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KV-2 - GUN and AMMO - recommendations?


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sharlin648 #41 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 09:02


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Also use the fear factor of this tank.  If people see the 107 they know that its not going to rip their modules to pieces, kill crew and almost certinally track them in addition to ripping off a chunk of health.  A smart teir 8 will back off if he sees the short fat barrel of the 152 pointing at him  and people who don't know how to fight a KV-2 will usually revert to type. Which is normally peakabooming which is the PERFECT thing for you as it means whilst they are faffing around trying to peakaboom you, you're able to back off, reload and have another shell ready for them.  


And never underestimate the chance of a HE penetrating.  In one teir 8 match my KV-2 got thrown into Westfield and my tank was the bottom of the totem pole with a few scouts, it was mainly teir 7's and 8's.  I saw a T34 nosing over a hill and for the moment I was out of his gun arc.  Aimed. Aimed aimed...BOOM..1000 points of damage.  I hit him under the chin of his driver position the LFP, turned the driver to jam and also threw a track off.  It was delicious :p

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simcan #42 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 09:25


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After forcing myself to derp for 3 months, I've actually gotten use to it and every time I mount the 107, I have a really BAD game. So I have become a reformed derper, forever banishing the heretical 107 back to the hellhole from whench it came, the T-150.

Arconhawk #43 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 16:16

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The 152 has other ammunition than HE? hmmm didn't know that. I just figured my loaders were just lazy and the gunner enjoyed one-shotting everything all day :D

Dunfalach #44 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 16:18


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View Postmattwong, on Nov 19 2013 - 11:36, said:

Patience is essential for the derp. Target selection is very important. That big shell takes a while to reach the target, and your reload is long, so except in critical situations, you want to wait for good shots on good targets rather than waste a shell.

The one thing that's tricky to learn is leading the target with a slow-moving shell. I recently pulled my KV-2 out of storage and played some games with it, and I was pleased to see that I still have the touch for leading the target with it. I picked off an ELC in full flight at >200m range, which made me laugh.


I took out an IS-2 at full speed across the valley on El Halluf. As one of the six kills for my top gun. All while sniping 152mm shells from the ridgeline. :bush::justwait:


People just don't expect to be sniped by a 152mm derp round. I particularly liked how 2 more tanks rolled into the same general spot after I'd killed the first one there. I think the reason the IS-2 ran across the valley was mainly that he was smart enough to realize that spot was becoming a killing field, so he tried to switch fronts. He just didn't count on me hitting him on the move. :smile:





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