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Launch Problem, Connection problem, crash...

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sinestus #1 Posted Mar 14 2011 - 23:11


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1.  The Launcher shortcut that was installed has stopped working (Windows 7 64)

2. When i go to the folder the launcher is in, and directly launch, it'll only work 1 out of 5 attempts, and only if i launch as admin.

3.  If i skip the launcher and go straight to the game exe it only works 1 out of 3 times, and the other 2 will tell me there's already a copy running, even if i've only just booted the machine and it was the first program tried.

4. then, when i get into the game,  1 out of 3 maps will load grey, everywhere, until i start moving forward.

5. finally, i'm at about 1 out of 5 games having connection issues, where suddenly my map goes blank (no blips, friendly or enemy) then it boots me, and says "click to reconnect"  at which point i wait 5 minutes for it to reload the map to the sound FX of "everyone bail out, we're done for!" and a dead tank.

really?  what am I doing wrong here?

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