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Mod help changing my crew names and pictures in the garage

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Panzer_Mac_W126 #21 Posted Mar 02 2014 - 00:58


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I'm looking to mod the names of some of my crews but I don't see instructions for names here, can anyone help?

roopnarined #22 Posted Mar 02 2014 - 08:01


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View PostPanzer_Brony_126, on Mar 01 2014 - 19:58, said:

I'm looking to mod the names of some of my crews but I don't see instructions for names here, can anyone help?



follow these steps as best as you can....


1) download a application called "po-edit" (click here)


2) good modding rules dictate that you never change the ORIGINAL files......

so copy the original files from your WoT directory (usually looks like this "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res\text\lc_messages")

and put the copy into C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.8.11\text\lc_messages...(0.8.11 - the version of the most recent patch at post time)... this method will work for all future patches to come, just alter the version number as you go


3) now if you want to change a specific name then quickly login to the game for a minute & make notes on which nation and the actual names you would like to alter.... for example ........ chinese - shang wei hang


4) close WoT ........ then open the chinese.tankmen names file (usually "china_tankmen.mo") in the poedit app


5) edit to your hearts desire - making sure that your are editing the RES_MODS copy only


6) if anything goes wrong delete and restart from step 2)......



PS to keep the edited files for future ensure the a second copy is kept elsewhere for safety, also remember if you install other mods be sure your names mod goes in last.....lol


hope this helps

Mono #23 Posted Mar 21 2014 - 20:56

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Hope this video help. I'm actually searching how to change it when two crew members appear with the same picture. Wich he saids it has NO solution in the end of the video...
I know i can  relocate to another tank OR do it with gold, ONLY for one or two specfic crew .
But i dont know where those guys are going to en up in the future, and maybe crossing each others again.



If someone came up with a solution i will be greatfull. 

Salut!  :honoring:

FlanFlanScarlet495 #24 Posted Mar 25 2014 - 07:27


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A note in addition to what roopnarined has: The name has to be exact, but the pic size can be slightly larger or smaller and it will still display fine.

And sorry Mono, but since the game reuses icons, there is no fix for that problem once it's happened without replacing the crew other than to pay to change it. My solution to it is to recruit tankers individually at the free 50% training for a new tank so that I can safely replace any repeats without penalty. Then I train the crew once it is to my liking.

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