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Glossary of World of Tanks Terminology

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KarateF22 #1 Posted Jun 08 2013 - 20:38


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This is a very simple and straight-forward guide. It is basically a dictionary of all World of Tanks Terminology and popular slang (e.g. not "me and my platoonmates say this") to allow newer players to get a grasp on what means what and even a short description of the more complex aspects of World of Tanks. It will be a constant work in progress which evolves as the playerbase and lexicon does. If you feel there is a term I missed that needs to be added or a term that needs a better description (but remember, keep it brief!), put it in the reply.


Acceleration: The ability of your vehicle to increase its speed. It is determined by both your horsepower-to-weight ratio and your terrain passability.

Accuracy: The maximum amount a round may deviate within two standard deviations (95.45%) of shells fired.

AFK: Away from the keyboard. This simply means you are/will not be present at the computer.

Aim Time: The amount of time it takes for your reticle to reach 33% of its starting size, provided no other factors interfere. If your reticle is more than three times its minimum size, it will take longer than your aim time to achieve maximum accuracy.

Alpha [Strike]: The amount of damage a gun does in one shot. e.g. "The T110E4 has an alpha of 850 damage."

Ammo Rack: The module which holds your vehicle's ammunition. If damaged you will reload at half speed, if destroyed your vehicle will immediately be destroyed regardless of your remaining hitpoints.

Angle: Generally refers to the armor angle. Armor can naturally have angle due to its shape, and can have angle created by how the player positions the vehicle. Having a high angle increases the chance of shells bouncing, and at extremely high angles can cause ricochets.

AP: Armor Piercing ammunition. For the vast majority of vehicles, bar SPGs, this is your primary ammunition. AP ammunition will subtract 4-5 degrees of angle from your opponents armor in penetration calculations. AP ammunition also begins to lose penetration when used on opponents more than 100 meters away, though only to a small degree. AP ammunition is all or nothing; if the round penetrates you deal full damage, if it does not you will deal no damage.

APCR: Armor Piercing Composite Rigid ammunition. This is generally superior to AP ammo and is oftentimes the gold ammunition of vehicles which typically use AP ammo. The round usually travels faster and penetrates more armor. However, it is also much more expensive and thus unsustainable to use exclusively on normal vehicles.

Armor: This is a value which, along with slope, dictates how much penetration your tank can withstand before a shell will successfully damage you. High Explosive rounds will also see a reduction in damage against higher armor values.

Artillery: See SPG.

Arty Party: When there are more than three artillery per team, or six overall. Generally hated by all, including the artillery players.

Assault Tank: A tank well-suited to leading the charge. Typically has good armor and firepower, and at least moderate speed.

Auto-aim: Automatic aiming provided by server-side data fed to your client. For turreted vehicles it almost always aims at the base of the turret, while for Tank Destroyers it generally aims at the center of mass. It is generally considered inferior to manual aiming for the purposes of actually shooting.

Autoloader: A mechanic in World of Tanks where you get a set number of fast firing shells in a clip followed by a lengthy reload period. Many of the French tanks are autoloader vehicles.


Baddie: Slang for someone who is extremely unskilled and ignorant.

Bat Chat: Bat Chatillion 25 t

Bat Arty: Bat Chatillion 155

Battle Tier: The hidden tier which determines how matchmaker places your vehicle. For most vehicles this is the same as your actual tier, but for light tanks above tier 5 it is your tier + 1 while for SPGs it is variably higher than the displayed tier.

Bounce: When a shell fails to penetrate a vehicle's armor, it is called a bounce. e.g. "My shot bounced off that T110E5's front armor."

Buff: A positive change to a vehicle by the game developers.

Burst: For vehicles without an autoloader mechanism, this is simply Alpha Strike. For vehicles with an autoloader, this is the cumulative damage of all the shells in the clip. For a Bat Chat, this would be 390*5 = 1950 damage.


Camouflage: A semi-hidden stat which influences how visible a vehicle is. Camouflage is a percentage which deducts from the opponent's effective view range, making you harder to spot. It is adversely affected by movement and firing your gun. Generally speaking, Light tanks have the best camouflage while medium tanks and tank destroyers have varying degrees of camouflage. Heavy tanks and high tier SPGs generally have very poor camouflage.

Camp: To sit in one place, generally in the back, and usually being pretty useless to the battle. Campers are hated by basically everyone for good reason.

Cap: The capture circle located at each base.

Cap Fast: The (usually flawed) tactic of rushing all your forces to the enemy base with the intent of capturing it before they can capture yours or destroy your forces. It is generally considered a bad idea outside of highly organized play. It is occasionally said satirically during a match, but can also be meant seriously to basically say "everyone capture their base quickly" mid-match.

