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RCpack help thread.

bunny! RCP RCpack replay compatibility pack

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PTwr #1 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 20:29


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Replay Compatibility Pack help thread.

By PTwr, for IT newbies.

RCpack thread as of now: RCpack for 8.4

This thread will contain information explicitly for RCP 8.4.

Nothing contained here is intended to be backward or forward compatible.

0. How to use RCpack?

There is image based step by step guide in second post of this topic.

You may jump right to it, but before you ask any questions, please, read all remaining steps in this post.

1. Why?

Because I am not a moron and know that no one can do everything.

I do IT stuff, baker makes me bread. I do not know how to make bread, baker do not know IT stuff.

2. For who?

For IT newbies. Guide made mostly from images, only basic knowledge of MS Windows is required.

Currently I sit on up to date Windows 7 Home Premium, therefore screenshots will come from such version.
I can help with Vista as I used one.
XP will pose some problems as I do not remember much of it. However I have Google and virtual machine ready.
And if you run Windows 98 or older, then seriously, upgrade it. I do not even know if batch files I use in RCP will work on it.
RCP backward compatibility is intended only back to Win XP with .NET 3.5. I intend to add easy to use, newbie friendly, control panel, and it will be written in .NET 3.5 (using older will irritate me and I do not require newer for such project, 3.5 is perfect for this task).

3. But I run Linux! Windows sux!

Then get the hell out of here. If you use Linux then you do not need help.

If you run Linux and require help, then install Windows.

4. What to ask?

I will try to answer any RCpack installation, running and removal question.

Any advanced question/issue (like your own modification of RCP or compatibility issues) are to be directed to main RCP thread linked on top.

5. Can I ask other IT question?

Yup. I will try to answer or/and direct to external sources.

6. How to ask questions?

Format your post, separate topic from body. Use paragraphs while formatting body of message.

Use bold to mark major part.
Do not use non standard font or colors. I do not like it. If you will insist on using bold/small/big/colored/weird font in every message, like few users on forum do, I will simply become irritated and use "ignore" feature.

Standard font setting on forum are:
Font: Arial.
Color: black.

None of following is intended to use on whole message:
Bold: none. Use it to mark important parts.
Italic: none. Use it to mark stuff like full meaning of abbreviation you intend to use. For example: RCP (Replay Compatibility Pack).
Strike through: none. Use it to "delete" content of post when you edit it and wish to keep original content. For example: "2+2=3 Sorry, was wrong.".
Underline: none. Try not to use it as in web pages it is used to mark hyperlinks out of normal text.

Those are my rules, follow them if you wish me to answer. Break them and I will quite quickly use "ignore" feature of forum.

7. How to receive answer?

Because forum is still/again broken "My Content" feature do not work as intended.

Therefore you may not be informed about answer by forum itself. Instead use "Follow this topic" feature.

8. I want to share file, how to do it?

Use external hosting site and share download link.

For replay files: MWreplays.com or similar. Such sites offer information like replay version and battle details without need to download file. It is very useful as often I will be able to point out issue just from that.
For video files: Youtube. I know how to use it, other video hosting sites often confuse me.
For other files: Ge.tt or other file hosting. However Ge.tt is my (current) favorite. It contains a lot of features that will allow me to help you faster.

PTwr #2 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 20:30


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RCP 8.4 installation and use guide

0. I do not see ".bat" anywhere"
That's normal. Carry on.
File extensions are hidden by default. You may set them to be visible, but it will only create problems if you do not know how to use them.

1. But I do not see "enable 7.5.bat" in my copy of RCpack!
That's normal, RCpack for 8.4 v2.0b do not contain compatibility with 7.x yet.
Images you will see here come from my machine, the one where I develop RCP, so you may see things not present in release version.
So take presence of "enable 7.5.bat" as official confirmation that I am slowly working on compatibility with 7.x.

2. Find most recent RCP thread.
Each RCP thread will contain link to other RCP threads. Follow them to find out most recent version.

Posted Image

Previous threads contain archive information and it is good to read through them for more information.
However if you are just end user, follow through to most recent thread.

3. Download
Each RCP release thread will contain Download section, find it, pick most recent subversion, select download mirror

Posted Image

Depending on your Internet provider (ISP), location and other stuff, some hosting sites will work slow or not at all, while other will provide much higher, stable, download speed. Use any of them to download RCP archive.

