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I'd like to use my crews in more of my tanks, and I'd pay to do it

premium crew

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Bennet_Jones #1 Posted Mar 09 2013 - 21:02


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By making it possible for me to play smaller tanks with my good crew, I'd play them more often, be a happier customer (good!), and probably have even MORE garage slots (gold!) and likely stock more equipment and modules, or pay gold to move them around.

I love some of my smaller tanks, and I'm glad to be able to play them.  It also helps that more tanks means more stars for 2x, 3x and even 5x weekends.   But ... I hate keeping so many crews around, or using my good crews at a disadvantage because they aren't properly trained when I move them around to other tanks.  

Here are some suggestions I'd like to offer.  I am trying to keep in mind the developer's natural and reasonable desire to have a reason for people to spend gold, too.  Simply removing tank training probably hurts that, so here are my ideas to keep it while allowing me to more easily more my crew around.

1) Track each crewman's max training in each tank.  If they go back to a tank they've been in before, they use their old training level.  So if Sgt. Cody was a 100% commander in my Chaffee, he'll always be 100% there, even if I retrain him for a new tank.  I like this solution best, but I realize it may be hard to apply retroactively.  It seems fair, understandable, and easy except for maybe a UI to show it.  This would definitely make me happy.

2) Provide a SMALLER penalty to crews when using an elite tank.  Once the tank is elite, a crew who isn't trained for it would have HALF the existing penalty.  Yes, people could skip some training by using free xp but elite tanks quickly.  I think from a developer view, encouraging the use of free xp is good because that also involves gold.  I'd still grumble but I would play more tanks.  

3) Allow a player to pay to upgrade any elited tank to a semi-premium.  This could be just the crew benefits of a premium, or perhaps it provides other benefits.  This would cost gold.  I'd do this for only my most favorite old tanks, but it would be gold, so that's good.  And it would keep me happy and have me spending on equipment and garage slots.

4) Allow crews to train at 100% for a tank they previously trained in, for a lot less gold.  Maybe 10g.   This is closer to the cost of dismounting equipment, for example.  This would make it OK for me to, say, keep a tier 6 heavy for company battles and once in a while put my GOOD crew in it for the night.  

5) Provide a 1-day crew training for silver or a little gold.  This would be great for nostalgic days when I just wanna run my m4e8 a lot, or something

Thanks for your consideration.

Lugia3 #2 Posted Apr 29 2013 - 00:17


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I approve of this idea.

I think I would be balanced if there were two options for retraining. The first is the cheap normal retrain, but it drops all other tank specializations. The second would be for the price of retraining to scale up depending on how many tanks the crew is trained in.

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