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World of Tanks Jargon

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Laera #1 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:41

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So Dumble had previously put together an awesome list of World of Tanks Abbreviations. Sadly, it was in need of a bit of an update and with Dumble MIA, we've decided to update and create a new list! Feel free to comment if you think something should be added.
For a full list, please refer to our lovely World of Tanks Glossary.
WoT - World of tanks.
WoWP - World of War Planes
WoWS - World of War Ships
Common Abbreviations
NP - No problem
NVM - Never mind
AFK - Away from keyboard. So not participating in battle
IG -   In Game
WP - Well Played
GK - Good Kill
NS - Nice Shot
NJ - Nice Job
GF - Good Fight
FTW - For The Win
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
ROFL - Roll on Floor Laughing
FYI - For Your Information
OP - Over Powered or Original Poster
DPM or DPS - damage of a tank gun per minute/second, a high DPM tank/gun fires low damage shots, but with fast reload, which is the opposite of a high alpha gun
Crit - short for critical hit
TK - Team kill/er someone who kills someone on their team
Pre-Match Lingo
o7 - Salute
gl;hf - Good Luck Have Fun. Something majority of mature players say before a match starts to the opposing team
GH - Good hunting. Something else that can be said at the beginning of battle (but is not often said)
Post-Match Lingo
GG -Good Game. Something players say at the end of battle
VGG - Very Good Game
World of Tanks Specific
Push - to move up one or more areas of the map
Def/Base - short for defend the base, usually means the enemy is capping and someone needs to rush back and defend
Cap - short for capturing the base
Suicide Scout - When a light tank rushes to the enemy base as fast as possible at the very beginning of the game, in order to spot as many enemy tanks as possible before dying
Ram - Known for when a tank "rams" into another tank, damaging the rammee
Cap -Used for abbreviating "Capture". To capture an enemy base. To defend, not allow capture
Cap Circle - The large circle around the flag, once in side the circle the base is starting to be capped; captured.
RTB - Return To Base
MM - Matchmaker. The thing you see when you hit battle.
CW - Clan Wars. A browser based version of World of Tanks
TD - Tank Destroyer. A vehicle class in World of Tanks
Arty - Artillery. Vehicle class in World of Tanks
SPG - Self Propelled Gun. Another name for Artillery
Pen - Penetrate, penetration. Penetrates a tank's armor
Penned -Penetrated a tank's armor
HE - High Explosive. A standard shell type available for every gun in game.
AP - Armor Piercing. Standard shell type available for almost all guns in game.
APCR - Armor Piercing Composite Rigid. Premium shell type available for most guns in game.
HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank. Premium shell available for mainly Howitzers and artillery guns only.
KT - King Tiger. Tier 8 German heavy tank.
GLD - Gun Laying Drive. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to reduce aim time (a very good idea for artillery)
WAR- Wet Ammo Rack. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to increase ammo rack durability.
Vents -Improved Ventilation. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to increase the crew performance.
Rammer - Gun rammer. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to reduce load time
Vert Stab - A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to decreases the amount of aim dispersion caused by tank/turret motion
Alpha - The amount of damage in a single hit, or refers to a high-damage, slow-firing gun.
KPH -Kilometers per Hour
KM/H -Kilometers per Hour
Derp/Derp gun - A high caliber gun that is very inaccurate & is best for shooting HE shells (for example the KV's 152mm)
Splash - Blast radius on arty shells, when a arty shell damages a target by near-missing. Not only with artillery, when any tank damages the victim without hitting the tank, but missing; hitting the ground beside the victim
Tracked -When a track is blown off, not when you are followed
LOLtrakker - Leichtrakker. Tier 1 German light tank.
Hotchkiss - German Tier 2 premium
P1 or P2 - Panther 1 and 2. German T7&8 mediums

Jagdzeit #2 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:42


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scrub: noob.

unicum: purple player

haxxorz: cheats

Battlecruiser #3 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:44


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so thats what all that stuff means!

anonym_0CLLcV5vPvPb #4 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:46


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Dev: Developer.
Mod: Moderator.
Rampage: Self-Explanatory...

deathmachine16 #5 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:49


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Nice they finally made this

isaacalmeida #6 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:50


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WeeZee=WZ series of chinese tanks.

