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Eutro #101 Posted Nov 16 2011 - 09:02

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Hi Overlord,

Are there any plans to fix a personally annoying happening in-game when a shot hits an enemy tank, and the hit/penetration chime is heard but no indication of module or crew damage and the tank registers no damage? It gets a little frustrating hitting a T29 in the back of the hull with a BL-9 and doing no damage to both the tank and any module, effectively wasting 1,023 creds. Any answer is appreciated. Keep up the good work!


SHISHKABOB #102 Posted Nov 16 2011 - 12:49


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View PostDarkElf, on Nov 16 2011 - 07:38, said:

But i hear the object 252 become premium and IS4 getting other tank for replacement? Can i still reach IS7 with the newer replacement?

I'm 100% positive that the process will work identically with whatever tank they are actually putting into the game in the place of the IS-4.

Hirumaru #103 Posted Nov 16 2011 - 19:39


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Player questions, falling on deaf ears, being answered by other players. This kind of nonsense is going to undermine player confidence in actual developer give-a-damn.

That being said, when 7.0 rolls out with the new camo system will all old skins be replaced for stock skins? That is, if you currently have a custom skin installed will the patcher check for that and then replace it with the stock skin? Otherwise we'll have a lot of people will some funky looking tanks (on their end) with no ability to amend this issue.

Tupinambis #104 Posted Nov 16 2011 - 21:55


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If you guys really want your questions answered by Overlord you should head over to the EU forum. He's actually quite active over there.

DarkElf #105 Posted Nov 17 2011 - 05:20


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View PostTupinambis, on Nov 16 2011 - 21:55, said:

If you guys really want your questions answered by Overlord you should head over to the EU forum. He's actually quite active over there.
Well the point of posting in here is hoping that some developer realize that they have NA forum  :Smile_harp:

Tanitha #106 Posted Nov 17 2011 - 07:06


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Since January 13th for the previous 10 months this thread has been looked after and maintained by Overlord. It has been a huge success and valuable section of the forums with 1000's of player questions answered and 210,000+ Views.

And for that, we thank you Overlord.  :Smile_honoring:

However, the time has come where Overlord has moved onto the Development Team (from community), Where he can take his extensive experience and knowledge about the player's suggestions and concerns directly to the development team himself.

So for now, this thread will be closed. And we will endevour to get a new system up in place to replace this thread shortly.


Overlord #107 Posted Nov 17 2011 - 07:10


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Thanks for showing interest and your questions of course. Wish you good luck on the battlefield.  :Smile_honoring:

Best regards,

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