Counter-Artillery: The act of destroying an SPG with another SPG, especially when the latter has not been spotted.

Counter-Battery: See Counter-Artillery.

Crew: The people in your tank. The death of them can result in performance penalties, while an increase of their skill results in a performance boost.

Commander: The crewman responsible for seeing enemy vehicles. If he dies your view range is halved. He also imparts a slight boost to all other vehicle aspects.

Concealment: Any object which does not block shells but does increase your vehicle's ability to remain hidden (camouflage). Common examples are trees and bushes.

Consumable: Any item which can be used during the course of battle one time only (with the sole exception of the Removed Speed governor, which is a consumable despite not being one-use).

Cover: Any object, bit of terrain, or even other players which protects you from fire. Being completely behind cover also prevents you from being spotted outside of 50 meters provided that the cover is not another player.


Damage per Minute: Rate of Fire times Alpha. It is the amount of damage your vehicle will deal in a minute, on average.

Derp [Gun]: A gun which has poor AP ammunition but high damage HE rounds for its tier. The prime example is the 152mm on the KV-2. They are basically designed to use HE rounds despite not being SPGs.

Ding: See Bounce.

Dispersion: How much your current accuracy is affected by various actions. This can range from turning your turret, firing your gun, moving forwards and backwards, and turning.

DPM: Damage per Minute.

Draw Distance: The maximum distance you can see a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they are spotted. In the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West), this is 500 meters. At the corners it is 707 meters. This can be limited by your in-game settings if you set your Draw Distance below maximum.

Driver: The crewman responsible for your vehicles handling. If he dies, your vehicle will be significantly slower.

Duck: The AMX 40.


E2: M4A3E2 Sherman

E3: T110E3

E4: T110E4

E5: T110E5

E8: M4A3E8 Sherman

Easy 8: M4A3E8 Sherman

Effective Armor: The equivalent amount of flat armor required to match the amount of penetration your armor will shield against. e.g. 120mm at a 30 degree angle from the horizontal has an effective armor value of 240mm against HEAT rounds.


Face Hug: To engage the enemy at point blank range, face to face. Can be seen as a useful tactic to deny the enemy shots at your weaker hull, but can also be a poor tactic as it denies your teammates the ability to help you.

Flank: To attack from the side or rear, where an enemy's armor is weaker. Can also refer to a contested region on the mini-map.

Flanker: A tank well-suited to flanking or that must flank to be successful.

Flex: Generally refers to repositioning to another location on the map where your tank is needed.

Frag: Synonymous with "kill".

Focus Fire: The act of multiple vehicles all firing on the same vehicle to destroy it as quickly as possible.


Glass Cannon: A vehicle with an extremely powerful gun, but low armor and poor survivability. All SPGs, many Tank Destroyers, and some Medium Tanks fall into this category.

GLD: See Gun Laying Drive.

Gun Laying Drive: Equipment that reduces aim time by 9% at all times.

Gun Depression: The extent to which you can point your gun downwards, usually measured in degrees. It is seen as an extremely useful trait to have a lot of on almost every vehicle.

Gun Elevation: The extent to which you can point your gun upwards, usually measured in degrees. Seen as less important than Gun Depression, but it is still considered useful.

Gunner: The crewman responsible for aiming and firing the gun. If killed you will aim slower and your turret will turn more slowly.


Heavy [Tank]: The vehicle class characterized by high armor and low to moderate mobility. Firepower can vary by quite a bit,with some heavies like the T57 sporting immense firepower while others like the Maus sport below average firepower.

HE: High Explosive ammunition. This ammo has low penetration, but has the potential to deal more damage than AP ammo. When it does not penetrate (almost always) it is generally less effective than AP ammo. However, on SPGs this is the primary ammunition used due to the ability to "splash" multiple enemies with one shells and compensate for the inherent inaccuracy of SPGs.

HEAT: High Explosive Anti-Tank ammunition. This is generally the highest penetration ammo  for whatever gun it is used on. Unlike AP and APCR, it does not negate any of the opponent's armor angle, but also unlike AP and APCR it does not lose penetration over a distance.

HESH: High Explosive Squash Head ammunition. For all intents and purposes it is simply high penetration HE.

Hull: The part of your vehicle which carries the rest of it. Basically everything but the turret, and the majority of the vehicle on turretless vehicles.

Hull Down: A tactic where you hide your hull and expose only your turret, which is almost always the most well armored part of your vehicle. This is especially important to do with most American vehicles.


