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Tutorial Idea -- Outsource To Platoons, Battlefield Observation

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ArmoredCorps #1 Posted Feb 09 2013 - 18:05


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So with all the angst on the forums, new player explosion and the problems with a huge disparity in skill, experience -- in pubs & the global map -- a common theme is the lack of a tutorial system, or some competency tests (like driver's licenses in Gran Turismo) is not only not helping, but hurting.

And to be perfectly honest, there will always be some bots, horribad connections / people who shouldn't even be on the NA server or put up with 800 ping, play-4-funs and other try-nots. They're outside the purview of this thread and problem.

1) In-Game Trainer Platoons

Implement 4-man Trainer Platoons. The 4th slot (on a premium account; 3rd & 4th on the standard) is an observer-only player.
He can:
+platoon type to the platoon, and use the in-game voice comms with them
+observe anyone in his platoon, but not the the entire allied team, not unless one of the in-game platoonmates dies (so no advatage is gained with an ESO officer until it would otherwise be effective)
+have a real-time pannable view around platoonmates
He cannot:
+talk to the team his platoon is on, or the enemy team
+click the map
+observe enemy player POV (since he's in a platoon)

He gets listed with the platoon# assigned to his platoon, below the 15 on the team.

2) In-Game Observer Only Platoons (or full-observation replays)

Max 4 people, regardless of premium account status of who runs it.
These platoons can:
+observe both teams, freely
+see 2 minimaps simultaneously
+interact in anyway with the participants of the game.

Due to the possibility of countdown abuse, this might be an idea better reserved to implementation in the replay system somehow.
Maybe an option to enable "AAR Replays." (perhaps disabled for tournaments, clan wars, and companies)

3) Driver's Licenses

Still a good idea. Have script-driven challenges that revolve around hitting a moving target, driving along cliff edges in a lane, spotting (without being seen) a tank in a known location, etc.

It would be helpful if they were around realistic "hot spots" on maps. Seasoned-Player input would help.

ArmoredCorps #2 Posted Feb 09 2013 - 18:14


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Any errors due to typing on a phone. I would have fleshed it out a bit more, but theres (memory?) lag the longer the post gets, and at any rate, would involve rampant wishing, speculation and 2nd-guessing how WoT codes their game. (tbh, not good I've heard)

A live-fire tutorial system (more than mere guides or videos) would be a serious undertaking, and if it didn't teach game principles revolving around penetration, camo, armor angling and the things it takes to win, would be pilloried mercilessly and rightfully by unicums as useless trash.

And again, TBFH, that's all WG would be able to muster with all of their 8 digits in RE$OURCE$.

But putting the tools in the hands of the player base -- if technically able to be implemented -- would be world's better than nothing, and probably better than mere guides and videos, too.

Dayus #3 Posted Feb 09 2013 - 18:46


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Only problems to this imo is that they need to recognize the mistakes they see, which most players cannot. Also having bads teach others to be bad would be a likely outcome.

After a bit more thinking WGA endorsed relays with commentaries done by several very good players would might work...

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