 40m

Notes: Armour able to withstand 75mm field guns and able to cross a trench 15m wide. Electro mechanical transmission layout from the French Char 2C. Design went on to form basis of Soviet T-39


- Magrini ~1917

Armament:   [105mm --------------------> 107mm (USSR version)]

Dimensions (L,W,H): [70,000kg]


- KPz 70 (Tripartite project)

-Oto Melara autoloading gun turret system for KPz 70 Programme

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Light Tanks:

- CV.29 / CV.3/33 / CV.3/35 / CV.3/38 (aka L.3, L.33, L.35, L.38) Series ~1929-1950

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 

Fiat (Ford T) 4 cylinder 20hp petrol(CV.29), ---> Fiat  SPA CV-1 38hp petrol (CV.33), ---> Fiat 122 AC/B 6 cylinder 42 to 46hp petrol (CV.35),  Fiat CV3-005 4 cylinder 42-43hp petrol  42kmh

Armament:    Ansaldo 12.7mm HMG ---> Breda M.31 13.2mm HMG --->Breda 20mm Cannon ---> 20mm Solothurn S18/1000 ---> 37mm Short [1937-9]

                                                                   +15/-12/24 degrees             >15/>-12/>24 degrees

                                                                         3200 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): CV.33 (welded) 3.167m x 1.4m x 1.287m (0.23m clearance) / CV.35 (bolted) 3.15m x 1.4m x 1.28m (0.25m clearance) / CV.38 3.2m x 1.46m x 1.3m (0.28m clearance)

Alternate Suspension Modules: CV.33---> CV.35---> CV.38 Torsion Bars A---> CV.38 Torsion Bars B

Alternate Hull Modules:         CV.33 (welded) ---> CV.35 (bolted) 14/8/8  Floor/Roof 7mm


- Rossini CV.3


                   5t Prototype Hull and Turret B                   5t Turret B (top) Turret A (bottom)        5t Prototype with Turret A

- Ansaldo 5t Prototype ~24th June 1938 - September/October 1938 (3rd Prototype of L.5)

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): Fiat 4 cylinder 45hp, Fiat 4 cylinder ---> Fiat CV3-005 4 cylinder 42-43hp petrol 

Armament: 37mm (u/k type)  ~33 shells  --->  37mm L.26  ~33 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 4700kg

Alternate Turret Modules: 5t Turret A*---> 5t Turret B* (*Historic Designations not known)

Alternate Suspension Modules:  Ansaldo 5t Prototype ---> Ansaldo 5t

Alternate Hull Modules: Ansaldo 5t Prototype 14/ 8 /8



 - L.5 ~ Late 1936

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 42hp 4 cylinder petrol Fiat, 40kmh road, 32.2 to 42.2kmh

Armament: 37mm (in hull)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 4700kg, 4300 to 4356kg, 3.5mL x 1.7mW x 1.98mH

Alternate Turret Modules: Prototype M.38 Twin Scotti 6.5mm ---> (AB.40 8mm MG)

Alternate Suspension Modules:    Bogies on Torsion arms ---> Bogies on Torsion arms improved (L.6 type)

Alternate Hull Modules: Ansaldo 5t 14/8/8 ---> 5t/6t transitional

The Carro D'Assaulto 7t preceeded the final L.6/40 by two years. So the 7t came out circa 1938 and led to the L.6. First prototype in1936 does not have a turret.


                        L.6/40 da 20mm                                 L.6 Turrets 20mm (top) and 37mm (bottom)                L.6/40 da 37mm

 - L.6/40 December 1938 until ~ (Production until January 1943) in service till 1971

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 

SPA 18-D 4 cylinder Petrol 70hp, 42kmh road/25kmh off road ---> Type 10 VT Petrol 4 cylinder in line 4.053 litre -68hp - 42.3kmh

(may be the same engine with alternate names)

Armament:       20mm Breda (ordered Oct 1939) 296 shells  ---> 37/26 (until Oct.1939 to March 1940) 37 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 6840kg, 3.82mL x 1.8mW x 2.175mH ground clearance 0.4m

Alternate Turret Modules:     L.6/40 M.38 20mm  40/15/15 Roof 6mm---> L.6/40 Protoype M.38 37mm

Alternate Suspension Modules: Bogies on Torsion arms improved (L.6 type) ---> (tracks 0.26m wide)

Alternate Hull Modules: L.6/40 30/15/15 Floor/Roof 6mm


- Carro Armata 'Studio Sahariano' 


- Carro Medio Celere Sahariano (aka M.16/43 but never accepted for service)~ 1st prototype early 1943, final Prototype completed ~mid 1943

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 70kmh? 250-275hp  V8 petrol engine, Model 228 developing 275hp, 55kph, SPA 250hp, 60kmh, 250hp petrol - 70.8kmh

Armament:      47/32 ---> 47/40 [on prototype] ---> 75/34 [for production model]

Dimensions (L,W,H): 13,500kg - est. 18,000 kg projected

Alternate Turret Modules: M.16/43 Prototype   35+30/25/25? ---> (M.16/43 75mm Turret - no details but required to mount the larger gun)

Alternate Hull Modules: M.16/43 Prototype 30/25/15?

