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Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: M24 Chaffee.

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Cl4nkCl4nk #81 Posted Aug 17 2013 - 05:23


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I just watched the final installment of the M24 Chaffee vids.  Very nice!

I hope you are able to continue this series indefinitely  :great:

A_Midget_Walrus #82 Posted Sep 05 2013 - 20:12


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View Postloganov, on Jul 11 2013 - 04:19, said:


You may have figured it out by this point already, but those plates on the front and back are attachment points for the T7 Ritchie Device.  It was a system that allowed for pontoons to be fitted in front and behind the tank, allowing it to swim ashore.  It was the Pacific War's equivalent to the DD swimming tanks.  The main differences were that it was a much bulkier and heavier system that required a more gently sloping beach to get ashore.  On the upside, though, it could fire on the run in, was more resilient to enemy fire, gave far superior visibility, and could handle much greater sea states.

http://www.network54...rences question

Here's a post by Steve Zaloga on the subject.  He also addresses it in his Ospreys on the M24 Chaffee and on US Amphibious Tanks.  There's a photo of an M24 with the device in Fred Crismon's fantastic book on US Military Tracked Vehicles.  It's also likely covered in the Hunnicutt volume on the Stuart, though I haven't looked to confirm.

Posted Image

The T7 Ritchie Device was basically the same as the T6 Device that was used operationally on the M4 Sherman, but designed for the smaller weight of the M5 Stuart, M24 Chaffee, and M18 Hellcat.

I hope that helps.


WG,we need this.Just imagine zooming across the lake on Lakeview in a floating Chaffee

Meplat #83 Posted Sep 05 2013 - 20:16


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View PostA_Midget_Walrus, on Sep 05 2013 - 20:12, said:

WG,we need this.Just imagine zooming across the lake on Lakeview in a floating Chaffee

Only to be sunk by a submerged TOG-II's  17 pound "torpedo". ( Or maybe a Tiger I lurking on the bottom, with the fording snorkel deployed)

TheHuffpuff #84 Posted Sep 16 2013 - 11:18


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Loved watching this.

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