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Non-XVM capturebar only mod?

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WarthogCC #1 Posted Oct 09 2013 - 00:52


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Easy question.  I could not reply to old topic as it was archived (http://forum.worldof...nformation-mod/) and the people that replied to him gave him that "just deal with it" kind of reply.  i.e. If I like a certain car stereo that is in BMWs and want to put it in my Jeep, their solution would be to buy a whole brand new BMW just to rip out the radio. [Warthog is shaking his head]
Currently I am using this...
The Hitlog Only version on that page.
...which is awesome for non-XVM people like me.  Show the Capturebar with the number of cappers and estimated time...
But it still adds all this other garbage I do not want in my game, like...
1) an additional 24hr clock in the corner, my choice of damage panel already has one, as well as the match timer (so that would be 3 24hr clocks on the screen),
2) the hitlog, I have no need for it as (again) the damage panel has it already,
3) (the most annoying part) The modified OTM, which you cannot turn off BTW, even in settings.
All I'm interested in is the Capturebar part.  Does anyone know of one?
It's obvious it doesn't require XVM to function.  So I hope I don't get the same silly response.  Be nice please.

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deathmachine16 #2 Posted Oct 09 2013 - 01:08


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You can install xvm with the enhancements but disable stats and % chance to win along with the other stuff you dont want in the config files by changing it too false or you can try to find the specific xc file
ill upload my capture bar folder and see it that works by creating folders res_mods then xvm after that configs and paste it into there

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