Alternate Suspension Modules:   Sahariano Christie Type


- Stuart Light Tanks Various Versions

M3A3 Stuart

M5 Stuart



(Top Row) Prototype Ansaldo Cingoletta CVB-5                  (Bottom Row) Definitive Version Ansaldo Cingoletta CVB-5

- Ansaldo Cingoletta CVB-5 (aka CVB5, Cingoletta L.6) ~February 1942

Crew: 2-3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): [ 85hp Petrol, 50kmh (road)  ?]    engine from AB-40   100hp petrol - 50kmh (prototype could do 60kph)

Armament:  Breda M.31 13.2mm HMG ---> Ansaldo (Oerlikon) 20/70 L.70 Cannon (planned) --->[( 40mm AT gun (for Cingoletta C21UCG)?]

Dimensions (L,W,H): [3.85 x 1.85 x 1.5  ?] 5400kg armed (5350kg without gun) 4.0m x 1.87m x 1.35m, clearance 0.26m

Alternate Hull Modules:    CVP-5    30/15/15

Based off L.6 light tank


- M24


- Semovente da 40 su scafo M41


- Of-24 Tifone


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Medium Tanks:

*page under review


Original French FT-17 with 37/21 being trialled                         Fiat 3000B fitted with radio and 37/45

- Fiat 3000 (aka Fiat 3000A, Fiat 3000B, L.5/21, L.5/30, M.21/30)

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 54 hp 4 cylinder Fiat ---> (55hp?) ---> 63hp 4 cylinder Fiat

Armament: 37/21 -------------------->   Twin MG ----------------------> 37/40 --------------> 47mm Experimental Mount (1927) ----> 37mm twin mount (experimental)

                 +?/-?/360 degrees          +17/-26/360 degrees            +20/-10/360 degrees                 +?/-?/360 degrees

               Fiat MG 11mm  @ 140m, 7mm @ 600m

Dimensions (L,W,H): 5500kg (A) ---> 6000kg (B)

Alternate Turret Modules:    Renault FT-17 (1917) ---> M.1921 Series III ---> M.1930

                                                              16/16/12                  16/16/16                  16/16/16

Alternate Hull Modules:          Fiat 3000A M.1921  16/?/6  ---> Fiat 3000B M.1930  16/?/6   

Alternate Suspension Modules:        Series I ---> Series II ---> Series III ---> M.1930


                                    M.1938 Prototype                                                                             M.11/39 Production

- M.11/39 ~

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): SPA 8T 11.14 litre V8 Diesel 105hp, 33.3kmh road, 14kmh off-road, prorotype used a purpose built v12 diesel.  8t used a V8

Armament:    37/40mm ------> 40mm


                     84 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 11,000 kg, 4.73m x 2.18m x 2.3m, clearance 0.36m

Alternate Turret Modules:      M.11/39 Prototype (1938) ---> M.11/39 Production

Alternate Suspension Modules:      M.11/39 Prototype ---> M.11/39 Production

Alternate Hull Modules:         M.11/39 Prototype (8 - 10t) ---> M.11/39 Production   30/14.5/6 Floor/Roof 6mm

Notes: Only the prototype was originally fitted with a radio. Still rechecking development history as prototypes weights range from 8 tonnes to 10 tonnes)      the 8t is an early version of the 10t prototype


                                M.13/40 Prototype                                                                      M.13/40 Series I Production

                                               M.41/41 Series Production                                                                M.14/41 with 47/40 in turret and 13.2mm in hull

- M.14/41  ~ study starts 1935, Commissioned: 16/11/1939, served until end of 1943 (M.13/40)

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): SPA 8T M40 11.14 litre Diesel V8 125hp  31.8kmh road/ 14kmh off-road ---> SPA 15T V8 Diesel M.41 145hp, (M.41 33kmh road /16kmh off-road    ---> SPA 15 TB V8 Diesel 190hp  40kmh road/20kmh off-road ---> Petrol engine available from 1943

Armament:     (20mm Breda) ----> 47/32 +20/-10/360  87 - 104 shells  -----> 47/40  111 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 13,000 to 14,000kg, 4.915mL x 2.2mW x 2.37mH, clearance 0.41m (M.13) ----> 14,500kg (M.14)

Alternate Turret Modules:     M.13/40 Series I   42/25/25 roof 15 ---> M.13/40 Series II   (improved gun depression) ---> M.14/41 42/25/25 roof 15

Alternate Suspension Modules: track width 0.26m

Alternate Hull Modules: M.13/40 Series Production   42/25/25 Floor/Roof 15mm ---> M.14/41 Series III   30 + 15/25/25 Floor/Roof 15

Notes: This vehicle is a combination of the M.13/40 and M.14/41 as they are very similar technically and visually and the differences are summed up in multiple modules. See Post 4618 Page 231. This vehicle will be combined with the M.14/41 is due course for modules etc. Toretta Telemetrica appears to be a dummy gun so is not a module. M.13/40 Prototype hull was slightly different and does not appear as a hull module at this time.


