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Best Tier 10 TD

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Poll: Tier 10 TD (116 members have cast votes)

Which country has the best tier 10 TD?

  1. USA (14 votes [12.07%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 12.07%

  2. USSR (38 votes [32.76%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 32.76%

  3. France (35 votes [30.17%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 30.17%

  4. Germany (19 votes [16.38%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 16.38%

  5. UK (10 votes [8.62%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 8.62%

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Ownedbyme22 #1 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 00:53


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I have been trying to decide which TD line to grind and by what I have researched it seems like the AMX-50 Foch (155) seems like the best way to go. Although it seems to perform better playing an active/aggressive role. I would rather be more of a passive aggresive TD. I want to be able to perform well by sitting behind the main line and providing support while also having the ability to play a little more aggresively. I understand that the AMX is not best suited to be played as a traditional TD and that is the only thing which makes me question going down that line. What are you guys' thoughts?

anonym_0CLLcV5vPvPb #2 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 00:56


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Object 268...without a doubt

futureSEAL #3 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 00:56


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I love playing the Foch 155 on the test. That's y I'm grinding it.

_BlackSteve #4 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 00:56


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The Tortiose.

Seriously though the 268 is pretty decent, hits like a truck.

Foch is pretty damn good too.

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TDRHooRaH #5 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:01


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Headed for the Object 268.

The ISU-152 and the Object 704 before it are amazing with the BL-10 cannon.

Vaultin #6 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:06


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Well Brit's tier X TD is realllllly OP...but with 8.6 coming out I don't know..

_Commando_ #7 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:11


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Object 268's frontal armor and cannon are amazing, as is its mobility; that and the Foch are really the assault vehicles of the TD's. JP E-100 is an awesome ambush vehicle, the T110 E3 and E4 are good brawlers, and the British one can do a great job as a mid range support tank. Don't actually own any of them, but from watching them in battles these seem to be the roles at which they are best suited, though someone will doubtless correct me. Overall choosing one is just a matter of picking your style.

jacobmccann11 #8 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:13


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when the stermtiger comes out germany when it not out its about your play style

CheekiBreeki_ #9 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:18


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View PostSdKfz252, on Jun 01 2013 - 00:56, said:

Object 268...without a doubt
It sucks the 155 is beast get in its range your screwed the 3 clip gun and fast reload for a autoloader is amazing GREAT MOBILITY!

Tactical_Blankie #10 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:23


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The British Fv2.  It can 1 shot a is-7...

dagengster #11 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:35


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View Postcalderhutchins, on Jun 01 2013 - 01:23, said:

The British Fv2.  It can 1 shot a is-7...

With Gold ammo though

Friendorpho #12 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:43


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View Postdagengster, on Jun 01 2013 - 01:35, said:

With Gold ammo though

Yeah, the premium ammo for the 183 is insane.

I would have to say that there isn't one clear, "best Tier X TD". Largely it is a matter of finding a play style you can rock with. The Obj 268 has an amazing gun, good speed and agility, armor is "okay", but gun traverse/depression are abysmal. If you find that that doesn't bother you, you can do nasty things with the 268. The F155 can do ridiculous damage if all 3 shots penetrate + roll high on damage, but if you don't like using autoloaders because you are helpless for 45 seconds afterwards, it isn't the tank for you. Not to mention the soft skinned side, rear, and roof armor + large square footage.

Point is there is no perfect Tier X TD, but they all kick serious butt in some fashion or another. Personally I am working towards the 268 now that I have researched the F155.

Vladimir__Poutine #13 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 01:55


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If you load the FV215b (183) with HESH shells, you have a arty with heavy armor right there.

Kilroy357 #14 Posted Jun 01 2013 - 02:16


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In the order I acquired them:

-The 268 is probably the best all-rounder. Standard Russian cloak mode, powerful and accurate gun, very mobile. As previously stated, the gun traverse and depression are crappy.

-The Foch is quick, relatively well-armored, and is absolutely lethal at close range.
The downside is the gun is rather inaccurate. .36 on paper but it loves to send shots to the outer edge of the reticule. Hopefully in 8.6 this will be different.
Like the 268, it also has crappy gun traverse.

-The T110E4 is quite a good TD. Armor is enough to stop a good amount of shots, the gun is solid, and it has decent mobility. The turret gives a lot of flexibility. Honestly after going through the hopelessly overnerfed T30, the E4 feels excellent. Only real downsides are the nearly 18 second reload and that the ammo rack is easily damaged due to its location. The gun isn't as accurate as some other TDs but it has a lot less "what the hell?" moments than the T30's gun has.

The others I don't have so I can't give a personal review of them, but from what I hear:

-The T110E3 is a good TD, but to get it you have to grind through the T95. Either the battle is over before you reach it or you get one-shotted by an S-51 before you can creep to the nearest building...

-The Object 263 is quite a rare sight. It's quick, it's a good sniper, and has very good frontal armor. The downside is if arty scores a direct hit on that open top, it's dead. The TDs in the line before it are widely regarded as not being worth the frustration. It also has the lowest alpha. 550 doesn't scare people off as effectively as 850.

-The 183 is probably the most frightening to face. Garbad calls them "land arty" due to the 1750 damage HESH premium shell, which will really ruin your day if it pens. Downside is the gun is innaccurate and the HESH is a double edged sword. If it hits spaced armor it likely will not pen, which dramatically drops the TD's damage output. Using AP, 1150 alpha is still rather scary.
Other downsides are the tank itself is rather easy to kill, and the reload is glacial (~27 sec).

-The JPE-100 has its big 170mm gun. It's also a big, slow target with no camo. It can't really shoot-and-scoot in city maps, and it's arty bait in open maps. The gun hits very hard at 1050 alpha, but it has a long reload (23 seconds ish). Also heard it has some accuracy issues. It can be hard to kill if it's able to hide the gigantic lower glacis weak spot.

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