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World of Tanks Jargon

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Nunya_000 #301 Posted Jun 16 2017 - 14:43


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Nunya_000 #302 Posted Jun 16 2017 - 14:44


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View PostMrBojangles1971, on Jun 11 2017 - 16:29, said:

Ticket #1065251

Wargaming.net Game Center
With all do respect I feel it is my duty as a loyal Wargaming Member, and I might say ONLY a Wargaming Member that the Game dynamics have taken an incredible fall for the worse! I do NOT, and will NOT accept a generic typical Wargaming reply like every ticket on this one; I expect a real response with no more empty promises, and expect a little bit of care be shown over a big $$$$ client such as myself please! Everyone is running War-pack at this point, or some other Mod that gives them an unfair advantage, and I myself am ashamed to say that i feel that unless i also run these Mods that i don't stand a chance in the arena anymore! Since there really is no governing body to allocate account bans, or warnings then it is rampant at this point. Perhaps I am just a bad player, i don't know, but i can say this will all certainty, "Since the last couple of patches the game has become much much less of an enjoyment to play, and more of a feeling of having been pick pocketed, and spit upon". Clan participation is lowest in 4 years, members have either uninstalled completely, or simply play other games that are more enjoyable at this point. I myself have honestly spent $130 CDN once or twice a weak since i established my account on Gold, and Silver packages, this translates into nearly $35,000.00 which at this point i am beginning to regret given the recent spectacular disappointments associated with World of Tanks. I have done my very best over the years to encourage new players to download, and install this game, and to become part of the Wargaming Community; however, at this point i believe that things are so bad I could NOT in good conscience recommend the game to someone new, as i have a very difficult time keeping seasoned players from uninstalling. The contact list problem is a really awful one, and although many empty promises have been made by Wargaming to have the problem resolved it has not been, and a great many players refuse to play at this point without their friends list being restored, and operating correctly? What will Wargaming do to keep me? I feel like i am due at least at a complete minimum, some form of compensation for this huge disappointment Wargaming has been peddling? Fix the game, rebate me at least $100.00 CDN, or see me and my $12000/year leave, and then ask yourselves wthhappened, and further that when you read the year end Profit/Loss Statement. Perhaps everyone just got a lot better at the game, or perhaps Wargaming just doesn't like me my money, or any of the money CRZYT and ALL OF ITS MEMBERS help contribute, but a simple clan disband will unequivocally cost Wargaming a pile of Revenue that apparently you don't need anyways right? Please respond ONLY with an apology, a solution to the contact list problem, and a Coupon ($100?CDN) or equivalent there of as a form of reimbursement, and finally just make the game FUN again please, I feel cheated, and hurt!!!!
Best Regards....
MrBojangles1971 (Commander of The Crazy Train)
Call me a scrub if you like, do nothing I am tired of caring about something that doesn't care in return. or MAN up and do the right thing for me at least I need to know that this is the place to stay, and to persevere long term or I need to know right now if i should walk away?


good luck with that.  


For some reason, I am not surprised that someone that can't even figure out where to post things on the forum believes that they spend $12000/year. 

vampire_0_0 #303 Posted Jul 04 2017 - 07:26


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I canknow if my card arrive? I'm from Uruguay and I'm not sure it has arrived, i send it on 1st of august

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GoHard_DNA #304 Posted Jul 04 2017 - 08:28


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I really wanna know where the new updated list of this is...

Fulcrous__O_OII #305 Posted Jul 28 2017 - 01:40


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The next few Days I will be conjuring up a new list and hopefully ask Admins to Pin it and take Laera's Post down since she no longer works for WGA.

PVT_DERK #306 Posted Oct 21 2017 - 02:32


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Elcapord #307 Posted Oct 31 2017 - 21:42


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its so great this game!!