Impulse:A hidden stat which was at one time thought to influence accuracy. This has been generally disproven due to the revelation of how shells are distributed via capped standard deviations.


JT: Jagdtiger

Jumbo: M4A3E2 Sherman


King Tiger: Tiger II

KT: Tiger II


Lemming: A player who blindly follows the largest group of players.

Lemming train: When a large group of lemmings go down one flank, typically causes a loss.

Light [Tank]: The vehicle class characterized by extremely high mobility, very low armor, and low to moderate firepower. They also generally have the best camouflage in the game and are typically the best scouts for their tier.

Loader: Refers to the crew member which reloads your vehicle's shells. If killed you will reload at a reduced speed.


Map: See Minimap.

Matchmaker: The game mechanic which arranges the random matches you play.

Medium [Tank]: This is a very diverse class of vehicles, but is generally characterized by high mobility, low to moderate armor, and moderate firepower. They typically have below average to average Alpha and high Damage per minute. They can usually scout fairly well.

Mini-map: The map located at the bottom right of your HUD. It displays the position of all allies and enemies within radio range. It is extremely valuable to your situational awareness.

MM: Matchmaker


Nerf: A negative change to a vehicle by the game developers.

Newb: A new player, generally not considered an insult.

Noob: Someone who plays like a new player that is not one. Usually used as an insult.


o7: A salute, it is commonly given to friends seen in matches.

Oneshot:When a vehicle is completely destroyed by a single hit. This can refer to either striking with enough damage to deplete all of the opponents hitpoints, or simply getting lucky and destroying the ammunition rack in the first shot.

OP: Overpowered

Overmatch: Overmatch occurs when a shell's caliber is three times greater than the thickness of the armor it is hitting. It makes it impossible to ricochet and almost guarantees penetration.

Overpowered: When something is too good at what it does compared to its downsides and its peers.


Peek-a-boom: When tanks fight around a corner, pulling out to shoot and then retreating immediately after they fire back to cover.

Penetration: The amount of armor a shell can go through. If penetration exceeds the effective armor, the round will go through and cause damage provided it was not spaced armor.

Ping: To left click on your mini-map, causing a pinging noise to be heard by everyone on your team and bringing attention to that area of the map.


QQ: To cry, whine, or complain about something. The "QQ" is supposed to look like two eyes with tears in them.


Radioman: The crewman responsible for your vehicle's radio. Absent on many vehicles and generally viewed as the least important crew member, if he dies your only adverse effects are the loss of whatever secondary skill's he had and a halved radio range.

Rage Quit: To leave the game because of anger at something that occurred.

Rate of Fire: How many rounds per minute your vehicle can fire. You can get reload time from this by taking 60 and dividing Rate of Fire from it.

Reload time: How long it takes to reload a shell. You can get Rate of Fire from this by taking 60 and dividing reload time from it.

Ricochet: When a shell bounces due to extreme angle (typically over 70 degrees). When this occurs penetration is not factored at all, simply shell caliber vs armor thickness to check for overmatch.

RNG: Short for "Random Number Generator". To put it simply this is luck, to make it more complex it is mathematical pseudo-random luck... the parameters of which are defined by game mechanics. If someone says they are having "good" or "bad" RNG it is the same thing as saying good or bad luck.

RTB: Short for "Return to [our] base."

Rush: When a team commits a large portion of their forces down a flank as quickly as possible. Can result in a Cap Fast.


Scout: To seek out the enemy team for the purposes of merely revealing them, and not necessarily personally shooting them. Can also refer to tanks that excel at doing this due to superior speed, view range, and camouflage.

Skill: A crew member's proficiency in his specification. At 100% he works at maximum efficiency.

Splash [Damage]: Damage dealt by a non-direct hit, either by an HE or HESH round. The majority of splash damage is dealt by SPGs.

SPG: The vehicle class characterized by high alpha, high reload time, extreme range, and extremely low hitpoints. Also the only class with access to strategic view.


T110: If lacking a number at the end, T110 generally refers to the T110E5 Heavy Tank.

Tank Destroyer: The vehicle class characterized by extreme firepower. They usually have either extremely high DPM, extremely high Alpha, extremely high Burst, or a mixture of these. Most lack a turret, and even those that do have a turret have slow turning turrets.

Team Kill: Destruction of a vehicle on one's own team. You should avoid this whenever possible. Excessive team killing will turn someone blue, marking them for destruction by team mates without penalty, and extreme cases will get you banned.

Terrain Passability: Along with horsepower and weight this dictates how mobile your vehicle is. This stat is hidden and generally requires a third-party site to see.

Terrain Resistance: See Terrain Passability.

TK: Team Kill.

