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What artillery line is the best overall?

artillery opinion general all nation best overall

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MarkersTasteBlue #1 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 07:39


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Hi guys, I've been considering getting one artillery piece recently. I've always thought that starting after the nerf would be a good idea so I wouldnt get a chance to complain about how much they got nerfed.

Basically I need some help on choosing an artillery line to grind.
I value accuracy and alpha the most, (want to be hitting things)
reload time the 2nd most, (dont want to wait an hour to be hitting things)
speed the 3rd,
and camouflage and all those other statistics the least.

I'm a well rounded scout, TD and HT player (as seen in my sig) so I should be able to handle most things.

ps. I played the M37 back when it was a Tier 3 many many patches ago when I was a 800WN7 player, I think around 8.0.
38 games, 50%WR, 3rd mastery. I recall it as being a pretty bad experience. *shudder*

TL;DR - I need help picking an artillery line to play! I value accuracy and alpha the most, pick one for me! o3o

Press_3_For_REEEEE #2 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 07:43

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IMO short term Germany
long term USA or USSR

alex08060 #3 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 07:54


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Look like someone wants to get the Type 59.

a_trout_bum_2 #4 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 07:58


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if you lookin for alpha and accuracy in arty, go either usa or ussr

im currently griding to the t92.  the accuracy aint there, but the splash and alpha makes up for it.

the tier 10 ussr arty currently has the best accuracy in the game, and the alpha aint bad.

i currently have a bat 155 58 that i like a lot but it has no alpha.  the accuracy aint bad

Vais_ #5 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 08:11


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well i suggest french SPGs.
in my opinion after the 8.8 update the SPGs aiming time is longer than before.
USA and USSR SPGS aren't bad too but i prefer french more.
Tried british SPGS but......
british spgs has a quick aiming and reload than any other lines but it has a shot range and the shells power isn't good enough.(so i don't prefer this line)

ChairInAGasket #6 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 08:14


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Accuracy overall: French
Alpha overall: German
Accuracy end-Tier: Russian/French
Alpha end-Tier: America
Wide gun traverses: Britain

It's really a case of different flavors:
French overall: quick-firing, quick-aiming snipers with lower alpha damage but higher DPM. They are the most biased towards
French end Tier: the Batchat 155, with its autoloader and turret, is good at taking out a key target quickly, relocating quickly, and at going into TD mode (it can be very scary to see one rampaging in TD mode in the later stages). However, it suffers from a long clip reload where it's completely useless, but is still a dangerous enemy, and a strong contender. Is also the fastest, can outrun some Tier 10 mediums.
Russian overall: nice high arcs, slightly more biased towards accuracy and RoF than the French, but closer to middle, some of the mid/higher Tiers are very much alpha based, but becomes less and less and closer to French arty later on
Russian end Tier: the Obj. 261 is really the .50 cal. sniper of the bunch, packing a punch with high pen AP shells and good accuracy (but not French) and an acceptable RoF. However, due to only having a 180 shell compared to the Tier 9's 203, it turns some off with a lack of "derp", and also suffers from a very low shot arc (has trouble shooting over cover). Good speed as well, 2nd best out of the 5. It's very good at suppressing an advance and focusing down targets, and can often act as the sort of "standard issue 'bread and butter'" unit of the bunch
American overall: like the Russians, tends to be more towards the middle, although in their case, there tends to be a slight bias towards alpha, which increases in higher Tiers
American end Tier: The T92, the Derp Emperor, the Arty Amongst Arty. It's basically the one-shot bazooka of the bunch, shooting the biggest (240mm), most powerful (2250 alpha) round out of them all. It also has a very nice high shell arc, allowing it to, unlike the 261 and more so than the others, fire over cover, and has an enormous splash radius. It's very good at driving enemies out of cover, nuking chokepoints that have enemies clustered around them, and the like.
German overall: they actually tend to be the most alpha centered ones, in particular at the mid tiers with vehicles like the Grille and Hummel, with good shot arcs, and tend to move towards a more "universally acceptable, not excelling at one category" concept at higher Tiers, and as a result, while being good in pubs due to their versatility, don't really have much use in CW due to a lack of a dedicated role
German end Tier: the GW E-100 is very much a universal vehicle, not excelling in any one category, so it doesn't see as much use

I don't know about the Brits, other than that they wildly vary throughout the Tiers, while having good gun traverse across the board, and the end Tier is reminiscent of the American T92

Bakta_tank #7 Posted Oct 16 2013 - 15:23

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Alpha and Accuracy first?: I'd go Soviet.

But...The way there is tough, range is often below par and traverse is horrible most of the time.

That said, once you hit Tier 7, you get your BRM 203 gun and that baby is a monster.

Second pick: German. But once you get to Tier 9, you have to learn all of a sudden how to play with a narrow traverse gun.