CCCP_GDR #308 Posted Nov 23 2017 - 01:15


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View PostLaera, on Aug 13 2013 - 15:41, said:

So Dumble had previously put together an awesome list of World of Tanks Abbreviations. Sadly, it was in need of a bit of an update and with Dumble MIA, we've decided to update and create a new list! Feel free to comment if you think something should be added.
For a full list, please refer to our lovely World of Tanks Glossary.
WoT - World of tanks.
WoWP - World of War Planes
WoWS - World of War Ships
Common Abbreviations
NP - No problem
NVM - Never mind
AFK - Away from keyboard. So not participating in battle
IG -   In Game
WP - Well Played
GK - Good Kill
NS - Nice Shot
NJ - Nice Job
GF - Good Fight
FTW - For The Win
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
ROFL - Roll on Floor Laughing
FYI - For Your Information
OP - Over Powered or Original Poster
DPM or DPS - damage of a tank gun per minute/second, a high DPM tank/gun fires low damage shots, but with fast reload, which is the opposite of a high alpha gun
Crit - short for critical hit
TK - Team kill/er someone who kills someone on their team
Pre-Match Lingo
o7 - Salute
gl;hf - Good Luck Have Fun. Something majority of mature players say before a match starts to the opposing team
GH - Good hunting. Something else that can be said at the beginning of battle (but is not often said)
Post-Match Lingo
GG -Good Game. Something players say at the end of battle
VGG - Very Good Game
World of Tanks Specific
Push - to move up one or more areas of the map
Def/Base - short for defend the base, usually means the enemy is capping and someone needs to rush back and defend
Cap - short for capturing the base
Suicide Scout - When a light tank rushes to the enemy base as fast as possible at the very beginning of the game, in order to spot as many enemy tanks as possible before dying
Ram - Known for when a tank "rams" into another tank, damaging the rammee
Cap -Used for abbreviating "Capture". To capture an enemy base. To defend, not allow capture
Cap Circle - The large circle around the flag, once in side the circle the base is starting to be capped; captured.
RTB - Return To Base
MM - Matchmaker. The thing you see when you hit battle.
CW - Clan Wars. A browser based version of World of Tanks
TD - Tank Destroyer. A vehicle class in World of Tanks
Arty - Artillery. Vehicle class in World of Tanks
SPG - Self Propelled Gun. Another name for Artillery
Pen - Penetrate, penetration. Penetrates a tank's armor
Penned -Penetrated a tank's armor
HE - High Explosive. A standard shell type available for every gun in game.
AP - Armor Piercing. Standard shell type available for almost all guns in game.
APCR - Armor Piercing Composite Rigid. Premium shell type available for most guns in game.
HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank. Premium shell available for mainly Howitzers and artillery guns only.
KT - King Tiger. Tier 8 German heavy tank.
GLD - Gun Laying Drive. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to reduce aim time (a very good idea for artillery)
WAR- Wet Ammo Rack. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to increase ammo rack durability.
Vents -Improved Ventilation. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to increase the crew performance.
Rammer - Gun rammer. A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to reduce load time
Vert Stab - A piece of equipment that can be mounted on majority of tanks to decreases the amount of aim dispersion caused by tank/turret motion
Alpha - The amount of damage in a single hit, or refers to a high-damage, slow-firing gun.
KPH -Kilometers per Hour
KM/H -Kilometers per Hour
Derp/Derp gun - A high caliber gun that is very inaccurate & is best for shooting HE shells (for example the KV's 152mm)
Splash - Blast radius on arty shells, when a arty shell damages a target by near-missing. Not only with artillery, when any tank damages the victim without hitting the tank, but missing; hitting the ground beside the victim
Tracked -When a track is blown off, not when you are followed
LOLtrakker - Leichtrakker. Tier 1 German light tank.
Hotchkiss - German Tier 2 premium
P1 or P2 - Panther 1 and 2. German T7&8 mediums


What about:  (bacon)  ?

kriggy #309 Posted Jan 17 2018 - 03:54


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View PostSdKfz252, on Aug 14 2013 - 01:03, said:

I call it a Royal Tiger, therefore, your concept of "nobody" is completely wrong. Atleast change it to "Nobody but you".


​The British referred to the KIng tiger as the Tiger Royal (royalle)  so, you are correct more than you know.


chrse18 #310 Posted Jul 19 2018 - 20:47


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APDS = Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot


I don't know if the WoT model for the M60 handles this but the real item sure does (did).

Nobel_Wolf #311 Posted Jul 20 2018 - 11:16


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Very helpful

blackopmission1 #312 Posted Aug 21 2018 - 18:35


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FT = fake tank (specifically chinese TDs)

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