Content marked as deprecated is of no interest to you.

4. How to download from...

a) Ge.tt - my current favorite file hosting - currently is main download source named "Link" in download section.

Posted Image

Simply click Download link (marked with red) and download will start.

5. Find WoT root directory.

Root directory is place where WorldOfTanks.exe will be located.

Default game root directory is:
Which means path of:
My Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Games -> WorldOfTanks

If, for some reasons, it is not there and you do not know where it is you can find it by other means:

You can also find it by using feature "Open file location".
In Windows 7: Right click on WoT shortcut on your desktop and select "Open file location"
In Windows Vista: Right click, properties, "Open file location".
In Windows XP and older: If I am not mistaken such feature does not exist, however "Start in" field usually contain file location. Copy its content and paste it in directory address bar.
Game root directory should look like this.

RCpack directory from archive content must be placed there. Be sure to not double RCpack directory while unpacking.

6. Where to place RCpack?
Currently I use "zip" archive to create single file download of RCpack. While "zip" archive is not very efficient (in short: it sucks, rar is better, uha is godlike) it is so common format that even Windows (XP and up) can handle it without use of external programs.

You can also use third party software to handle "zip" packages: WinRAR, WinZIP, 7zip, Total Commander and so on.

Easiest way to properly place RCpack into game root directory is to open archive and simply drag&drop it to its destination.

Following image presents archive opened in both WinRAR and Windows Explorer, from both you can use drag&drop feature to place RCpack where it belongs.
Mind that drag&drop from archive is usually much slower than direct unpacking. So be patient.

Posted Image

7. What are all those files and directories?

As currently RCpack do not come with newbie friendly graphic interface, you must understand a bit of its internal structure.

a) RCP functions.

Orange: proper location, if you see "RCpack\RCpack" then you have duplicate directories and RCP will not work. You can simply cut everything and paste it in first directory.
Green: backup directories. from them you can recover game files when something gone wrong. Of course it will work only if you have created backup copy.
Black: Backup copy creator. It will copy all files (just files, not directories) from game root to "backup" directory. It also creates backup of backup (_backup), and backup of backup of backup (__backup). So you should be pretty safe, unless you have not created backup, this may force you to download game again.
Blue: It creates "current" version RCP will use. It is required to run it once, and only once, before you do anything with RCP, only thing that can be done before that is to create backup. Without it you will not be able to revert back to current, playable, version.
Red: Various RCV's. If you want to watch replay from X.Y, you need to run "enable X.Y.bat".
Yellow: It reverts game back to playable version. RCP comes with files from my machine as current, playable, version, but it is better if you use "create current" function to make your own copy.

Posted Image

8. What to click?

In order for RCpack to run properly you need to click in following order:

After installation:
1. backup
2. create current

Every day:
3. enable A.B
3.1. watch replays for A.B
3.2. Jump to #3 if you want to watch replays from other version.
4. enable current
4.1. play some tanks.

Posted Image

9. How to run replay?

In theory you can simply double click replay to run it, however it often do not work. So instead here is simple, working, way to run:

1. Find replay file.
2. Drag it on worldoftanks executable file

Posted Image

10. I can not connect/log in/game crashes!

As described in #8, to make game playable again, you need to use "enable current".

Spectre12078 #3 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 20:36


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but..my laptop runs linux..and I dont know what the hell im doing...but +1 for the guide :)

killswitch95 #4 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 20:49


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Lert #5 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 21:00


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GTX660 any good for low-res (1600x900) gaming? Can't afford the additional $70 for a Ti.

PTwr #6 Posted Apr 02 2013 - 21:10


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View PostSpectre12078, on Apr 02 2013 - 20:36, said:

but..my laptop runs linux..and I dont know what the hell im doing...
Then switch to Windows, you won't know whats going on anyway, but at least you will be able to watch porn.

View PostSpectre12078, on Apr 02 2013 - 20:36, said:

...but +1 for the guide :)

View Postkillswitch95, on Apr 02 2013 - 20:49, said:

Guide for RCP is currently written. It will appear shortly instead of "placeholder" post.

View PostLert, on Apr 02 2013 - 21:00, said:

GTX660 any good for low-res (1600x900) gaming? Can't afford the additional $70 for a Ti.
No idea. I ditched PC for laptops few years ago so I am simply outdated and my knowledge is reduced to what is available for mobile platforms.

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