- M.15/42 until 1952

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 

SPA 15T V8 Diesel M.41 145hp 26kph (June 1941) --->  15TB V8 M.42 11.98 litre petrol 192hp 40kmh road/ 20kmh off-road ---> petrol engine available from 1943

Armament: (20mm Breda) ---> 37/45 ---> 3.7cm KwK L.45 ---> 47/32 ---> 47/40 111 shells ---> (5cm KwK 60)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 15,500kg, 5.06mL x 2.28mW x 2.37mH, 0.41m clearance

Alternate Turret Modules: M.15/42 Production  42/25/25 ---> M.15/42 Modificata (No MG) ---> M.15 Modificata (rear stowage box)

Alternate Hull Modules: M.15/42 Series Production  45/25/25 ---> M.15/42 Centro Radio (Hull MG removed) ---> M.15/42 extended range fuel tank modification      Notes: I would like to see the hulls combied as a single module combining as the top hull the extra links, fuel tank and armoured cover over the hull MG which will provide  small armour and hitpoint and module buffs, I'd also like to see the various turret modifications combined into a single top turret without the weakspot of a coaxial MG, with the additional track link armour and stowage box.


- Carro Armato 75 (aka P.75 Prototype) ~18th August 1940

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 25kph

Armament:   Short 75mm / coaxial 20mm ---> (Other 75mm) ---> (90 mm)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 25,000kg

Notes: So although this is actually an Italian heavy tank which was developed as part of the 75mm/90mm heavy tank project in 1940 this is the only known image of the vehicle which never left paper and the only 'official name' for it which importantly does not say 'Pesante' (Heavy) Therefore this 'heavy' tank can legitimately be placed in the medium tree for the purposes of WoT and fill out the medium line.


- M.22/41 (Panzer III Ausf F/G/J/N) (Carro Armato 18 tonne study) ~June 1941 to 1943. Deliveries April-May 1943

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): Maybach HL 108TR-320hp-petrol, Maybach HL120TRM-296hp-petrol, 40/20kmh, SPA Petrol, engines to be Fiat-SPA, possibly also Alfa-Romeo aviation engines

Armament: Ansaldo to build the weapons

Notes:  ~June 1941, permission granted to produce August 1941, scheduled to start production June 1942, cancelled 1943 - To be built by Fiat or Ansaldo initially but OTO were favoured October 1941


- M4A1 ~1947-1952

- Various versions

Armament:        76mm ---> 17 pounder (modified)*  *Can be seen ~1958 on manouvres ---> 105mm Howitzer (modified)*


- M.47 ~1958

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

Ford GAN ---> Fiat Diesel (1967) ---> Astra GM V12 71T (1967) --->Societa ISI MBU V10 Diesel (1967) ---> STM Diesel ?hp (1967) ---> OTO-Melara AVDS-1750 Diesel (1969)

Armament: 90 M.36? ---> 90mm with different muzzle brake (1967) --->RO L7 105mm 105/51 (1958)

Alternate Turret Modules: OTO/Astra M.47

Alternate Hull Modules: OTO Melara M.47 (1968)


- Europanzer* ~1956/7

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 30/hp/ton specified

aircooled engine - specified, 350km range specified

Dimensions (L,W,H): ~30,000kg specified, max L=?, max W=3.14m, max H=2.2m

Alternate Suspension Modules: hydropneumatic or torsion bars suspension - specified, 0.85Kgr/cm2 ground pressure - specified

Notes: (various Europanzer designs came out from France and Germany per a set of FINABEL requirements)


- OTO Centauro


(Pictured 1972 but delivered Spring 1970)

- Leopard 1A1 (Krauss-Maffei) ~1963 (tested and trialled in Italy August to October 1963)


                                                                            Leopardino on trials                                                                           'Lion' in factory

- Leopardino / Lion (Italo-German Krauss-Maffei/OTO Melara) ~1973 to 1975 Prototype finished 1977 as 'Lion'

Armament: engine and transmission as with standard Leopard

Alternate Turret Modules: OTO-Melara Angled steel Turret 'Leopardino'

Alternate Hull Modules:  Krauss-Maffei Leopard

Notes: This is a reduced price and less well equipped Leopard intended for Export Sales as a 50-50 project between Germany and Italy) Angled steel turret in place of rounded type on German Leopard and shares electrical/optical systems but does not have a stabilised gun.


