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Game running really badly.

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FtL1776 #1 Posted Mar 14 2011 - 03:52


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Randomly starting couple days ago, I have really bad FPS, it starts in the menu without ever playing a game and it starts as soon as I move my mouse after connecting, I can get a steady 100+ fps then as soon as I move my mouse it moves to below 10 and its really annoying.

Save the stupid answers, its not my computer, I run other games fine, I have not updated my graphics drivers.

1N54N3 #2 Posted Mar 14 2011 - 04:55


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Uh Hi,

I'm a bit less motivated to help than I was when I started reading the post. However, to help you out regardless, I would direct you to the newcomers FAQ section for technical help.

You may also go to support.worldoftanks.com and politely submit a ticket asking for help and answers.

My first technical support question to you would be: *cough* is your computer console plugged into an electrical outlet sir?

I jest, but seriously, its too hard to resist. I hope you find the answer your hoping for.

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