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Japanese Iwakura Tank

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Slakrrrrrr #1 Posted Feb 07 2013 - 02:19


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This is a drawing of colonel Iwakura's proposal. It's not the early O-I tank, that's a different project. It was the only tank with such a suspension planned. Its main gun is estimated to be a 150mm cannon.
So this is another mentioning of Japanese tanks from the "For the Record" blog regarding SerB's Q&A on the RU server. I have done this before, but I made myself look like a total idiot, which I will do my best not to do so again (you're welcome, Kankou).

I took this picture to Microsoft Paint, enlarged it by 4x and attempted to outline the picture of the vehicle on the top-right corner:

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It mounts (what seems to be) a short 150mm howitzer in a wedge-shaped mantlet I have never seen before, possibly the Type 96? Also, there is a big number 100 at the top of the image, which is probably the weight of the vehicle (100 Tons). Anyways, if it does have these statistics, I think it should be a tier 8 premium on the Japanese tank WHEN it comes out. If this were to happen, what the ARL-44 is to the FCM-50t, the same would be able to be said for the KV-2 to the Iwakura: much better DPM and soft stats, but with a very similar/same gun.

ket101 #2 Posted Feb 07 2013 - 02:55


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That's not a mantlet, per se, it's the recoil mechanism for the gun.  It becomes more noticeable when they put armour around it.  Think of the Russian tanks with a 76mm gun, the strange looking box before you actually get to the tank's mantlet.  That's the same thing.

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