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buying gold

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Dante2000 #1 Posted Mar 05 2013 - 18:53

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Hello I have a question since i dont have mastercard,visa etc, I wanna get gold by bank transfer, but somehow I couldn't, I mean I written down my Bank Account Number then I clicked on "place order" it said "i need to wait 6 days and u get an email confirmation" but it was 2 week ago and I didnt get any email from Wot not even spam,Asked my Bank but they didnt get any request from Wot. Dont know what did I do wrong.
Sry for my bad english.

RuGaard_The_Crippled #2 Posted Mar 05 2013 - 19:01


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Try it the following way, depending where you live:

Create a Paypal account.
Add funds to your Paypal account (wait 3 to 7 days max, depending on your options available). Add 1 or 2 USD more than necessary, just in case of currency value fluctuations.
When the funds are on your Paypal account, pay via Paypal using your deposited funds.

Depending on your country, more payment options besides credit cards may be available while using Paypal. (Direct debit for example is available through Paypal in Germany)

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Dizzy_Squirrel #3 Posted Mar 05 2013 - 19:04

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You could also go the prepaid Visa, MasterCard route. Several retailers offer them for sale and they are "reloadable" at a later date either online in some cases or at the register from said retailers.

joel9507 #4 Posted Mar 05 2013 - 19:58

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If you want someone to track down the problem with your transaction, contact Wot customer service directly.  Good luck.  In the meantime, try the above workarounds.

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