- Leopard (OTO Melara 1A2) 1974 (Production due to start 1972)


-OF-40 (OTO-Melara) ~1977 

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 10 cylinder 830hp Diesel, 60kmh

Armament:  105mm

Dimensions (L,W,H): 43,000kg, 6.89m x 3.51m x 2.45m

Alternate Turret Modules:

Alternate Hull Modules: 

Notes: The OF-40 is the improved and upgraded version of the Leopardino/Lion

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- CV.3/35 Brixia (aka L.3/35 Brixia)

Crew: 2

Armament:  45mm Brixia ---> (50/27 CEMSA) ---> (63.5/25.5 CEMSA) ---> (67/16 CEMSA) ---> (81.1/14.2 M.35)

Dimensions (L,W,H): CV.35 (bolted) 3.15m x 1.4m x 1.28m (0.25m clearance)

Armour:   14/8/8 Hull Floor 7mm, Hull Roof 7mm


- Universal Carrier (Mortar Carrier)

[picture and data to follow]


- Fiat 3000 Ansaldo 66947 105/14 (aka FT-17 105/14~1918/19 to 1923


Armament:       75mm  ---> 105mm L>14 ---> 105/14

Alternate Hull Modules:      Renault FT-17 su scafo 75 / 105 ---> Fiat 3000 105/14

Notes: Initial hull planned as a cutaway hull with top missing mounting short 75 and longer 105. Constructed hull using modified Andsaldo hull with 105/14 on top. See below:


                                        Sexton                                                                                Priest

- Sexton 105/22

Armament: 88mm 88/27 Mk.I (British 25 pounder) ---> 100/22 ---> 105/23 (Sexton)


M7 Priest ~1959

Armament: 105mm 105/22 M2A2 (Priest) ---> 105/34


- M.44 ~1957


-Semovente 149/40 (found in Tank Destroyer section)


- St.Chamond 194mm GPF (Captured French - received 1941) 194 GPF


Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 7kph

Armament: 194mm L.32 Schneider +36/01/?

Dimensions (L,W,H): 32,600kg, 6.3m x 2.5m x 2.6m


-no image

- Mortier de Schneider 220 Mle 1917 (French ally supplied/contract to be built? ~1918)

Armament:  210mm L.8 D.S

                    5500kg +70/?/?                               


              no known image - this is a conceptualization                                               149/19 on trials using carriage mount

- Semovente M.42 da 149mm ~First half 1943

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

Armament:       149/12 ---> 149/13 ---> OTO 149/19 M.37M.41/M.42 ---> 149G (149/23)

Alternate Hull Modules: M.13/40 Hull (M.40) ---> M.15/42 Hull (M.42)


- M.55 ~1963


-M107 ~1963

Armament:       175/60


-awaiting new image

-M110 ~1955

Armament:   203/25 



               M109 155mm L.23                         M109A1 (1980)                            M109 with 155mm FH-70

-M109G / M109L / (M109 A1 1980)

Armament: OTO Melara 155/23 ---> Oto-Melara 155/39 (fired FH-70 ammo) --->[155mm FH-70 (Trialled early 1964, standardised 1980)]

Alternate Turret Modules: M109 ---> M-109L


-SP-70 ~Late 1960's

Crew: 5

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 1000hp MTU MB871 8 cylinder turbocharged diesel (4870kg) 67.7kmh

Armament: FH-70 155mm L.39 (32 shells 6rpm)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 43,524kg, 7.637m L  (including barrel)  Barrel is 5.032 m

Alternate Turret Modules:  SP-70    50/50/50

Alternate Suspension Modules: Porsche running gear with torsion bars


-Palmaria 155 ~Late 1977

Based on OF-40

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Tank Destroyers:


- CV.3 da 20mm (aka L.3/33 with 20mm Solothurn)


- Semovente CV.3 da 47/32 (aka L.3 da 47/32) ~1938 to October 1942 (cancelled)

Crew: 2

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 4 cylinder 2.75 litre petrol 43hp

Armament: 47/32 (Bohler) +24.8/-9.2/20.5 degrees, 53 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 4500kg, 3.5m x 1.6m x 1.5m

Alternate Suspension Modules: CV.3 Springs ----------------> L.3 Stiffened 

Alternate Hull Modules: L.3 (14 Gun shield 5mm/8 + 5mm spaced sections over hull sides/8mm   Floor/Roof 7mm)


- Semovente L.40 da 47/32 (aka L.6/40 da 47/32) ~May 1941

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 4 cylinder 18VT Variant II Petrol

                      Type 15 4 cylinder 4.049 litre 76hp, 36kmh --------------------> Type 10 VT Petrol 4 cylinder in line 4.053 litre -68hp - 42.3kmh

