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Some interface issues. (not sure where to put them)

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Alawishis #1 Posted Mar 25 2011 - 12:19


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Two minor points I noticed on the log-in screen that I haven't seen posted anywhere else.  

1) Although you can exit the log-in page by hitting ESC then choosing exit the game, it is not very intuitive.  There is no indication that the ESC key is the way out.  I TABbed out and killed the process before I figured it out.  The ESC key is good and it works but you should also add a button to exit.  This is especially important when players are kicked out due to a patch.  They will find themselves, like I did the first time, on the log-in page unable to log in and unable to exit the page.

2) Also on the log-in page, the cursor should default to one of the fields.  Right now the focus is on none of the fields.  It goes toward good design principles that the focus on a new screen is explicitly defined.  I would suggest to set the focus on the Password field as that is what most people will need to enter first.

ZombieFlanders #2 Posted Mar 25 2011 - 13:49


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these things are pretty minor but could help polish the game i suppose.  hitting esc to leave should be intuitive for anyone who has used a PC or played a PC game and my cursor automatically goes to the WoT game box..hit tab 2x and type the password.  no mouse required.  i want them to fix the spotting system and match-maker before they even think about this stuff.

Shinikake #3 Posted Apr 01 2011 - 00:43


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The second one is a great idea.

The first one was probably overlooked because most computer games use the 'Esc' for menu options.  I suppose this isn't as intuitive to those new to computers or computer gaming in general.  That being said, a quit button would help said people.

I endorse the addition of both:)

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