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Stuck on Edge of Map

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Have you gotten stuck on the edge of a map or wall?

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TheZorin #1 Posted Mar 24 2011 - 09:07


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Hey, first of all I would like to say you guys are doing a great job on this game and I have been enjoying it!

A Frequent problem I have come across with and heard of other people coming across with is getting stuck on the edge of the map, this also happens on walls.

This happened on Himmelsdorf

I was coming in around the back of the trainyard at the beginning of the game from the base to the north, and cut around the outside to avoid slower tanks, and wound up riding the side of the map, then realized I could not get off of it. So I drove back and forth trying to wiggle my way out of it until I got up enough speed to turn out of it.

Then with all that time spent and momentum gained I found myself looking down the barrels of the enemy team, thinking to myself... this is bad, I almost wish I was stuck back on the side of the map where I was safe. lol

Then, during my hasty retreat, I got stuck back on the wall, fought for survival while being stuck, after the enemies were dead, I tried to wiggle my way to freedom once again....

But this time it did not work, you see... I ran over a wall/fence the first time I got stuck but had enough momentum to plow through it to get off the wall...

The second time I was not so fortunate, not only was I stuck on the side of the map, I could not even move an inch... I was completely locked in place until the end of the match

Attached file is screen shot of my final resting place

Attached File   worldoftanks 2011-03-24 02-55-05-40.jpg   222.71K

shadowplay #2 Posted Mar 24 2011 - 09:51


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I have the same happening to me, it seems when you drive parallel to the edge you get sucked into it. You will not be able to turn the chassis even slightly so you will only be able to drive back and forth.
This has been a problem since the beginning of the game and they have been experimenting with it. Once they made the walls bouncible. I think the only solution will be to be able to turn the chassis when you are on an edge but it seems hard to implement.

Dirtyherby #3 Posted Mar 24 2011 - 11:18


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It has happened to both me and my son.  Himmelsdorf map edge as well as train cars in Himmelsdorf, Ensk and the other map that has trains and begins with a "P" (sorry the name of the map escapes me).

However, according to upcoming patch notes, patch v.0.6.4,


Reworked vehicle movement system – stucking at vertical surfaces and map borders is nearly completely eliminated. Reduced chance of stucking in terrain objects.
Can't wait for that patch as getting stuck is really annoying because it seems once you get stuck you have a 50/50 chance of getting out vs. getting stuck to the point where you can't move at all.

vondego #4 Posted Apr 01 2011 - 08:32


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they need to make the boundary zippered to prevent this. meaning instead of a straight line it is a series of wavy lines at slight angles like this /\/\/\/\ that way it will be impossible to get stuck since driving forward or backwards should move you free of the barrier

Seymour_Butts #5 Posted Apr 06 2011 - 01:17


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i cant say ive had a problem with the red line but ive been owned by walls and pinned to rocks numerous times, sometimes leading to a nice easy kill for the enemy (especially as a td). i mean what is the point of having narrow gaps between building (like Ensk) if you get stuck in them (just now i was going in for the kill and was snared by a rogue wall and mobbed). Or simply strafing in and out of cover only to get stuck.

please sort this out, it completely interrupts the flow of whatever u are doing.  i understand walls/rocks having some friction. but not enough to pin a powerful vehicle to them Oo

On a seperate note, why cant heavier tanks move the wrecks of lighter or even same sized tanks. blocking a bridge with a destroyed tank is ridiculous when that tank is much smaller than whatever tries to move it

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