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Chinese 113 ! bad tank !

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Erich2142 #81 Posted Oct 17 2013 - 04:51


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WHAT? 113 is an amazing tank! Learn how to play it!

IBTankin #82 Posted Oct 19 2013 - 09:52


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41 battles in this tank so far, 51% ratio after a few days of lose streaks :(
Averaging 745 exp, 1.7k dmg output and 2.2k dmg intake a game. Currently 100% crew with first perk(repair) at 65%, and not the equipment I'd like since I'm currently broke.

Not too bad of a tank, if you enjoyed the WZ-111, you'll definitely like this as well. Just be careful as to not get yourself into trouble because of your speed. I'm usually overly aggressive so been trying to keep myself contained. :D

New_Demonic #83 Posted Oct 19 2013 - 21:08


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Common sense, don't get hit in the first place. :smile:

BONDO9 #84 Posted Oct 20 2013 - 23:23


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I have found this tank to not be a heavy. It's a medium with armor. I have ok damage with it but mm has been nasty to me so I have just 1 win in 10. I hate mm.

FourierTransform #85 Posted Oct 21 2013 - 20:04


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Good game yesterday:

Battle: Swamp 10/20/2013 6:01:38 PM
Vehicle: 113
Experience received: 2,577
Credits received: 92,874
Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Sniper, Master Gunner, Reaper, Pool's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"
6264 damage

My first Pool's Medal.

Overall I play it like a heavily armored medium.

Mattr #86 Posted Oct 28 2013 - 00:53


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The 113 is not supposed to bounce every thing its not a main battle tank and if you guys would take 30 seconds to read the description you would know that. Play the 113 as a support tank do not sit on the front line with that thing sit just behind the front line. And angel your armor not that it matters much at tier 10 but still its got a 68 degree angle 70 is an auto balance turn the tank a 15 degree angle and as long as there behind 85m or not above you everything will bounce. The turret is great at the front but moving it side to side while you reload is good thing to do it makes it hard for them to target weak points. And use your speed to your advantage use it to take strategic positions. It can also be used for supporting falling flanks if the flank your on is doing good then go and rush over and help another flank. And it can be played like med to if you want to its actually great for doing this do to its large health for a med. That's how you play the 113 not like a E-100 or IS-7.

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