Armament:                       47/32 -----------------------------> 47/43

                                          +20 / -12 / 27 degrees

                                 70/72 designed - 89 shells actual

Dimensions (L,W,H): 6700kg/6825kg laden,  3.82m x 1.8m x 1.69m, 0.4m clearance

Alternate Suspension Modules: Torsion bars

Alternate Hull Modules:         L.6 

                                                 30/15/15 hull roof 6mm/ floor 6mm


- Semovente M.41 da 75/18 (including M.40 da 75/18 and M.41/1 da 75/32)

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): SPA 15TB Diesel - 192hp 40kmh road/15kmh off road

Armament: 105/28 actually fits as well

              75/18 M.34 ------------------------------> 75/18 M.35 ----------------> 75mm Ansaldo 75/32 M.17 ------------->  75mm Ansaldo 75/32 M.37

M.40 Hull +27/-18/11L 15R                      

M.41 Hull +65/-10/25L 25R                      +22/-12/20L 20R  

          44-50 rounds                                       44-50 rounds                                est. 46 shells (M.41)                          46 shells (M.41)   

Dimensions (L,W,H):

      14,400kg 15,000 laden (M.40) 5.06mL x 2.25mW x 2.37mH ------------> 13,100kg (M.41) 4.915mL x 2.2mW x 1.85mH clearance 0.38m

Alternate Suspension Modules:    track width 0.26m

Alternate Hull Modules:                  M.40 ----------------------------------------> M.41

                                                 30 + 14/25/14.5                 25 + 25/25/25 Roof 9-15mm/Floor 6

Notes: Semovente 75/18 used M.40 hulls first then M.41 hulls, the 75/32 gun is the incorporation of the M.41 75/32 vehicle experiment. The M.42 hull is used later.


 Outline of Armour Scheme (lower for gun carrier)                      Fiat 727                                 Outline of mount for 40mm L.56

- Semi-Cingolatta Maffei-Fiat 727 ~August 1942


Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 100hp 6 cylinder  53kph

Armament: 40/56 ------------> 47mm --------------->  75/34

Dimensions (L,W,H): 3000-3500kg (unarmoured) ----------> 7500kg (vehicle 600kg, load 1500kg), 5.55m x 2.0m x 1.66m

Alternate Hull Modules:



- Semi-Cingolatta Maffei-Breda 61 ~August 1942


Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 140hp 6 cylinder 6.191 litre T14 model

Armament:  75/34 ----------------------> 90/53

Dimensions (L,W,H): 9,800kg, 6.85m x 2.35m x 2.0m (cab, 1.8m (body)

Alternate Hull Modules:



                                    M.42 with 75/18                                                                                            M.42 with 75/34

- Semovente M.42 da (75/34) (aka M.42M da 75/34 and including M.40 da 75/34) ~February 1943 (delayed until March 1943)

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 35kmh road, 15kmh off road (M.41) 38.4kmh road (M.42)

Armament:  75/18 M.35 -------------------> Ansaldo 75/32 M.17 ------------> 75/32 M.37 -----------------> 75/34 M.42 (1943)

M.41        +22/-12/20L 20R    


                      50 shells                                                                                                                                          46 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 

13,100kg (M.41) 4.915m x 2.2m x 1.85m clearance 0.38m --------> 13,250kg (M.42) 5.043mL x 2.23mW x 1.85mH clearance 0.41m

Alternate Hull Modules:                  M.41 --------------------------------------------> M.42

                                  25 + 25/25/25 Roof 9-15mm/Floor 6          25 + 25/25/25 Roof 9-15mm/Floor 6



- Semovente M.6 da 75 (aka L.6 da 75) ~1939 to March 1940


Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

Armament: 47/32 ----------> 75mm gun

Dimensions (L,W,H): 

Alternate Turret Modules:

Alternate Hull Modules: L.6 da 47/32 ---------> M.6 da 75

Notes: L.6 tank hull with 47/32 behind smaller gun shield. Other version uses this 75mm gun in a larger shield and mount. To be fitted with an anti-aircraft machine gun in service.


- Sturmgeschutz III Ausf G Deliveries April-May 1943


- M.10


- M.18 Hellcat


- M.36 / M.36B1


                    Prototype M.41 da 90/53                                                Production M.41 da 90/53

- Semovente M.41 da 90/53 (aka M.41M da 90/53) ~January 1941

Crew: 2 (+1 in ammo supply vehicle)

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 35kph road (designed), 20-25kph (practical), 25kmh on road, 10kmh off-road

Armament:   90/53 ------------------------------> (90/71 Experimental) ------------------------> (90/74)

Prototype:  +19/-5/45R 45L 

Production: +24/-5/45R 45

                     8 + 26 +40 shells                            est. 8 + 26 + 40 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 15,300-15,400kg  (Prot.)   15,700kg /17,000kg (Prod.)  5.08mL x 2.15mW x 2.14mH clearance 0.41m

Alternate Turret Modules:    M.41 Prototype (gun shield)------------->M.41 Production (gun shield)

