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Basic Battle Strategies

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RokRoland #1 Posted Dec 16 2010 - 12:19


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The guide has some really valid points, though some observations are drastically simplified to the point where they are not entirely true. Listing some of them:

- Obviously, matchups between two tanks depend a lot on tier. A KV heavy tank or a US T1 hvy should not really prove to be much of a problem to a Panther medium at all, due to it being some tiers above, thus having better guns and decent armor that can bounce hits in addition to the mobility.
- Even among tiers, not all matchups are so one sided. I would much rather face an enemy KV or T1 heavy (tier 5 heavy tanks) in my PzIV or StuG (Tier 5 medium and TD) if we meet at proper range and there are options to use mobility.
- Some mention of team tactics could be useful. This is the part where most WoT players seem to be lacking. 2 mediums can engage a lone (superior) enemy heavy when done properly, e.g. you can use a pincer-type movement where you pop out from different sides of the poor heavy, and the one who the turret starts pointing at moves back to hiding. Rinse, repeat and you have one dead heavy in a very short time.
- An extremely important observation is that there are weak and tough spots to each tank. While you might not be able to damage an enemy from the front, you might be able to do so from the side, or from behind, or shooting the hull instead of the turret or vice versa. Furthermore, if the armor is hit at an angle there is less chance of penetration. I do realize this is not meant as a comprehensive guide, but these are the things that enable tanks of different type to play to their strengths.

Thank you for writing the guide either way. I should note that in order to improve your guide, you should change the titles of subsections slightly. "Light Tanks" should be something like "Attacking Light Tanks" or "Engaging Light Tanks" because it was not really immediately clear which way you meant your guide to work - whether the Light section was for those playing light tanks, or the other way around.

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