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Difference between 50 , 75 , and 100% crew ?

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ESLB #1 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:43


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how are all these different and is there any benefit from buying a crew at 75% than just training them ? How do these benefit me anyways ?

Crimson_Corsair #2 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:48

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You won't get the full performance of the tank until your crew is at 100%. That is, your tanks listed stats won't take full effect until you get 100% crew.

Buying the crew to 75% for credits is generally a good idea and pays off. You get better performance out of your tank and it will make the grind less stressful.

CHOMMY #3 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:48

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The less experienced your crew the slower and more poorly they do everything. Loading, detecting the enemy, aiming, turning the tank ect...  So, buy them at 75% and they suck 25% less than if u get them at 50%.

soluuloi #4 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:53


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For short:
_Tier 1 to tier 3: you only need 50% crew.
_Tier 4: buy a new 75% crew.
_Tier 5: buy a new 75% crew.
_Tier 6 and above: Transfer your previous tier tank crew to the new tank. Retrain them to 90%

BattlecryGWJ #5 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:55


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Tier 4 or 5 is usually a good time to start buying 75% crews... they'll typically get to 100% by the time you're done with the tank.  If you want to move them up to the next tank you can retrain them with the 75% rate and they'll only drop to 90% (assuming the tank is the same class).  Not that there's a bad time to start buying them, but that's when it seems to make the most economic sense.

TheRonmasteh #6 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:56


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The stats your tank shows on the right of the garage are numbers with the crew at 100%.

At 50%, it barely performs a bit less 70% of those numbers, not really sure.

At 75%, it performs at 85% of the numbers.

A dead crewmember (0%) Performs exactly at 50% of the listed stats.

BuzzardBait #7 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 05:57


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http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Crew has more info than any of us could give you on your crew. You can equate a 50% crew to a 16 year old girl with a learners permit, while GI Jane is at 100%. Just depends on how long you want to ride with the little girl before she becomes a GI Jane :trollface:

_PoliticallyIncorrect #8 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 06:47


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100% crews allow you train additional skills.
For example with maxed repairs on everyone you have a 5 second repair.
75% crew= no repairs and thats around a 12 second repair time, meaning you will stay tracked for over double the time.
Thats just one example there are more skills besides repairs.

HellscytheDelusion #9 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 06:56


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Definitely worth the investment, but do what soluuli suggests, unless you intend on seal-clubbing.
If you can though , at tier 8+ you prob should pay for the 100% crew, every second post can cost you.

Viruzzz #10 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 08:15

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crew percentages affect your game differently depending on the crewmember.

Drivers hugely affect your mobility, because the different things he does stack in a way that hinders them. He decreases your overall engine power, but that engine power is responsible for both your turning, acceleration and max speed. it is very noticable when you need to do something that involves both turning and accelerating.

Gunners affect both your accuracy and your aim time, so with a bad gunner, it takes longer to aim, and your shots when finally aimed are not as accurate as a 100% gunner. when sniping it doesn't matter so much, but when you stop to take a shot, it takes significantly longer and you get a less accurate shot out of it.

Loader only loads the gun, if you have a bad one it just takes longer. It is annoying but ut generally doesn't affect the tank performance much unless you're a brawler tank trading shots for your life.

Radio-man doesn't really do anything until you get into the high tiers. In low tiers engagement distances are generally too short to need the radioman at 100%

Commander is your viewrange, and you might not notice a bad commander because invisible tanks shooting at you is so common even with very high view range. But a bad commander, or a dead commander means you are almost completely blind, you can't spot tanks more than 200-300m away, well shorter than most tanks can spot and shoot you.

Some tank classes benefit less or more form certain crewmembers, scouts for instance don't really need good gunners as they usually rely on short range and mobility.
SPGs don't really need a high skill drivers because they (generally) don't need to move much, but a bad gunner is going to massively destroy your SPG accuracy.

2RAR #11 Posted Apr 09 2013 - 10:24


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If Im keeping a tank (and I have 20 elite tanks for the free exp) then I buy 75% crew for tier 2-4 and always straight to 100% crew for tier 5+. makes the games easier and less stressful when you have the crosshairs on the target but the gunner misses cause hes only at 65% or something silly. Gold is cheap to buy. One thing I dont waste gold on is gold rounds execpt in CW.

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