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VK30.02D: How?

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Smallfry122 #21 Posted Aug 25 2013 - 05:22

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View PostBravo_26, on Aug 23 2013 - 18:34, said:

If you don't like the 3002D then you will hate anything above it
I dunno about that, considering the Indien-panzer has fantastic penetration, and the PT A and the Leopard 1 are both fast with kickass guns. The 30.02D is neither fast nor is it capable of damaging tier 8's without gold rounds.

Embiggener #22 Posted Aug 25 2013 - 17:46


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View PostSilentskills, on Aug 19 2013 - 17:00, said:

The tank is skill intensive, and requires its drivers to know where to shoot frontal armor of all tanks it faces to achieve pen w/ the short 88.
Short 88 at tier 7 is fail.  If you can run it and get good results that's fine for you, but it's a waste of time for 95% of WoT players unless they're spamming gold, and even then it may be marginal.
This is why I advocate running the tier 6 instead.   The tier 7 DB is and always has been a joke tank; someone in WG HQ is probably snickering about it as we speak.  Trying to brawl in a medium bogged down with a slow, heavy turret is counter-productive.

Meercat #23 Posted Sep 10 2013 - 18:56


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For me this tank was just a path to the Indien-panzer, but now I am starting to enjoy it.  As others have already commented, that for me it works best as a second line support tank and flanker.  I use the 88mm and NO gold.  With well aimed shots you can still do pretty good with it.  I like the 88 because of it's Alpha damage and can get you out of a tight spot better than the 75mm.

This is an underestimated tank, so many times you are not the primary target and have opportunities to take shots without receiving counter fire.  When you are top tank, it can really be a fun tank.  I will sell it when I research the Indien-panzer because I have too many other tanks I enjoy playing more.  It does require some thinking and skill to play to it's full capability which I am still working on to acheive...

MagusGerhardt #24 Posted Sep 10 2013 - 20:18


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VK3002DoucheBag became worthless when the stock turret traverse was nerfed.

The VK3001D is superior in every way now and plays exactly the same as the VK3002DB used to, and at tier VI as well.

Grind through the VK3002DB to the Indien Panzer; my apologies that you have to do it with the tank as-is rather than as it was.

It sits idle in my garage gathering dust and waiting for me to unlock the Leopard Prototype so I can sell it for the garage space.

A sad fate for what used to be a little gem of a tank.

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