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World of Tanks Beginners' Primer (Huge Game Guide)

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MaterielDefender #41 Posted May 16 2013 - 18:00


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Updated the PDF.

qsaimik #42 Posted May 16 2013 - 20:50


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View PostMaterielDefender, on Apr 17 2013 - 12:40, said:

Hey Guys and Gals,

I am a player from the EU server where I have created a beginner's guide in the forum there. I am a bit over 50 years old, and after having been abstinent from playing computer games for a few years because everything I tried was "been there, done that", I got hooked to World of Tanks. Irl I am a software engineer and project leader in the German automotive industry.

While I have found a lot of great guides and resources here, there doesn't seem to be anything like that guide, so I would like to share it with you, too.

The guide is mainly targetting players that are new to WoT or are have not yet advanced very far in it. It explains a lot of stuff you do not find in the official manual and have to browse the WoT forums and the internet for hours to find out about. The guide is a general introduction to WoT and (with a tiny, unimportant exception) not EU-specific.

I will only post the PDF document here. I am hosting it on my own server, so the download is safe. Alternatively, you can jump to the EU forums to read the forum based guide there.

PDF Guide | EU Forum Guide

I hope you will like it and find it useful.



PS: Dear mods, if I posted in the wrong forum area, you are welcome to move this thread to the right place. If you think the guide is worth it, pinning it would be much appreciated.  :smile:

Thank you so much!  Can't wait to read this tonight.

mikeyg1966 #43 Posted May 17 2013 - 18:31


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Great read. Thanks

oldrosestereo #44 Posted May 17 2013 - 22:13


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It is very helpful. Thanks for you effort.

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