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Italian tanks

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TheBlindsniper #1 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:34


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So i've kind of been searching the internet for Pictures and Info about the Italian tanks and found a few that actually might be cool in World of tanks.

As you know, each nation has a 'strength' for instance, Germans highly accurate, Brits high ROF, Russians High damage, etc.
well maybe the Italians should have great view range, or penetration but moderate weapons,
i dont want to see another nation with tanks that can spray with their 2-3 second reloads (like the British)
I think since the Italians and Germans shared alot of tanks, i think they should be similar.
I think it'd be cool to have a tank that had high traverse speed, but with a moderate top speed,
so like, if their top speed is 30-40 they reach it a matter of seconds

Here is a sort of tech tree i made up:

Tier 1: Fiat 3000 (light tank) speed: 21 kmh, armor: 16/6/6 , Gun: 16mm, Damage: 15-30

tier 2; Fiat 2000 (Heavy tank) speed: 7 kmh, armor 20/15/12, Gun: 1 X 65mm, Damage: 40-60

Tier 2 or 3: Renault R35 (light tank) speed: 20 kmh, armor: 43/?/?, Gun: 37mm, Damage: 60-80

Tier 3: Carro Armato L3/33 (light tank) speed: 42 kmh, armor: 12/6/6, Gun:  6.5mm (bigger ones compatible), Damage: 70-80

Tier 2 or 3: Carro Armato L6/40 (light tank) speed: 42 kmh, armor: 40/6/6, Gun: 20mm, Damage: 40-70

Tier 4: Fuat M11/39 (medium tank) speed: 32 kmh, armor: 30/14/8, Gun: 37mm Vickers, Damage: 60-90

Tier 4 or 5: Somua S35 (light or medium tank) speed: 40 kmh, armor: 47mm, Gun: 47mm SA 35, Damage: 90-120

Tier 4 or 5: Carro Armato M15/42 (medium tank) speed: 40 kmh, armor: 30/16/16, Gun: 47mm, Damage: 90-107

Tier 5: Carro Armato P 40 (med-heavy tank) speed: 40 kmh , armor: 50/40/40, Gun: 75mm L/34, Damage: 120-175

Tier 6: P26/40  (med-heavy tank) Speed: 42 kmh , armor: unknown, Gun: 75mm+, Damage: 120-165

Tier 7: Panther possibly? speed: 48 kmh, armor:  85/40/40, Gun: 7,5 CM, Damage: 135/175

Tier 8: ?

Tier 9:

Tier 10: Leopard 1 (heavy tank) speed: 60 kmh, armor: ?, Gun: 105mm, Damage: 330-400


tier 2: semovente 20/70 (SPG) speed: ?, Armor: ?, Gun: ?, Damage: ?

tier 3: semovente 47/32 (SPG) speed: 42 kmh, armor: 30mm, Gun: 47mm, Damage: 130-200

tier 4: semovente 75/18 (SPG) speed: 32 kmh, armor: 50mm, Gun: 75mm, Damage: 280-500

tier 5: semovente 75/34 (SPG) speed: 40 kmh, armor: 50mm, Gun: 75mm L34, Damage: 600-870

tier 6: semovente 90/53 (SPG) speed: 25 kmh, armor: 40mm, Gun: 90mm, Damage: 900-1300

tier 7: semovente 105/25 (SPG) speed: 35 kmh, armor: 75mm, Gun: 105mm, Damage: 1200-1500

tier 8: semovente 149/40 (SPG) speed: 21 kmh, armor: 14mm, Gun: 149mm, Damage: 1500-1900

these are all just ideas, this is all real information (except the damage part, i made all that up based off artillery in the game)
Please feel free to post new tanks, info, or pictures, this is just a rough outline of what an italian tech tree might look like
some have you have Noticed the Leopard 1, and probally thinking it's too modern, but i was doing some research, and i think (im not sure) the M46 served until the 1990's, and The Leopard 1 was first produced in 1965, and it was the only tank i could find worthy to be tier 10. Please comment, leave your thoughts and input and post some pics if you want (i would've if i could've figured out how to XD) Thank you all -TheBlindsniper[T-K]

Lisped #2 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:45


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You have the right idea.. but.. the guns on these tanks seem... crappy.

Legiondude #3 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:49


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At this point, WG is not going to give Italy their own tree(They tried, and apparently they failed). However if you wish to prove them wrong, this topic is the place to be

Torgamous #4 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 21:53


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The Italians had really crappy steel, hence, really crappy tank armor.  Poorly designed based on other nations designs, they were glorified trucks.  I read reports of their optics being shot out by small arms, and putting them out of action.  There is a reason why the Brits pushed them out of Ethiopia so fast, and the Itys had to call in the German Afrika corp to keep them from annihilation.  Italian tanks might be interesting in a low tier premium capacity, but as novelties, not much else....

jensen215_ #5 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 22:21

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forget italy go for japan mostly lights but some mediums and such.

jensen215_ #6 Posted Jan 22 2013 - 22:37

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though Italians might   make interesting low cost German preniums for lower levels.

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