                                                            40/10/0                                                           40/10/0

Alternate suspension Modules: track width 0.27m

Alternate Hull Modules:         M.41 Prototype ------------------------------> M.41 Modificato (Production)

                                                           25/25/10                                                      30/25/25 Roof 15/ Floor 6

                  M.43 Prototype                                                   M.43 with 75/34                                                    M.43 Production

- Semovente M.43 da 75/46 (aka M.43 T, M.42T) ~April 1942

Crew: 3

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): SPA 15TB V8 petrol 11.98 litre - 192hp - 35kmh road


         75/34 ---------->75/46 -----------> 75/46 Modified with muzzle brake ---------> 90/42 -------------> 100mm envisaged --------> 105/25

                                  46 shells*                             46 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 15,000kg, 5.1mL x ?W x 1.75m H, clearance 0.33m --------------15,600kg when fitted with 105/25

Alternate Hull Modules:        M.42 -------------> M.43 Prototype ----------------> M.43 Production

                                                  80/?/?                        100/60/                                      100/70/

*Can use Pak 40 ammunition and also the 75/46 Italian built/used Pak 40


                              OTO model with 105/23 - 1942                                                            M.43 with 105/25

- Semovente M.43 Bassotto A/O ~March 1942/1943

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, loader/radio operator)

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): SPA 15TB 11.98 litre V8 diesel 192hp, 40kmh


              100mm -------------> 105/20----------------> 105/22 -----------------> 105/23 OTO ----------------> 105/25 Ansaldo ------------> (105 L>25)

                                                                                                                                                                      +18/ -10 / 18R 18L degrees

                                                                                                                                48 shells                                    48 shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 15,700kg/15,800kg, 5.07m x 2.4m x 1.74m, clearance 0.35m

Alternate Suspension Modules: track width 0.27m

Alternate Hull Modules:  Ansaldo M.43 Hull (modified M.15/42 hull)--------------------> OTO P.26/40 Hull

                                                   70 (glacis 50)/45/25

Notes: Combination of both Bassotto vehicles combining Ansaldo and OTO versions


- Semovente 149/40


Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): same engine as Sahariano, petrol, SPA petrol 250hp, 22kmh

Armament:                           149/35A -------------------------------------------> 149/40 M.35

                                                                                                                  +45 / -0 / 26.5L 25.6 R

                                                                                                                          6 + ? shells

Dimensions (L,W,H): 24,000kg, 6.5m x 3m x 2m

Alternate Suspension Modules:      (M.15) -----------------------> M.15 Stiffened P.40                  (0.4m wide tracks)

Alternate Hull Modules:  P.40 (Modificata)



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- M.15/42 Quadrupolo


- Carro Armato Medio Celere ~early 1943

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 275hp V8 11.3 litre SPA Petrol  --- Model 228

Armament:     47/40 (on Prototype) 

Dimensions (L,W,H): 13,500kg

Notes: Modified M.14/41 as part of study into M.16/43 Sahariano


- M.15/42 -38t da 37mm

Notes: M.15/42 hull with Panzer 38t turret


                   no known image but based on this hull                                                                               Possible outline

- Semovente M.43 Sahariano

Notes: No known images but a Semovente project based on the hull of the M.16/43 is known to have been a project


no image

- C21UCG (aka Cingoletta) Contro Carro

Crew: 4?

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh):

Armament:   20mm Oerlikon ----------------------> 40mm Cannon ?                 

Dimensions (L,W,H): 

Alternate Hull Modules:


- CVB-4 (aka CVP-4, Fiat 2800 Cingolette) ~July to October 1941. Ready by December 1941

Crew: 4

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 66hp or 80 hp depending on source


Dimensions (L,W,H): 

Alternate Hull Modules:

Alternate Suspension Modules: Horstmann ------------------->

Notes: Copy of Captured British Bren Carrier Mk.I/II)


- Schneider CA-1 1917

Notes: Tested in combat area Carso Front 1917





- Volchefit / Culquabar Improvised Tanks (Culquaber top, Volchefit below)

Notes: 10kmh, armed with 8mm Fiat M.14  MG


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Japanese line first...stand alone Italian line second....the rest whenever.

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I'm just going to put this out there, I very much dislike a tank from one country being in the tree for a completely different country. Which is why a big chunk of the Chinese tree bother me.

View PostCreepyJanitor, on Jan 21 2013 - 20:05, said:

Japanese line first...stand alone Italian line second....the rest whenever.
Why is this always one of the first things said when someone mentions brainstorming a tech tree?
Please, please for the love of god pull your head out of your butt and quote him where he says anything about how the Italian tree should usurp the Japanese tree. DO IT, I dare you.

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I am not good at writing....maybe I can clarify a point of agreement with OP....Italian stand alone line I agree with as opposed to being jumbled with the rest of Europe...I do admit to shamelessly adding a bit about the line I would like to see next. <Japanese> Oopsy I did it again.

