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Does the Jackson have any advantage over the Hellcat ?

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mixedluck #21 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 03:05


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View PostDominatus, on Mar 23 2013 - 02:58, said:

Fairly certain that the M36 also has a frontal transmission, as do most US tanks like the Sherman and T1/M6.
M36 does have frontal transmission but thats hidden behind the thickest and slopiest armor on the tank. If you hit that rounded 112mm armor it has a goood chance to bounce.

Dominatus #22 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 03:09


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View Postmixedluck, on Mar 23 2013 - 03:05, said:

M36 does have frontal transmission but thats hidden behind the thickest and slopiest armor on the tank. If you hit that rounded 112mm armor it has a goood chance to bounce.
Which is what I said...

cupAsoup #23 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 03:13


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Hellcat is my favorite tank. Yes, the jackson has better armor, but ask yourself.... do you plan on brawling with these TD's? Neither are good for that, so take the more mobile, lower profile sniper-hellcat.

I think having a hellcat and becoming proficient with it makes you better at the game overall. Getting good with the hellcat requires you to learn how to damage without getting damaged. Good luck.

American_Guts_in_Action #24 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 03:24

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Does the Hellcat have much better camo, or are the two TDs about even?

JLK_250 #25 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 06:25


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What people have said is true as long as you realize that while the Jackson has much better armor, it's not armor like a heavy tank has.  You will bounce way more rounds than the Hellcat will but it's still a TD, and a much slower one at that.  Not sure about the camo but I believe it is close between the two.  The Jackson is not as much fun to play due to its slow speed.  However, I seem to do better in the Jackson than I do in the Hellcat.

ThePigSheFlies #26 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 16:11


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View PostStrelaCarbon, on Mar 23 2013 - 01:59, said:

The Jackson has almost 10 times more armor that the Hellcat... 114mm at one hell of an angle, It'll bounce quite a bit. Also, the Jackson has the option of mounting a turret with a roof on it, so you won't be one shotted as easily. Also, the Hellcat may be fast, but it can't turn worth a damn, so it's not really an advantage in many situations.

being able to get back out of sight and snip away with 400 to 500m or more shots (dependent of course on team mates spotting) is quite the advantage on the more open maps.  I haven't tried the jackson yet, but my hellcat is a definite keeper tank.  I even use it as a scout at times.  not sure I kept the replay or screen shot but in one match I had just shy of 3k spotting damage and 2k in active shooting damage. at campinova in a tier 8 battle that nearly went the full time frame.  mind you that's not to brag as I'm clearly not that good to be bragging :)

Bidenhander #27 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 16:22


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Jackson has one other advantage it seems like a lot of people are forgetting, in that it has a closed-top turret. may not seem like much, but the top on the jackson's turret is surprisingly thick, so arty isn't gonna one-shot crewkill your tank like it will in the Hellcat. Slpashes don't hurt nearly as much either.

Skpstr #28 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 18:45


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I think it depends on which Tier 5 TD you're coming from, and how well you liked it.

Before I buy either the M18 or M36, I plan to elite a T49 and see how much better or worse I like it than my M10, and then decide from there.

Chzy #29 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 18:51

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I would say the hellcat is better for two main reasons:

1) Its mobility allows you to get where you need to be and control/carry battles that you wouldn't be able to in the jackson. Armor doesn't matter so much because they are both soft targets not really meant to take shots, in over 9k battles I've never noticed a jackson being any harder to destroy than a hellcat. Hellcat also gets wicked mantlet bounces just like the jackson and can hull down all the same.

2) If you change your mind at what tier 10 you want later you can get to both the T110E4 and the T110E3 from the hellcat line, if you go up the jackson line only the T110E3 is availible unless you go all the way back to the hellcat and start over.

It only goes one way:
T28 Proto>>>>T28

Hellcat is the wiser choice all around.

cganya #30 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 20:16


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I have gone down both TD lines for the Americans. Both tanks are actually really good and very similar. The hellcat is fast enough to also act as a scout while the Jackson is no slouch either ( there are many much slower td's out there)

The Jackson forces you into a more traditional TD role while the hellcat also for more flexibility at the cost of being much less forgiving for mistakes.

the real difference is in the tanks that follow them as they are very different. I know that I like the T25 AT much more than the T25/2 because the best gun available to the T25/2 is very underwhelming and the tank no longer feels very quick while retaining it's paper thin status.

but then at the next step it could be completely different. Do some research on the higher tier tanks they get you into and try to figure out what kind of role you would prefer.

Or do what I did and just get them both :P

Dr_Powderfinger #31 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 20:24


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I have driven both extensively, both are great.

