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Asset or Ass-hat, which are you? (Help me help you)

Setting the record straight

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Odins_Eye #21 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 10:16


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OP I appreciate your first post very much.
I'm no Otto Carius by any means but I'll accept constructive criticism, suggestions and/or advice from anybody who displays one, very important characteristic. Humility.
In my experience...all through my life, I've found that those who a truly great...no matter what they do...are all humble about it. They have nothing to prove.
The first sign of smack-talk or condescention says only one thing; 'Ignore me...I'm an idiot.'

Odins_Eye #22 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 10:20


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View PostBlackwaterXe, on Dec 05 2013 - 08:59, said:

This is why I don't care to help newbs anymore and am more inclined to sling an insult than give them tips or advice. This is also why I have absolutely ZERO remorse for using newbs as meatshields and am more than willing to ditch or sacrifice a low health newbie even though I'm still at full health. The vast majority of newbs I've come across don't care about winning, don't care about learning the game, don't care about getting better as a player; why? because they claim to "play for fun" and "don't care about stats". When you try to help scrubs but they just insult you back, it's easy to develop a strong disdain for all noobs in general. This is where I am now; a strong disdain for them with virtually no hesitation to call them out for their 46% W/R. BUT, I will try to take your two 'moral of the story' points to heart and ease up a bit on newbs....but I gotta tell you, these noobs don't make it easy to be nice to them.
Yeah I just reckon you're playing a bit jaded here. When you say 'the majority of newbs don't care' about this or that I start to wonder about you. You may be right in your assessment of their general attitude, though my opinion is that you aren't, but that doesn't give you licence to be a jerk to them. No disrespect to you but I guess you don't kick your dog because he can't drive to town and pick up a six-pack for you. Keep your energy and don't stoop to the level of dipshits man...if you're dedicated and applying time and energy to improving in this game, I like to think you're better than being cruel to the window-lickers.

h33t #23 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 12:09


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+1 to OP. Very true.

View PostGuySenseiRocks, on Dec 04 2013 - 21:51, said:

I believe I am an Ass-hat

+1 for honesty ;)

Chairborne #24 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 12:32


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View PostOdins_Eye, on Dec 05 2013 - 10:20, said:

No disrespect to you but I guess you don't kick your dog because he can't drive to town and pick up a six-pack for you.
I would never do that as I know the dog can't drive a stick. I send the cat.  :blinky:

As a Noob, I have been conditioned to pay little attention to chat. The abuse I have received in game is rather disappointing. That said, every tool has it's use so I don't completely disregard it.

Case in point was in recent game in a JgPz IV where I was last man on my team against a TD and two Arty. I had taken Arty damage early in the game that required me to use my repair kit and Fire extinguisher. I was chugging along, somewhat slowly, and was able to kill the TD. I was almost on the OPFOR Cap when ours went off. I turned around and headed back. It wasn't till one of my deceased teammates, in the midst of a derisive rant about my WN7, my Mother and my intellectual capability, the usual, that I noticed "The moron doesn't even know how to use equipment". Sure enough, I had forgotten I had lost a crew member in a subsequent hit and still had my first aide kit.

His comments were not constructive, but I was indeed being a moron. I was not paying attention to my tank. While the player in question was being an ass-hat in his delivery, had it not been for him we would have lost the game.

So, as a Noob, I find it can be a fine line between being an ass-hat and an asset.

Just my experience,

capt_jay #25 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 13:33


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I think I am an asset about 25% of the time. I think I hold my own about 35-40% of the time. I try very hard not to be an asshat. But when I see a player get hit and sit there in the same spot (and I am not behind my gun laughing at hte easy kill I am about to get) and get hit again and again and not move, it is very frustrating. I can see where, with 10k+ battles you would need the patience of Job not to rail at some of these players.

XVM is the tool I use to try to separate asshat advice from asset advice. It has been my limited experience that many asshats offer 'advice' and few readily recognizable assets offer advice. The asset advice is like liquid gold and I try and soak that up.  I stick around for most every match after death. A lot of the times I see what not to do rather than what to do. I always try and offer encouragement and help and report anything I might see, whether I am ghost riding with a particular tank I want to watch or from my dead tank.

I hope that my asshat % is very low

Cymru1956 #26 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 13:51


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I've been both a winner and an asshat. Part of it is sheer stupidity, part is frustration, part is bringing my stress from work into the game.

I have been TRYING to be a better player, a better scout, better arty guy, ect.
I've been reading the map tutorials and how to be a better (pick one) player.
The random team battles mostly run frustratingly because every one runs off doing their own thing
Suicide scouting is hard to learn to undo. How can you be a scout without running ahead of the Churches and KV's?

Nothing wrecks a day worse then going for a drive in your M3 Stuart, enjoying the scenery and nice weather on the playing field and all of a sudden WHAM!
a 155mm shell drops on your head.

On higher Tier games I usually stick around watching and trying to learn. One thing I have learned is having a T6 or 7 or 8 vehicle does NOT prevent you from being stupid.

SumiXam #27 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 16:12


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I suppose I've been in both roles. I don't tend to say much of anything in chat anymore...let alone even look at chat. There is very little of value ever posted there and carrying on conversations in chat generally leads to more distraction that useful outcomes.

The time for mentoring is not in the heat of battle with a bunch of strangers to whom the only means of communication is text. So much can be misinterpreted in even a simple message in chat because there is no inflection, tone, volume, etc. Even obviously polite suggestions are oftentimes lambasted with insults and typical interwebz tomfoolery. I guess I'm a bit jaded, but I've found that ignoring chat leads to a much more pleasant gaming experience.

kstoddard #28 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 18:06


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I think the bottom line of this thread is: "People suck." Rudeness and arrogance are never acceptable. Someone team-kills you accidentally? Oh well, thems the breaks, get over it. The guys you're playing with don't know what they're doing (me)? It's just a game, no one really dies here, move on. If one must resort to "being an asshat" that person is lowering his level of fun and everyone elses. And that is a stupid thing to do. So, be nice people, it doesn't hurt.

my $.02. ($9.28 in 1945 dollars.)

johnc486776 #29 Posted Dec 05 2013 - 18:12


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Polite suggestions, cautions, and single pings of a map square are helpful.  Shouting, insults, long detailed instructions, and endless map pinging are at best useless, and at worst a fatal distraction that gets your team mates killed.

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