Third pick : Britain. Not bad by and large, but tanks changes a lot from tier to tier. Not a line I'd recomment for beginners.

Fourth pick: US. Alpha is here, starting Tier 8, accuracy isn't. This line suffers from a huge bloom everytime  you move

Last but not least: French. Accuracy is here, alpha isn't (Bat 155 58 is...different). French SPG relies on their speed to relocate for better use.

The thing is, your needs will evolve once you move from tier to tier, as you'll face different types of players if you're a pubber.

I start to see more arties, after the great 0.8.6 purge, once more. So Counter-Battery is again an issue; against which you'll rely on speed to move from place to place. If I was to suggest something is that you play each of the US/Sov/Ger/Fr up to Tier 5, not a big challenge then make up your mind as to which you like the most.

Major #8 Posted Dec 09 2013 - 10:59


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I've played almost 20k games in artillery so I own/have owned every arty vehicle out there. It's a subjective thing so the following is just my opinion but here goes....

Starting with my least favourite! I just couldn't stand the German line; the narrow gun traverse angle means you really need to pick a target and stick to it because if you're going through an indecisive phase (I regularly do!) then re-aiming on a regular basis is slow and counter-productive. They may be powerful but I just found I wasn't getting enough fire down per battle.

Next up on the list is the Russian line. I've played the 212 close to 3k battles in the 212 and for a very long time it was my favourite but just like that (clicks fingers), it was on my shit-list. It does very good damage and is very accurate for the size of shell it delivers but again, the gun traverse angle is too narrow and so re-aiming can cost you potential hits. Likewise with the 261, it's VERY accurate and great if you use AP regularly (I've bounced too many times to bother unless at close range) but the angle of gun traverse is irritating. With that said, both arties are very good and will suit some players very well.

For the British line, I'm only going to bother talking about Conqueror GC. It's a strange arty piece to use....the second biggest gun in the game and therefore delivers a massive punch and it's accuracy is fairly decent considering its power. But it has one trick up its sleeve that few people bother to mention and it is perhaps its biggest strength...the trajectory angle. You really are firing cow sized mortars in this bad boy and so because of that you can simply hit some wall-hugging targets that thought they were safe. :trollface: The grid square A2 in El Halluf comes to mind when tanks are duking it out on the slope. A couple of shots from across the map definitely gives the opposing aggressors/defenders pause for thought. The flip side of this amazing trajectory is two-fold....1. A VERY LONGGGGGGGG hang-time for the shell means reaching a target takes noticeably more time. Hitting a moving target across a map requires a hint of clairvoyance and the driver of said target to continue along the same path for what seems like an eternity. One change of his mind/direction and you have to wait a while for a reload and another chance. 2. This tank was not built for defending itself at close range. Unlike most other arty pieces where there is some degree of gun depression, this is pathetic so if a scout gets in you've probably had it. {Forgot to mention excellent gun traverse angle)

And now onto the U.S. line. I never really got the following that the T92 had. We all know it's the most powerful gun in the game but of course re-load time is poor, and accuracy is so-so. Personally I value accuracy, mobility, and gun travere angle over damage. And for that reason I don't rate it as highly as some....great at power and so-so at other things. This brings me onto the tier 9 M53 which is my favourite 200mm+ tank in the game....by a mile. It's accuracy is decent, the gun traverse angle is excellent, it's quick and agile for a tank of its size, it delivers a payload that every tank will be concerned about, and it's got a a reasonable reload time. This in my opinion is a superb all-rounder, just brilliant! And the M43 is a nice warm-up act for it too....

And finally, the French line. I don't know if it's my favourite or not but arguably the most fun.  :teethhappy: The Lorraine 155 51 was nerfed way too much in The Great Purge but it's still one of the most entertaining out there. It's quick and agile (I've lost meds who have been hunting me through tightly packed city maps before) great-ish rate of fire and accurate too. Lots of fun when you want a break heavy hitters. I can't speak of the Bat 51 as owned the Bat 55 before it came into the game. The tier X bat though is joint favourite arty for me. Aside from it's long reload time between it's round of 4 shots (6 second auto reload) and it's heavy nerfing, it's still deadly in the right hands. Quick, agile, VERY accurate and if you get 3 or 4 direct hits in a row, it can be devastating. Scouts beware too! And of course with 360 degree turret, there's none of this re-aiming nonsense when you're tracking a target.

With all this said, it's all down to what suits your style of play, but I hope this has provided some insight into some of the line. I just want them to hurry up with the Japanese/Chinese arty.  :hiding:  Whatever you do, don't listen to players who don't play much arty as you have to really play a tank to know what it's like. Anyone can read damage stats and reload times but you only get a true feel for a tank when you play it yourself, or at least talk to someone who has a lot of experience in it.

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