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Getting muted without reason, until restart.

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MrPriest #1 Posted Mar 21 2011 - 12:18


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It happened today twice. I talk a lot, but not spamming, things like "we should do that" "I'm gonna go there" "good shot" etc...

At first I thought I may have used some word or something that is illegal (which is weird, I don't curse, so I doubt it was a curse word) and it said I can't talk for 0.5 seconds. Well I could not talk until I restarted the game. I also can't point at the map.

Second time happened less than a hour later, and this game I did not talk at all, and when I wanted to point out a tank's position, it said I am suspended for 0.5 seconds, again, it was until I restarted. Can't talk in chat outside of battles too, not to friends, not to anyone.

If there is a reason for the mute, can you tell me about it so I won't repeat it? I did not see any other topics about mutes or chat suspentions, sorry if there were.


EDIT: It happened again. This time I was afk (not in game, in garage) for 15 mins, when I started a game I was muted again, however, in a few minutes I could speak again!
EDIT2: And again, just after I posted this message.
EDIT3: It keeps happening, even if I did not talk after I start playing. It's really annoying, I can't pinpoint enemy locations or whatever. Sometimes however I can press the F2-F7, but rarely it works, usually it does not do anything.

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