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NICE ! I loved the surprise

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McBaconater #1 Posted Jan 28 2013 - 04:21

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Hey WG , nice way to throw in a surprise battle that litterally no one was expecting after reading the day's news on your website ! You know quite a few people actually bought gold and spent money for the alledged shot at winning 50k gold that you have been hinting at . Seems the only trouble is that you can't seem to find a inconspicuos way to just hand it to the big guys with out anyone ever having a realistic shot at shaking things up . We all know that reguardless what happens sooner or later the big clans will once again own 90% of the available gold farms any way . You kinow there is a great way to break the grip on the game . It is well known that many of these vetran clanners use multiple accounts to generate stats and high scores , making multiple clans and recking the game experiance through blatant disreguard of your rules , so why dont you just clean house and get rid of the exploiters ? It would be cheaper then running the risk of a class action lawsuit over rigged contests . GG

Aquavolt #2 Posted Jan 28 2013 - 04:22


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Class action lawsuit over rigged contests.

Regarding internet tanks.

I've seen it all

meowN #3 Posted Jan 28 2013 - 04:27

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View PostGeneralDirection, on Jan 28 2013 - 04:07, said:

Hey folks,
Just to confirm the suspicions, the special battles tonight do not matter, so if you don't want to play them then you don't have to. The map WILL be wiped during the downtime.

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