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Cannot Connect at Loading Screen

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mandt6 #1 Posted Mar 31 2011 - 00:35


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I seem to have an issue with the game loading.  I've tried loading my game about twenty times and it just gets stuck at the "Connecting..." screen.  I recently changed my games so it's full screen and it seems to be in correlation with the game not opening, but it might be coincidence as well.  Does anyone know of any other reason for this problem?


LuciferumCell #2 Posted Mar 31 2011 - 15:31


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mandt6, make sure your antivirus software or firewall do not block the client connection with the server. During the first game start add the game application to the trusting list.
Please open the following ports in the net settings:
• UDP range 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, 12000-29999 and 32800-32901

Allow WorldOfTanks.exe to use UDP and TCP protocols.

As well as IPs:

If you use Proxifier, please open the following ports:
3128,80,8080,20000-25000,32801,32803, and crucially - 443.
Please open the directory "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc" (Windows XP) or open the directory "c:\Windows\winsxs\" and search for "hosts" (Windows Vista/7), choose the "hosts" file, open it with the notepad and type manually: login-master.worldoftanks.com

All the in-game settings and hosts, used by the game, can be traced in the "preferences.xml" file - "C:\Documents and Settings\(USER NAME)\Application Data\W"\

jerra86 #3 Posted Apr 25 2011 - 15:18


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i have a similar kind of a problem, i have attached a screenshot where i got stuck. it is the first time i have started the client. i donno wat to do.is it downloading the updates and i do i have to be patient.

pls tell me whats hapenning.
thanxAttached File   wot.jpg   34.26K

incubi2020 #4 Posted Apr 26 2011 - 22:31


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Ok was trying to play but I get to login then hit connect.  But I keep getting unable to connect. I have opened all the ports that are on the forums and in the troubleshooting. I am sure I am not the only onw with this problem. Can someone help me please.

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