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IS-4 Overpowered?

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bigeye123 #221 Posted Apr 09 2011 - 15:14

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LOL talking about OP compared to the german tanks lmao but yeah the IS4 and IS7 are quite fairly balanced but between IS4 and 4502 its just OP.Plain OP no denyin it I have had both an IS4 and a 4502 and let me tell u IS4 is OP

Cruor #222 Posted Apr 10 2011 - 20:55

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I find IS 4 to be over powered. with a 105mm I can really hurt a VK 4501 from any where but the front, T34 we don't even have to go there, but IS 4 is just bounce bounce bounce. I have NEVER penetrated their frontal armor (tried multiple spots) I seem to bounce on the side hull unless I'm 150 meters way or less, and just today I bounced on the REAR of his turret, at 190m, utter bullshit. No tank in the world can take a 105mm to the rear at 190 meters. There is no tank in the game Id rather avoid fighting then the IS 4 and IS 7.

4nubi5 #223 Posted Apr 12 2011 - 08:06


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well i had an fully upgraded IS4, i went that route because i didnt like the way the German heavies were designed. The main tanks i feared excluding artillery while playing the IS4 was the 704, (been 2 shotted way to many times) and the IS7.  I had gone up against the maus many times and defeated the tank. Even though the Maus was almost pure armor, still the IS4 may be OP.  But again it depends on the player and where they aim their shells.  The fastest way i have ever seen and IS4 fall was due to track damage.  To many people aim for the turret. Stop the IS4 in its tracks and continue to aim in the same place or move around and pound the tank from the rear.  I have learned that facing certain tanks head on is a moot point.   But again we are about to go Gold on this game, maybe some things will change.

good luck to all the gamers out there in WOT, happy hunting.

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