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To Those Getting: "Warning error extracting update file, click retry to reload, for details see ...

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Conkker #1 Posted Oct 01 2013 - 23:42


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Submitted a ticket to support, and actually got a helpful response about this issue, i thought i would post it here as i had seen a couple others with the same problem and no fix had been posted for them.

Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support.
We recommend using this alternative method of installing the update to bypass the launcher.

Please follow these steps:
1. Download the file directly from the following link http://dl.wargaming...._na_install.zip
2. Please use a file compression program such as 7zip http://www.7-zip.org/download.html or Winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm and extract the contents of this archive to a folder in your documents or desktop.
You should now have the following 4 files in this folder:
  • wot_81.152_launcher.patch
  • wot_88.3117_client.patch
  • wot_88.3118_88.3117_client.patch
  • wot_88.308163_content_en.patch

3. With the same file compression program, please extract the contents of file file named wot_88.3117_client.patch to the root directory of the game and replace files if asked. (Default is: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks).
4. Next, extract the contents of the file named wot_88.3118_88.3117_client.patch to the root directory of the game and replace files if asked.
5. Lastly, the file named wot_88.308163_content_en.patch contains English localization files and other GUI text changes that also must be extracted to your World of Tanks root directoryin order for menu items to appear correctly.
6. Launch/Run the World of Tanks client from WorldofTanks.exe located in your World of Tanks directory.
(NOTE: this will only work if you are able to successfully extract the full contents of these archives, if you receive a CRC error, your download may be corrupt and you will need to download again)
If the game is now running we are in good shape, lets see if we can repair your launcher.
1. Please use your file compression program to extract the contents to the file named wot_81.152_launcher.patch to a folder in your documents or desktop.
2. You should have the following files in this folder:
  • 7z.dll.update
  • DeltaMAX.dll
  • WOTLauncher.exe.update
  • WOTLauncher.cfg.update

3. Please remove the .update extension from the two files named 7z.dll.update & WOTLauncher.exe.update so that they are named 7z.dll & WOTLauncher.exe
4. Copy and replace the three files named 7z.dll, DeltaMAX.dll, and WOTLauncher.exe into your World of Tanks directory and try running the launcher. (not WOTLauncher.cfg.update)
! Please note: to work correctly, the launcher and game requires a constant connection to the Internet.

Maggz #2 Posted Oct 02 2013 - 00:12


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FINALLY they did what i suggested long ago, This problem has stemmed from an IE incompatibility issue with how it downloads non standard file types (IE .pkg files) glad they finally have a work around out there, i just rolled back to an earlier version of IE and was able to download and update correctly.

RedLeaderK2 #3 Posted Oct 05 2013 - 15:02


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I just gave up on WoT.  Too many times I've tried to update and failed.  Uninstalled, re-installed, tried moving files and folders, read forums, got extract error messages, tried different computers to download the files......

Windows 8 machine, all the updates, solid hardware, knowledgeable user.  It used to work.  Tired of the 5Gb downloads that fail to work.  

Goodbye 10 earned tanks, 6 million banked credits, whatever gold rounds I had.   :ohmy:

vonkevin #4 Posted Oct 05 2013 - 15:33


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can I have your stuff, Red?  ;)

Amos_Halftrack #5 Posted Oct 07 2013 - 23:13


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Will the Update Server maintainence going on right now affect us being able to do this?

Mrlayhe #6 Posted Oct 08 2013 - 05:05


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Read this thread. this is how you fix it


digpigdig #7 Posted Oct 15 2013 - 03:24


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could someone make a video how to do this?? plz

Maxmc99 #8 Posted Dec 29 2013 - 21:40


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I give up. I loved wot. but now i can't update it.

Rewshna #9 Posted Feb 01 2014 - 02:53


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I just downloaded it on my laptop and copied all the files onto my hard drive. Works great now. Just be sure to get all the '.dll' files. They are important.

Not sure what caused it, but I did change my hard drive out after seeing a log file saying something about a read error.. Maybe that was it.

Dfwtd #10 Posted Feb 15 2014 - 05:37


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I have a strange problem, can't manually extract the file "WOTLauncher.exe.update" anywhere on my pc and thats the file missing in the Launcher update. Any help?


T89 #11 Posted Mar 21 2014 - 04:45


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i am having this problem also. just did a fresh Windows 7 install. and try installing WoT.. the "error extracting file" MSG pops up  over and over again redownloaded 5 times now

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Blaidd_Ddrwg #12 Posted Apr 17 2014 - 20:48


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Yeah...I am all but finished with WG and World of Tanks.

r3aLL #13 Posted Apr 18 2014 - 17:27


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This is pretty frustrating. You would think they test out these updates before public release. I tried yesterday morning and figured it was being so sluggish due to many players downloading. Now I'm still getting very slow download speeds on this update and have tried installing it about 4 times, with a fresh install of WoT. I'm sorry but I'm not about to download a 5GB file from the WG website when the speeds are slower than a snail. Hope they fix this soon......

nosdie1979 #14 Posted May 16 2015 - 01:49


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I spent hours trying all these different fixes. Turns out I had a bad memory card. Do a hard drive scan and a memory check. My memory diagnostic came back with issues. I replaced my memory cards and have no problems now. 

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