The Hellcat mobility advantage should trump Jackson's armor advantage according to conventional wisdom, but I tend to perform a little better in the Jackson  - 58% to the Hellcat's 53%. I think for me this boils down to two factors:

1)Jackson is a little more forgiving...if I get exposed and take shots I usually tend to live long enough to correct my mistake and find cover, while when I make a mistake in the Hellcat more often than not I am dead -everybody on the battlefield including scouts, low tiers, and near misses from arty(Jackson turret top helps) can rip holes in you. Also, when top tier, Jackson can play bully a little bit with low tier tanks, while the Hellcat can't bully anything because of it's squishiness.

2)Hellcat's speed can get you in trouble if not used properly, it's certainly an asset but the agility and traverse isn't very good and you will get ripped up in brawls and ill-advised flanking manuevers. Play it conservatively at first, use speed to get to sniping spots and camo up...the speed is great for hunting and reacting later in the match but if you are too aggressive early you will likely end up in a smoking heap.

Both are fun and strong performers though, as are Wolverine and T49...I'd play both lines if you can.

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TDRHooRaH #32 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 20:58


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View PostBrooksman, on Mar 23 2013 - 02:05, said:

How does the top gun on both ''feel'' , is it good for sniping?

The 90mm on both is the same. Great for sniping.

Patonb #33 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 21:57


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The great thing is the 2 share most components.. So I went for m36 to learn teir 6, as it is, or was harder than 5, then swapped to the M18 to get the turret line of higher tier TD's

Remember the m36 leads to the T25 and T28 and T95... all Turretless tanks.

I like my M36 a lot, I rebought it after grinding the T25/2, and am still playing it. It plays a lot like the t25/2 does in my opinion, since the t25/2 doesn't get the big boy gun the other 7's get.

Jerry2539 #34 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 22:32


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jackson got 100mm armor, in long range the angling turn it into as tough as 200mm so that make it difficult tank to pen in long range combat.
this extra armor also gave it ability to brawl better, where speed often became irrelevant.

Hellcat can be super dangerous when flanking or being flanked by one. they can pop up and unlease dat 90 without mercy. (learn it the hard way)
have one of my lads with Hellcat and I've been plat with him. hellcat is definitely good.

Bourbon_Bandit #35 Posted Mar 23 2013 - 23:18


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I don't have ether yet, but from seeing them both in battles and paying attention to actual performance with real players in them, I would have to say without a doubt the Hellcat is in a class by itself with the Jackson being a 2nd choice or 2nd line TD to play..

I pay a lot of attention to Tanks, TD's and even god forbid arty that perform well in the tiers I play in 5 and 6 ..

I have a Must kill asap list I keep in mind when playing.. Not because I dislike a tank, but because of the Potential damage they create in battles

I take these out on sight and yes your hellcat is on this short list.


TD's-----Hellcat, STUGG

Mediums-----M-4, PzKpfw IV Schmalturm, PzKpfw IV

Cozmacozmy #36 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 00:32


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I love my Jackson and have been playing it just about non stop for about the last few months or so. I wanted to build up my crew and I have them at 100% with 1 perk and @ 92% going on their 2nd perk. I rarely play any other of my tanks. I have never run a Hellcat, but the ability to bounce a few more shots then what I hear they can handle makes it a no brainer for me. From what I see a Hellcat is just a fast scout with a big gun. As for TD style playing I feel my Jackson for it's tier smokes a lot that walks in front of it. Sometimes with a nice side shot I can do some damage to higher tiers as well. My favorite is smoking treads on higher tiers for arty to hit. The only thing I have trouble with are VK3601's, M6 (or obviously way higher tiers) when going face to face and the slower speed in reverse when backing up to retreat from trouble. Anything higher tier'ed a TD should not be on the front line anyways and should be hiding behind a heavy for a little protection or going for a flank.

edit to add: The newer T-58 I bounce a lot of shells on also and have trouble going face to face, but I would assume a Hellcat with the same gun would also.

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jerv #37 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 01:45


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Jackson - Enough front armor (and only the front!) to often bounce shells from Tier 5 or lower tanks

Hellcat - More speed; better camo (19/15.5 vs 16.5/10)

Same guns, same easy death when shot in the sides/rear.

ToothDecay #38 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 01:57


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Once you start taking hits in either td, its soon over.  I have / had owned wolverine, jackson and hellcat.

Hellcat all the way.

mrvwbug #39 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 08:11


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IIRC the jackson has better camo and slightly better RoF.  The hellcat is a LOT faster.

I usually see jacksons playing the stationary sniper more and hellcats are the undisputed kings of shoot & scoot, really good for taking quick shots and ducking away.

lukie117 #40 Posted Mar 24 2013 - 08:26

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not really the jackson is made of paper just like the hellcat I think it might have slightly more HP though.

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