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MOD questions - Where / How things are displayed.

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Highlander944 #1 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 18:03

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Background: I run 3 monitors. In eyefinity all information spans all three displays. In surround information is fixed to the center display. Obviously the API for ATI and NVidia for WoT differs.  I run XVM, the location for hits/damage indicator can be tweaked and behaves the same way for ATI and NVidia cards.

Problem I'm trying to solve: It is my desire to lock information to the edge closest to the center display but on the outer two displays. On the left most display, right justify your team and damage panel. On the right most display, left justify other team and min map.

I was reading something in the eu forums which indicates you can modify the battle.swf file and find some anchor points and move these assets. I attempted to look for some free flash compilers, but my search ended quickly.

Is any mod'er out there aware of this type of functionality? Perhaps someone from WG development can describe why WoT interacts differently with the NVidia and ATI API. Will creating a battle.swf create a sub classing setup which over-rides the default behavior for where these informational panels are displayed?

Is what I'm asking clear?

Thank you.

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