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Hidden_Hamster #7 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:51


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Mini-Maus = pzkpfw 38h735f

Woozy = Chinese WZ tanks. (variation Wheezy)

Lit / I'm lit / lite = Your 6th sense perk is advising you that you're being "lit up" by the enemy and they can see you.  Or.  I'll light them = discovering enemy tanks for your teammates.

impossibler97 #8 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:52

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lemming rush: when ten or more "people" go to one side of the map and magically disappear while calling you a noob for being the only one on the other side. said players might even tk you!

TheM0untaineer #9 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:52


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Sometimes you'll see/use "HVAP" (High velocity armor piercing) instead of APCR.

Dantron #10 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:52


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JT/Jgtig = jagdtiger (Trust me, a lot of people don't know this)
Nub=noob=new/bad player

SULOMON #11 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:53


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BG=Bad game. Some people aren't good sports.

Misfire42 #12 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:53


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CW - Clan Wars. A browser based version of World of Tanks

Might want to clarify that one a bit more. A few more tank nicknames, too:

Duck - AMX 40
Bathtub - S-35CA
KT/Tiger II/Konigstiger - All the Tiger II
T-34 !== T34, same with the T-28 and T28 and any others I'm not thinking of at the moment.

anonym_0CLLcV5vPvPb #13 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 00:57


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View PostMisfire42, on Aug 14 2013 - 00:53, said:

KT/Tiger II/Konigstiger - All the Tiger II
You forgot RT (Royal Tiger).

Aquavolt #14 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:00


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View PostSdKfz252, on Aug 14 2013 - 00:57, said:

You forgot RT (Royal Tiger).

I'm pretty sure nobody calls the KT a RT.

8112204 #15 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:01


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ARMED: retailer of superior toasters and dishwashers.
Baddie: one who achieves an unprecedented amount of fun while playing internet tanks.
Box-tank: any model of the German tank lines, especially the E-100, Tiger, and variants of such.
Gold: golden ration tickets; also refers to a variety of ammunition used by unicorns.
IOC: the undisputed best clan on the NA server.
Kitty: cat; a small, furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal, often good at internet tanks.
Lemming: a small rodent, usually found in or near the Arctic, in tundra biomes.
M60: a tank that can only be attained through a special code; comes with many free camouflage patterns.
MLP: My Little Pony; used to enhance tanking abilities and improve the graphic user interface.
Noobrush: a strategy in which tanks attack the city; best countered by ordering the 1-2 line to begin its push.
PBKAC: Problem Between Keyboard And Chair.
Potato-tank: any model of the American tank lines, especially the M4 and variants of such.
Prem: Premium Economics Policy, purchased with golden ration tickets.
Pub: see entry: "pubbie".
Pubbie: see entry: "baddie".
RNG: random number generator; a fun and exciting system to permit gambling while playing tanks.
Russian Bias: a law which states that you will invariably be crushed by Soviet Russian tanks.
Scrub: to remove dirt from something by rubbing with a brush, cloth, etc.
SerB: don't know who SerB is? How terrible...
Unicorn: a pony with a magical horn at the centre of its forehead.
Unicum: a Hungarian herbal bitters, drunk as a digestif and apéritif.
Whackamole: see entry: "arty".
XVM: super secret Soviet satellite services, used to identify unicorns and scrubbers.

SportTechnologies #16 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:01


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View Postisaacalmeida, on Aug 14 2013 - 00:50, said:

WeeZee=WZ series of chinese tanks.

I call them Whiz.  :teethhappy: You know, because they're so fast and the first letters are WZ. No? Ok.

Fuchsy #17 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:02


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Suiscout-One who does suicide scouting often.

Mutant 6- That one Beta Tank.

Whale/HMS-Reference to the TOG II*

MegaTurd 25- Nickname for the MT-25.

Rocket Car- Nickname for the WoT version of the T-50-2.

madgiecool #18 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:03


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Another would be


Used when the game goes wrong.  Very very wrong

(translation removed as it could offend)

anonym_0CLLcV5vPvPb #19 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:03


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View PostAquavolt, on Aug 14 2013 - 01:00, said:

I'm pretty sure nobody calls the KT a RT.

I call it a Royal Tiger, therefore, your concept of "nobody" is completely wrong. Atleast change it to "Nobody but you".

locoace1 #20 Posted Aug 14 2013 - 01:04


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BG= Bad Game

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