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I still wish that individual nations had their own trees that started and ended more naturally. Why should someone have to stretch one  Nation to fit all the way to Tier 10 or start at tier one if that wasn't the case?

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OP, consider using Spoiler Tags

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I am not good at writing....maybe I can clarify a point of agreement with OP....Italian stand alone line I agree with as opposed to being jumbled with the rest of Europe...I do admit to shamelessly adding a bit about the line I would like to see next. <Japanese> Oopsy I did it again.
I agree as well, a stand alone Italian tree is a must. Like it or not, Italy was a major player in World War II and Italian forces fought in many campaigns from North Africa, to Russia, to East Africa (Ethiopia & Somalia).

As I said in another post last week, having Italian tanks in a generic "European" tree while having a stand alone Chinese tree would be absurd.

I also disagree with WG's standing policy that a tree must have 10 tier levels or it's a no-go.

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Sources List Page 1: (under review to update)






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Premium Tanks 2 (sorry but I cant edit out those grey bars)


- Carro Comando M.40/M.41

Armament/Penetration @100m: (DeMarre Figures in blue)(elevation/depression/traverse L/R): 

Breda M.31 13.2mm HMG

    +25/-12/12R 11L

Notes: Converted M.13/40 and M.14/41 for use as command vehicle


- Ansaldo / Moto Guzzi L.3 da 75mm ~1927

Crew: 2

Armament/Penetration @100m: (DeMarre Figures in blue)(elevation/depression/traverse L/R): 

                                                             65/17 ---------------------->75/17 Schneider M.1917/M.1928

Dimensions (L,W,H): 2,300kg

Notes: Page 99 Post 1975 and Page 206 Post 4111


- Ansaldo 8t/9t (aka Carro Di Rottura 8t /9t, CA8) ~1929 - 1935

Crew: 3
Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 105hp V8, 22.5kph - 30kph, diesel engine replaces earlier petrol one 

Armament/Penetration @100m: (DeMarre Figures in blue)(elevation/depression/traverse L/R):

                        37mm -------------------------------> 45mm (1933)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 12,192kg, 11,500kg ----------------> 8640kg, 4.98m x 1.82m x 1.96m

Alternate Suspension Modules:      12t (Articulated Bogie system) ------------> 8t (Articulated Bogie System)

Alternate Hull Modules:    12t -----------------> 8t ---------------->9t


Notes: Developed from the Ansaldo 12t. 8 tonne vehicle has a single fixed gun in the barbette and no turret and a twin MG turret is later added increasing the weight {Needs rechecked via source material as stats and information is confused with Ansaldo 12t too much}



- Cingoletta 106

Notes: recoiless rifle armed


- MIAS /MORAS (Motomitragliatrice blindata D'Assaulto) 1935

Crew: 1

Engine/Speed (on road/off/road)(kmh): 4.97kmh / 2.2kmh

Armament/Penetration @100m: (DeMarre Figures in blue)(elevation/depression/traverse L/R): 

Twin Scotti 6.5mm MG (MIAS)/ 45mm Brixia Mortar (MORAS)


- Vickers 6t Type B ~1932 purchased for trials


- Skoda T-11

Notes: Both the T-11 and T-21 Skoda tanks underwent trials by Italy 


- Skoda T-21 (tested and trialled but not adopted for licensed production) 1940-1941

Notes: Both the T-11 and T-21 Skoda tanks underwent trials by Italy 


- Alvis Straussler V-4 ~Tested and trialled February 1936

Notes: tested and trialled but not adopted. May have been the V.3 vesion tested


- M.13/40 with modified body to imitate Matilda either a vis-mod or a film prop


- Pavesi M.1915 (aka Cassali-Pavesi, aka Tolotti) 

Notes: 'severley underpowered'



Notes: possibly just an armoured lorry with rail use ability


- Ansaldo Mobile Heavy Blockhouse Tank (aka Testuggine)












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I agree with the less money deal. Italian history seems to prefer the Roman Empire and less so the modern variety.

BTW great post and kudos on the effort. O7

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Wheeled Vehicles

*in progress






- Autocannone 102/35


also plans to mount the automatic 102/40 on the Breda 51 at the prototype stage

- AB43 47mm L.32 M.35



AB-42 with modified turret armed with 20mm cannon and rear stowage box


Heavy Armed Motobikes:

Alpini, 1964, unarmoured 3 wheeler with heavy mortar

Garbari, 1959, 3 wheeler with flat mounted 120mm mortar

Garbari, 1960, same as above but larger


Other heavy weapon Armoured Cars/Portees: 

Anto Aerea M.1915 76mm AA gun pedestal mounted on back of Fiat18BL lorry 8 wheels

Ansaldo 76/16 AA gun on lorry chassis prototype only

75 AA su Italia 10, 1917 similar to above

Ante Aerea 102/35, 1917, armoured bonnet as on Lancia IZ, rear mounted gun, large curved shield all based on SPA 9000C lorry

