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_THUNDER_BOLT_ #241 Posted Dec 31 2016 - 23:49


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View Postvancouver_boy, on Oct 13 2013 - 17:43, said:

I never played wot prior to the nerf so I don't know what that was like before. But I enjoy playing arty today as it requires some strategy to keep myself safe and able to hit targets. Some of the strategies described here are good at lower tiers, but as I progress the increases to load times coupled with generally poor accuracy make many of them ineffective. My T8 arty unit takes a full minute to select a target, aim and reload, and since I can only hit 1/3 time on perfectly aimed shots, lobbing shots in the dark are a total waste and any time spent moving around the map means I'm completely useless and vulnerable.

At T8 I can hit the entire map from anywhere(as long as terrain isn't in the way), so as long as I have a good position there is no point in moving around as it just delays when I can start firing, I may as well wait for another target. If I find myself in imminent danger then running means certain death, so I'm better off waiting and preparing to shoot the scout in the face or if it's a heavy at least I get a bit of damage before I go. The corners of the map are still some of the best spots to hide because they are rarely checked (In random matches anyway) and difficult to reach unless the game is mostly lost anyway. Once in awhile someone clears the corners early and finishes me off, but on most maps these still give better angles and are usually well guarded early in the match.

If changes to arty were in the works, I would trade off some damage and/or (especially) range, in exchange for better accuracy, load times, and mobility so that I can support my team better. One of the arty units I had the most fun playing had extremely limited range, which forced me to move around with groups of units so I could still hit targets and stay safe. I could hit targets that no other unit couldt and was able to help my team punch through difficult areas, but with my rear flank exposed I had to be paying attention and moving around constantly to avoid being one-shotted.


Re: lower tiers arty having short range and accuarcy,


Sorry to hear about the previous nerfing, must been real hard. My tier 3 Saxon II can hit the opposite corners of the map, and fairly accuately.  Load time is about 20 secs with trained out crew. If higher tiers aren't better I'll just keep playing this.

Been playing for a week and had a 4 kill game. It's still tough angling a shot around rocks and buildings, but I'm figuring out some angles and if you're patient they stick their nose out.

Hope they don't nerf it. Of course I'm still trying to learn how to run away when it only goes 24 mph, but I'm guessing those old British artys must not have been built for speed. I'm finding it better to get in some unual corner and give them a hard time getting to me, then giving them a 25 lb shot in face. So far at that range it has only taken one, so they'd better come with a friend.


smittybc421 #242 Posted Jan 24 2018 - 17:06


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How about if a team mate lights up an enemy with "request fire @ so and so".....I see that in chat but I look at my mini map and don't see it. Any way to find out where that is without scanning the whole map?

KidK #243 Posted Aug 13 2018 - 04:11

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More WarGaming BS Mechanics

M1N10N76 #244 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 19:36


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Although I enjoy playing my artillery, I myself have a few BIG issues with arty mechanics. Some of you will bellow out about this, but read through and realize that the mechanics of artillery are very wrong in the aspect of WG always toting that their game is SO realistic.


1. Whilst playing an artillery tank, do we have blimps, drones, helicopters, etc etc, with HD cameras in the sky that we are using for our viewing on a HD screen inside the tank ?  NO, then why do they/we have an actual camera view, severely UN realistic, when in an artillery tank and switching to long range aim mode, something along the lines of a full screen mini-map should come up, whereas we see a grid, a basic layout of the grounds and tanks that have been spotted on it, such as the mini-map view. THAT would be more realistic, but in the end more difficult. This leads to point 2 !!


2. Counter arty effects are horrendously  unfair, using aforementioned unrealistic camera view, other arty players can actually SEE shell flight trajectory tracers and see where enemy artillery is actually sitting, and shoot them without them ever actually being spotted. Absolutely ridiculous mechanic based on a ridiculous camera view !!!


3. Artillery tanks have a severely bad name for being SKY cancer. The community hates them UNTIL those moments when they need one on their team to help them. Then its ALL artys fault that arty didn't help and they died. The new nerfs to arty stun and previous ones to damage dealt were good for the community for the most part.


4. Artillery tanks usually are the last ones alive, and beings they are generally stationary, hiding in a bush, and yet they get spotted way before being able to see the enemy regardless of the fact that they generally would have a better "eye" view to the enemy due to being open topped instead of looking through a peephole, but we know thats not how spotting mechanics (radar like) work. Regardless arty could use a slight spotting and concealment buff.


The biggest issue being arty view vantage point while in aiming mode being absolutely 100% ridiculously unreal. If this could get changed, it would be a big improvement to the realism in game, correct both issues 1 and 2,  and to make arty players a bit more focused on tactic rather then LOB-N-BOOM while sitting in the back eating snacks.

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