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The Chieftain's Own Guide to Surviving WoT

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The_Chieftain #1 Posted Sep 18 2013 - 20:59

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The World of Tanks Quick Survival Guide.
To use this guide, there are three levels of information presented. What you see right now is the very basic level to gives you an idea in one or two lines of the things to think about in order to succeed. “Click to expand” spoiler buttons will reveal a few paragraphs with somewhat greater information. Many of these expansions will have a hyperlink in them to take you to a separate document which will go in some advanced discussion beyond the basic statements.
Basic Mechanics
Just what am I trying to do here anyway?
When you have the game launched, you will usually be doing one of two things. Either participating in battles, or viewing/upgrading your tanks in the garage. As this is a survival guide, we will be focusing on the things that new players will most likely need and be interested in to get past the first couple of days.
New players will usually be participating in random battles. When you hit ‘Battle’, you will be thrown into a randomly selected map, with twenty-nine other randomly selected players. There are two ways to win: Either capture the enemy base (look for the red flagpole), or kill all enemies.
See without being seen
It is possible to be killed without ever seeing the person shooting at you. Understanding the view range of your vehicle combined with the use of concealment can result in your being able to kill the enemy without their having a clue as to just where you are. The longer your view range, the further you can detect enemy vehicles.
Present the smallest possible target.
The less of your vehicle that the enemy can see, the harder it is to hit you, and the longer you will survive

Posted Image
Present the toughest possible armour.
Always present the toughest effective armour to the enemy. This is usually the front of the tank’s hull and turret. Don’t forget that when your turret is turned relative to the hull, it likely means that weak armour is exposed to the enemy on either the hull or the turret.
Posted Image
Be aware of traverse/elevation limitations on your vehicle.
Different tanks have different ranges of motion for the gun
Just because the tank next to you can elevate or depress enough to hit a target doesn’t mean that you can. Use terrain as ramps to help you.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Reload times
Vehicles in World of Tanks are armed with weapons loaded with either individual rounds or rounds from a magazine. Further, generally speaking, the larger the round, the longer the reload time, indicated by the amount of time the aiming circle takes to complete the red cycle. During the reload process, there is a period of vulnerability for the vehicle: This is often a good time to assault the reloading vehicle, and if you are the reloading vehicle, be sure to withdraw into cover if the reload time is sufficiently long that you are otherwise exposed. Note that at lower tiers, this isn’t usually a factor as the rounds reload very quickly.
Cover is not concealment, and vice versa
Concealment provides protection only from observation . Cover is something solid which will stop rounds.

Characteristics of the Offence:
According to the US Army’s FM 100-5, the characteristics of the offence are “Surprise, Audacity, Tempo, Concentration”. A successful attacking team will demonstrate these characteristics.

Mass firepower of multiple units
The effect of a group of tanks concentrating on a single target is greater than the sum of its parts.


Posted Image


Posted Image


Play to the strengths of your gun

Large-calibre, short-barreled guns tend to be devastating at short ranges, whilst smaller, longer guns can be the more effective at long ranges.
You can turn to engage targets faster by combining hull and turret rotation speeds.
Turn the in the same direction as the turret. Additionally, chances are that a target you need to engage in a hurry is also one which you don’t wish to present your side hull armour to.

  Turret Only (Slow)   Turret and Hull (Fast)

Posted Image   Posted Image


Consider Firing from the Short Halt.
Tanks are usually not very good at firing while moving. If you stop briefly to aim properly, you stand a greater chance to hit your target. Empahsis on ‘stop briefly’, you don’t want to be too easy a target

Tanks go as the waters flow
To reduce your exposure to enemy fire, try to avoid cresting hills and instead go around them. When travelling on high ground, everyone on the battlefield can shoot at you.

Any damage caused will reset the base capture timer, no matter how little that damage is.
Feel free to use High Explosive rounds when in the defence.
When you’re trying to prevent the enemy capturing your base, a small, near-guaranteed amount of damage is going to be far more successful than an AP round which ‘didn’t go through!’
Always have an escape route.
Sitting still for too long invites death by artillery or flanking, but re-locating in full view of everyone is not conducive to long-term survival either.
Learn manual aim
Auto-aim does have its uses in close combat against weak opponents, but generally speaking, avoid it once you’ve figured out the basics of playing the game.
Auto-aim is a crutch. It often targets the heaviest, toughest armour of the opponent, and does not allow you to try for known weak points. The corollary of this is that you also have to learn to lead your target (aim in front of your target so that the target moves into the flight path of the shell). Different gun velocities require different lead amounts: The German 88/L71 rarely requires lead more of more than half a tank length no matter how far away the target is, but the Russian 152mm M-10 on the KV needs to lead a target by about half a country mile. Though there is no specific figure provided for velocity, generally speaking, the longer the gun tube on your tank compared to its caliber, the faster the round.
Use ‘Sniper Mode’ when applicable
To better determine if your gun can hit the target, look through the sniper view.
A Note on Artillery.
Artillery in World of Tanks takes some liberties with what you would expect from real life. An understanding of how it works is required in order to both use it correctly, and avoid frustration by being on the receiving end. It is recommended that you try a low-tier artillery piece for the experience.
Garage Data
Know your tank!

When you select your tank, the statistics show up on the right-hand side. Any module (eg gun, turret etc) which appears under the tank in your garage can be right-clicked to view specific characteristics

Below your tank, you will see a number of square boxes. These boxes contain information on the current configuration of your tank. The left-most one is the gun, then the turret, and so on.
The Tech Tree
If you click on ‘research’ at the top right corner, it brings up a display showing what upgrades can be researched for your currently selected tank, and how many experience points you need to have before you can unlock it.

warrior531 #2 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 20:47

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Wished I'd seen this before I started playing.  Perhaps a section on all the terminology used regarding the operations and tactics in-game, as well as the 'jargon' the veterans use to provide directions and information on the chat?  Another thing that would have been very helpful when I started (and had come to the forums first instead of after my laptop died. :D )


ajax_dad #4 Posted Dec 04 2015 - 15:26


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Thank You!

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View Postdunniteowl, on Oct 03 2015 - 00:25, said:

Wished I'd seen this before I started playing.  Perhaps a section on all the terminology used regarding the operations and tactics in-game, as well as the 'jargon' the veterans use to provide directions and information on the chat?  Another thing that would have been very helpful when I started (and had come to the forums first instead of after my laptop died. :D )



I remember when I realized that the "Arty" guy people kept referring to was really artillery!  Lol.  

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Bump for Main Article ...

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Thanks. I just got back to playing this after War Thunder. A nice change to get back into the game. :D

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I know this is off topic but, there needs to be a new universal perk added to the game for all crew members to learn.


Medic: Heals injured and knocked out crew members over time, effect is cumulative with large and small med kits and improved ventilation. Comes into effect after the training starts, effect increases with skill level

I don know about the rest of you but i got a crew that is 2 perk away from learning it all, to have a new one invented and implemented would be SWEEEEEET!!!

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