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Minor Chat improvements for clan, general, friends etc.

chat suggestion

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Hrothgan #1 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 19:14


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If this topic was already posted as a suggestion my search fu is not strong.  So sorry if that is the case..

My suggestion is:

Chat screens with the clan or friends... when someone is in a battle have an icon reflecting that they are in a battle like it shows in a platoon.  I believe the icon is a sword.

One of the biggest issues I notice is that clan chat is pretty one sided as you don't know who is in a battle or afk or just anti social lol.

It seems a simple addition and it would propel the social aspect of the game just a bit further.

Second item is when in battle it would be great if contacts you have friended, clan mates and those ignored are highlighted on the player list.

For instance when platooned you and your platoon mates show up in gold (or yellow, whatever).  It would be great if your clanmates would show up in a color and your friends in another.  I don't know how many times I get sucked into the match that I did not notice I blew up a clan mate lol.

I know I could just look at the screen a bit closer but sometimes people have such long and numerical names its not always easy, not to mention when the action starts it gets a bit crazy.

Just my two cents.


Shiir #2 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 20:56


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I like what you've suggested, but I would go a lot further. I am amazed to see how little functionality the current chat system is, and how long it has remained that way... They only need to look around at many of the other MMO games to see what works, and what doesn't...

Let's build a wish list...

1) Message interface     The 'same' message interface should be used for both the hanger, and in battle communication.

2) Message 'life'        The message interface should use a scroll bar, and messages should never 'poof' like they do today in the battle message interface.

3) Multiple channels     Each type of message should have it's own tabbed instance within the message interface, with the ability to close them, at the users desire. The existing channels are a good start, but I'd also like to see
                         the ability to create both public and private channels for multiple users. The only difference in them would be the ability to put a password for private channels. In battle communications would persist
                         after the battle ended, until you closed that chat tab, or left the game completely (But I would think that they would be locked at the state they were in, once you exited the battle they were from). In the
                         perfect scenario, that would be a user set option, to keep them or not.

4) Configuration         There would be a message options configuration panel, where you could customize the message interface (Colors, fonts, message chat interface size, etc). Here is where you would also create/join public or private
                         chat channels.

UncleRuckus #3 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:47

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An option that turns off the global/team toggle thing they added a few patches ago.

Hrothgan #4 Posted Jan 24 2013 - 01:23


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Those are some good ideas.  I am just tired of the lack of community that I see.  Its a game of tag and its quite annoying as time is money as they say and everyone knows that its best to be in a match rather than sitting around waiting for 10+ minutes for someone to get back from their match.  It just would be great to know when a clanmate, friend, whatever is in a battle and when they are out.  The code is there as this is already available for platoons (ready, not ready, battle).

I am not entirely sure about scrolling chat during a battle, I barely read chat sometimes anyways when I am sniping.  It would require a control click and that means not maneuvering or shooting the tank.  Who knows though.

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