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What could I have done better in this match? [M103]

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FlamingTier #1 Posted Jul 18 2013 - 04:28


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I've been noticing that when I run my M103 [Tier 9 American heavy], I tend to rather do great, or [more commonly] do bad like in this game:


At the very start, I went right, thinking that the open field would compliment the good accuracy of this tank. After derping in chat for a second, I realized that the west of the map was getting overwhelmed by their heavies, so I repositioned to assist them. I quickly encountered a Maus and a Lowe in an alley. I tried engaging the Maus with gold, but I kept getting shot first and not penetrating. I got a good shot on the Lowe though. Later, they rushed down and I did some good damage to the tanks that rushed me before getting promptly blown up.

I only did about 1500 damage, and most of that was after I got rushed and took advantage of their aggressive pubbies. How could I have positioned myself better at the start of the game and engaged the heavies in the town more effectively?

FoundFuture #2 Posted Jul 18 2013 - 20:12


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Whenever I drive a new tank, I always look at the weakness' and strengths before playing... high armor, good dam., good speed=close fighting. With the M103, it has good frontal armor, but the rest is weak. It also isn't extremely fast, so I would find a place on the map that you can support your team, but make sure you limit any attacks to your sides or rear. I might stay slightly behind allies and give them support over their heads, while keeping your front toward the enemy. I'm not an expert, but I do hope this helps a bit

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