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Multiple Camofluage Skins

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arasgrandpa #1 Posted Jan 27 2013 - 19:00


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I have completed a series of camofluage skins form many tanks.  I usually only modify other skins for my use, but decided to start from scratch on some.  Each skin will usually have 3 to 4 options for camo.  They usually include a desert, woodland, and steppes design.  They are all included in the archive, you just have to rename the orignal and then rename the one you want to be the default skin name.



VK4502A and B


Sturmpanzer II

These are just a few, I have posted more, just click on the Arasgrandpa in author to see others.  Hope you like them, Enjoy..

Forum will not let me post links to images on Curse, or my blog, sorry...

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Hallivolve #2 Posted Jan 27 2013 - 19:05


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I'd use skins, but the fact that only I can see it bothers me. :(

googliamoog #3 Posted Jan 27 2013 - 19:28


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View PostBlackhawk874, on Jan 27 2013 - 19:05, said:

I'd use skins, but the fact that only I can see it bothers me. :(
why?  do you normally play tanks to an audience?

i love skins.  i've got every tank from tier 6 up in a paint job just about.  

as a matter of fact, i just realized the other day that i now have a hard time recognizing what some tanks are without the skins i gave them...

also op, thanks and well done.

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