Autocannone 76/40, 1918 "unknown except that gun was Italian Navy gun"

Autocannone 76/45, 1918 "unknown except that gun was Italian Navy gun"

Ansaldo M1932 Prototype AA 75/27 AA gun mounted on short 18BL chassis 5.6 x 1.8 x 2.9

75/27 CK (production version of the above vehicle) using Ceirano chassis instead of Ansaldo, disc wheels, solid perforated tyres

Bianchi 1931, 1914 'A' model car modernised with dome turret replaced with lower open topped turret mounting 20mm gun in high angle mount

Carro Ante Aerea (Autocannone da 75/27 CK), 1928, Ceirano 50 CMA 17 CK (Commission Krupp) 5 ton lorry with pedestal mounted 75mm Krupp AA gun and drop sides 6.1 x 2.4 x 2.7

Ceirano 50CMA 76/45, 1925, AA gun

Lancia 3 RO 90/53 open body drop sides, Cannone 90/53 M41 AA gun on pedestal mount

Lancia 3 RO 105, 1941, unarmoured lorry with rear firing 105mm howitzer


Saharaina Ante Carro, 1942 (same vehicle as Sahariana Ante Aerea SPA (Camionetta 43S) armed with 20mm AT gun

Saharaina Corta 47/32, large low hulled vehicle with rear mounted 47/32

Saharaina Corta 75/27, short vody open wheeled vehicle with pedestal mounted 75mm

SPA 35, unarmoured lorry cargo body mounting 20mm AA/AT gun

SPA-40, 1940, rear engined version of the above with 20mm gun in turret

SPA-41 similar to above with radio, and ventilator in turret roof

SPA-42, similar but with open topped turret mounting 47/32

SPA-43 similar but with 47/32 and buggywhip antenna

Steyr Sahariana - German lorry with 20mm gun and coaxial MG mounted on dash

Steyr Ante Aerea, pedestal mounted 20mm gun on vehicle above

Ansaldo Carro di Fanteria (Ansaldo II), 1932, 6 large groused wheels, articulated narrow hull, 37mm gun in narrow turret and twin MG's in each side cupola turret

Breda Ante Aerea, 1942, lorry with 90/55 M41 AA gun and shield, large rear spring jacks

Fiat 611B ~1932, almost identical to the Fiat 611A except for the 47mm gun in a turret

(unnamed) Field improvised partisan car, 1945 wedge shaped bonnet using turret for German Pz1 with Czech 47mm gun

Bergomi 6 wheel armoured car, 1970. pedestal mounted 90mm gun in box hull

Fiat 6616, 1970, resembling MOWAG, 4 wheel armoured car and turret resembling German HS30 APC turret with 20mm cannon

Fiat/Rizacotti (Compagniola), 1964, 20 tube 100mm rocket launcher rear mounted on unarmoured Fiat 3/4 ton lorry. Also available with guided missiles or recoiless rifle

Pinerolo 1961, pedestal mounted 106mm recoiless rifle of Fiat Jeep


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View PostVollketten, on Jan 21 2013 - 21:20, said:

Well there are fewer non-existant vehicles here than on the chinese tree. Is it just a lack of Italian money maybe in the game......
That's not the problem, the problem is that the devs don't think they have enough for every line to be a full line. They have stated they won't introduce a nation if they can't get a full line for everyone.

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I've been talking with some posters from the European World of Tanks forum, so I'll start off brief but I will have a lot more to say. First off, good work! WG's argument that that there are not enough Italian tanks available for higher tier tanks are unfounded and close minded. I hopefully will be able to make comments on all the tanks you have listed as I'm very, very interested in Italian tank history and love seeing others try at tiering them WoT style. First off the I have a bit of trouble with your light tanks, all tech trees are planned to have 'full' scout lines, to at least tier 7-8. Also the jump from the M13/40 to M14/41 are in the same tier and not how the WoT tech tree works. That's just gameplay things though, when I have the time later I will certainly discuss more indepth about the history of it all with you.

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View PostOkinoshima, on Jan 21 2013 - 22:10, said:

I've been talking with some posters from the European World of Tanks forum, so I'll start off brief but I will have a lot more to say. First off, good work! WG's argument that that there are not enough Italian tanks available for higher tier tanks are unfounded and close minded. I hopefully will be able to make comments on all the tanks you have listed as I'm very, very interested in Italian tank history and love seeing others try at tiering them WoT style. First off the I have a bit of trouble with your light tanks, all tech trees are planned to have 'full' scout lines, to at least tier 7-8. Also the jump from the M13/40 to M14/41 are in the same tier and not how the WoT tech tree works. That's just gameplay things though, when I have the time later I will certainly discuss more indepth about the history of it all with you.
I'm skeptical of two things about Italian trees that I see, and I see it in every one of them.
1) The inclusion of one or multiple Patton tanks.
2) The Heavies.

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