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[TFII] Transformers II is Recruiting

TF TFII Recruiting Clans

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Posted Image[TFII] Transformers II

World of Tanks Clan Page

Transformers II is the second Division of [TF] Transformers.
This is The new Proving grounds for [TF].

Transformers has been around since 2007. The clan was originally started in NavyField. During Beta our core members was part of 2AD, The officers core in 2AD went inactive, so we decided to make TF in World of Tanks, since NavyField was dieing. So Transformers established a Clan in WoT on September 22, 2011. We have built up our ranks through hard work and recruiting on a one to one basis, not through Mass Recruiting.

Transformers a very loyal and skilled group of players. Transformers is not just a Clan, its a Family.

Transformers will be involved in all 3 games as a clan WoT, WoWp, & WoB. This does not mean you have to play all 3 to be in the clan.
Transformers is here to prove you can play the game, be competitive, while getting along with our opponents.

Our goal is to become better with each passing day, doing Ultimate Conquest, and Clan Battles.

TeamSpeak 3 is required
Minimum Tank Requirements is Tier 8 non-Premium Tanks, TD, or Arty.

All applications are voted on by the members, so everyone has a say in whom they game with.

All we ask is that you have the following: Potential, Willing to train, Willing to work as a Team, Patience to Learn, Active, & Desire to Win

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