Tracer: A faint white line following the path of a fired shell. It can be used to fire upon unspotted vehicles with a bit of luck.

Track: One of two modules responsible for vehicle movement. If destroyed your vehicle will be immobilized.

Turret: The independently rotatable portion of your vehicle attached to your hull that contains the gun. It is usually the most well armored part of your vehicle.


Unicum: Someone who is extremely skilled, typically has a high win rate and damage per game. They are almost always very knowledgeable of game mechanics.


Vertical Stabilizer: Equipment which reduces dispersion upon movement and turret rotation by 20%. Generally considered superior to the GLD on vehicles which can mount both, with a couple exceptions.

View Range: The maximum distance at which a tank can spot an enemy tank by themselves under optimal circumstances. It cannot exceed 445 meters and the effective view range can be reduced by environmental factors and enemy camouflage.


Wargaming: The company which produces World of Tanks.

WG: Wargaming

Wolfpack: A group of medium tanks, fast heavy tanks, and high firepower light tanks which cooperatively flank targets using their high speed.

WoT: World of Tanks.


XVM: A commonly used mod which allows you to view player statistics in game. It also has several other useful features.



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Medium [Tank]: This is a very diverse class of vehicles, but is generally characterized by high mobility, low to moderate armor, and moderate firepower. They typically have below average to average Alpha and high Damage per minute. They can scout fairly well.
Tell that to my E50M

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I just found out that a whole mess of trouble is creating when I constantly change the size of the font, going into the manual editor revealed a 28 stack of size declaration brackets that kinda broke my post, hence why everything after S is missing. Trying to fix it...

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You forgot o7 XD

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Opfor  Military term for "Opposing Force." used to often refer to the enemy team.

Assault Tank Typically a Tank destroyer which has enough armor to act as a front line unit with heavy tanks. Sometimes applies to heavy and medium tanks.

Bracketed   Artillery term used to describe when a SPG has figured out the range and angle, and is homing in on a tank.  Sometimes used by Artillery that are being attacked with counter battery fire.

Counter-Battery   (See Counter-Artillery)

Lancer Used to describe a tank (usually a medium) that has low armor but a good weapon. Typically used to flank or attack the enemy at weakpoints.

Flanker See Lancer.

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This already exist, but if you want to create a "Glossary" just copy and paste everything from that and put it in alphabetical order.

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View PostMagick, on Jun 08 2013 - 20:51, said:

Opfor  Military term for "Opposing Force." used to often refer to the enemy team.

Assault Tank Typically a Tank destroyer which has enough armor to act as a front line unit with heavy tanks. Sometimes applies to heavy and medium tanks.

Bracketed   Artillery term used to describe when a SPG has figured out the range and angle, and is homing in on a tank.  Sometimes used by Artillery that are being attacked with counter battery fire.

Counter-Battery   (See Counter-Artillery)

Lancer Used to describe a tank (usually a medium) that has low armor but a good weapon. Typically used to flank or attack the enemy at weakpoints.

Flanker See Lancer.

Opfor, bracketed, and lancer are not common terminology in the community. I will add the others, though.

Kind_Of_A_Big_Deal #8 Posted Jun 08 2013 - 21:09

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baddie and unicum.... how did you miss those two.

KarateF22 #9 Posted Jun 11 2013 - 18:53


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I have updated this considerably since the first post, but may still be missing some terms. If you can think of *any* technical terms or commonly used slang that isn't listed, please reply with the name of the term.

jdtherocker #10 Posted Jun 11 2013 - 19:10


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e8 or easy 8: M4A3E8 sherman
jumbo sherman e2: M3A3E2 sherman

Tazilon #11 Posted Jun 11 2013 - 20:03


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Here is the Glossary I have compiled on my web site:


KarateF22 #12 Posted Jun 13 2013 - 00:41


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Another big update. Feel free to submit new terms, however.

Sgt_crash #13 Posted Jun 13 2013 - 04:02


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Derp - Used when one does not know the mm of the gun.

Nerf - Used when the shell does not do the amount of damage one expects.

Durp - lol

Nurf - lol

SERIALKILLERWHALE #14 Posted Jun 16 2013 - 04:06


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Seal Clubber: Experienced player of usually bellow-average skill in tier 2-3 matches. (Example: Jsnazz)

Colddawg #15 Posted Jun 16 2013 - 04:59


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QQ-Crying or complaining.  Used as a derogatory remark when players cry or complain through forum posts or chat in game when the topic is about a minor issue.

Alpha_Romero #16 Posted Jun 17 2013 - 09:15

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TK = Team Killer. One who kills their own team mates either by accident or on purpose.
TKer = See TK

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