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Is there a known bug for random shots?

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shuvool #1 Posted Jan 04 2014 - 09:09


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I've seen this twice tonight, never noticed it before, but I may not have been paying attention. The "glitch" is that I'll be driving along, and I will hear the sound effect of my gun going off (i.e. not the sound of a different gun than mine) and the shell tracer will appear to come out of the front of my tank, but it happens when I am not shooting, and my reload timer doesn't start counting. I see the tracer and I see the little dirt cloud of the ground in front of me.


The first time was in my E-25 and it went into a rock in front of me that I was hugging. I figured I must have accidentally touched the mouse button, since it looked like I shot (didn't look for the reload timer and that one's pretty quick). Second time was in my Wolverine, and my turret was turned to the left and I saw a tracer leave my tank (sounded just like my 76mm) and hit the ground about 10 meters in front of me. Both times I wasn't near anyone, and the after battle report for the second one shows zero missed shots, so it wasn't me accidentally hitting the button (not to mention my turret was turned)

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