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Welcome New Players!

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Welcome new players!
We're excited to have you here on our wonderful forum! Since Tanitha has moved to our SEA servers, it's time for a new welcome thread! You can still visit our old thread here, if you're feeling nostalgic.
We want to make the Newcomer's Forum a fun and welcoming place for new and seasoned tankers alike. In order to best provide an environment in which we can offer help and support to players who need it, please keep in mind the following guidelines when posting here:
Be polite - Speak to fellow players like you would want to be spoken to yourself. Real people use this forum, so treat them as you would someone you’d meet in real life. Avoid personal attacks and offensive slurs, as this can easily offend other users. Be excellent to each other.
Be welcoming - New users join the forums and World of Tanks every day! Remember when you were a newbie? Everyone is welcome here regardless of how much experience they have. Whether you have 20 games or 20,000, if you have a question, we're here for you!
Be patient - You may ask a question when no one is around to answer it, or may not know the exact answer. If no one appears to be around, stick around for a while or try coming back later and asking again.
Be constructive - Are you struggling with a particular aspect of the game? Rather than rant about it, try leaving suggestions as to what you think can be improved on. Don't be afraid to ask for help from other players.
Feel free to share your experiences  - Have an awesome match? Feel free to brag and post about it here! Looking for feedback on how to improve your playing or what line to start? Ask us here!
Keep it fun! - This forum should be fun for all participants. The Newcomer's Forum is a great place for meeting awesome people and building community, so relax and help others have a good time, too!
Again, welcome to the forums and enjoy the game! :biggrin:
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