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Stats Comparisson Armor Layouts

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Peo01 #1 Posted Dec 02 2013 - 10:10


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Greetings fellow tankers,

today I share a beta program I got access to a few days ago.
It's currently only available to beta testers.

What the program is about?

It gives you the armor layouts (with equivalent value for different angles) of each tank that is currently ingame.
Further more it shows all statistics (For example: camo value, shell speed, traverse) and compares it to the vehicle of your choice.
It also shows you the influence of equipment, consumables and crew perk/skills.

In one sentence:
It's a program for the stat hungry people.

If you're interested in helping with beta testing or want to test the program write an e-mail to:

However they're currently out of beta keys and it might take a while for more to be available.

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Kyonn #2 Posted Dec 02 2013 - 11:17


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Hopefully mine will arrive sometime this month. :3

Avalon304 #3 Posted Dec 06 2013 - 11:40


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Ive been playing around with this program. Its pretty well put together. Has lots of good info on all the different tanks in the game.

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