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Like to see simple environment effects added

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BaldEagle505 #1 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:14

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I would like to see WG add environment effects.

The idea has been floated by players before, but I have not seen any comment by WG on the matter.

My suggestion;
Desert maps, add sandstorms that can start and end.
Forest maps, add rain or fog on some games.
Urban maps, add night time, but keep street lights, etc.

These all could be random effects, so some games you may see it and others not at all.

Each effect cuts view range in half

Would this cause an issue with home computer PFS or suck a lot more server computing time on WG end?

Aquavolt #2 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:17


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Do you really think duplicating the same thread will increase the chances of WG seeing a topic on their own forums?

_ErwinRommel__ #3 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:17


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yes fps and bad lag is a big problem with these affects thats why wg hasent done it already

SULOMON #4 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:40


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View Post_ErwinRommel__, on Feb 05 2013 - 20:17, said:

yes fps and bad lag is a big problem with these affects thats why wg hasent done it already
Maybe. Search for threads next time OP.

Blackhorse_Six_ #5 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:50


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During combat in urban settings, utilities are usually already wiped-out.

No Power, No Water, No Sewage ...

Fog and Smoke are essentially the same ...

So far as the thread goes, I think that we all would like to see them implemented, but they'll be hell on our FPS.

AMartin223 #6 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 21:19


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View range was one of the big issues with the tier 3 crap, I don't want to have those issues at every tier.

NacMacFeegle #7 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 21:25


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It's a cool idea that I've wanted in the game for a while, but I can see the fps issues on lower-end computers. Maybe there could be a graphics option to make it easier on your pc; for example you could have the game render weather and smoke just a haze in the air or even just a symbol warning of adverse weather conditions.

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